theLab School of Fire early registration discount ends today : Session starts January 7, 2012

theLab School of Fire is fueled by deep and prophetic prayer and encounter. Check out these testimonies:

“It was an incredible time at theLab class yesterday. So much freedom! There is so so much breakthrough and clarity happening in my life right now! I am looking forward to even more very soon. God really knew what he was doing when He put me here on this journey with such an incredible group of people!!” Victoria

“The internship has completely changed my life. I have been marked, set free…” Valerie
“I’ve been waiting 36 years to see and experience the awesome power of the fire of God through theLab.” Shelly

“God has brought a shift in every area of my life since starting the internship. It is a can’t miss, mind blowing God encounter that will change your life.” Joshua


Save $200 by applying today. You ONLY have to pay the $25 application fee, and you will lock in the discounted rate when you submit your application before midnight tonight!

Join with a team of burning men & women on a journey into the fire of God’s presence. We believe there is a significant yet hidden company of Believers that God is gathering together to be trained, healed and infused with fire. These mighty people will carry and release the burning of the Holy Spirit into the revival-ready Detroit region…and beyond to the cities of the Earth.

Watch a promo video here: 

Apply TODAY! 


    There is a rising remnant of prophetic messengers who are consumed by fire and propelled by a burning zeal for advancing God’s Kingdom. Discover more about this critical end-time ministry.
    The most critical fuel the church needs to go empower every key ministry is the same fuel we need to launch us in our personal lives. That fuel is the burning desire that results from an intimate encounter with the Lover of our souls.
    Offended hearts are imprisoned hearts. This teaching has set many people free, and you will learn how to grow in God without the hindrance of offense slowing you down.
    There is a dramatic and wildly dynamic life of revelation that is available to all of us. Learn how to hear God clearly, encounter his heart and advance with a precision focus of prayer and intercession.
    You are a carrier of the mighty presence of God. As you pick up the Ark of God’s presence and move ahead through rivers and around imposing walled cities, you will lead the people through their own seemingly impossible situations.
    First, you will discover the wonder of freedom from personal struggles, fears and obstacles. Then, you’ll learn how to set the captives free!
    There are over 19,000 cities in the nation, and none of them are experiencing the biblical normalcy of revival. You will investigate how to initiate a step-by-step process of transformation and revival in your city.
    Many in the church are convinced they do not play a significant role in God’s great plan. That strategy of the enemy will be dealt with directly as we learn how God sees each of us-as mighty people of valor.
    There is a baptism of Fire for every Believer in Jesus Christ. Experience this Fire personally and learn how to release as burning men and women of God.
    There is a way to interact with authorities in our lives that will result in a great escape into the wilderness of encounter. Learn how you can move out in abundant life and extreme freedom while running well with the leaders God has put into your life.

Tomorrow is the deadline : Watch this video and let God speak to you about theLab

theLabXPad180x150facebooktheLab School of Fire: Take three minutes and watch a video that will cause the Holy Spirit to rock you!

theLab School of Fire starts the next session on January 7th, 2012—and the EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT of $200 is only available if you register by TOMORROW!

This is the last time we’ll be offering any discounts. We’ll be moving to a flat rate for the following session.

Most schools like this charge at least $1500, but if you take advantage of the discount by registering by Wednesday, November 30th, the tuition is only $499!

And, if you are a student or minister, you get a 50% discount!

Again, this is the last time you can receive either an early registration discount OR a student/minister discount.

So, head on over to and watch the video in the bottom right corner.

Apply at

This is going to be a season of burning like no other!


ALSO, get ready for a NIGHT OF FIRE this December 11th at Revival Church!

Revivalist Dennis Reanier will be ministering at Revival Church at 6pm , December 11th.

You can learn more about his ministry at

I double dog dare you to dream : Teaching on DREAMCOAT tonight

Threaten the status quo. Get that youthful attitude in your eyes back. It’s time for your dream to rock the culture.

Last Sunday night was extremely powerful. People were absolutely stunned by what the Holy Spirit was doing.

Tonight, we are going after more. Much more.

There are hard core, volatile dreams inside every one of us, and I double dog dare you to start fulfilling them.

Joseph had guts. He knew his destiny and nothing and nobody was going to stop him.

In fact, his obedience in walking out his dreams resulted in his ability to impact the dreams of others. If you have the boldness to live out your threatening dream, God will give you favor as you speak into the dreams of others. Promotion is a byproduct of dreaming.

See you TONIGHT for an extremely prophetic atmosphere of joy, dancing, freedom and revival at Revival Church!

Fiery prayer starts at 5pm and the service begins with roars of intercession at 6pm!

capture-00000488JOHN AND JET ON XPMEDIA

Did you watch yesterday’s XPMEDIA video about inviting theLab to your church and city? It’s a can’t miss video!!

Jet was the star of the show as I talked about his miraculous birth as a revival baby.

Watch it and other videos on our xpmedia channel at

See you tonight!

Fun new xpmedia video with Revival baby Jet : Bring theLab to your city

capture-00000487Jet the revival baby and I discuss the vision behind our ministry of taking the fire of revival to the cities of the Earth.

In the video I was holding Jet on my lap and I said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I brought my revival baby with me when I and the team come to minister in your church?” Jet is really excited! He’s wondering when it’s going to happen. He just asked, “Dad, how many sleeps until we go to a church?”

I love that little guy!

I believe you will be awakened to the vision of burning as you watch this new xpmedia video. We are ready to bring the team to hold prayer events, workshops and revival services to your church—anywhere in the world! You can watch the latest video at

You can learn more and book us at

(You can take a look at the newly designed ministry site… it’s a portal for all of our ventures.)

capture-00000489theLab School of Fire

We are changing the name of theLab Internship to theLab School of Fire—and you are invited to join us in our next three-month session which begins January 7th, 2012. Save $200 if you register by November 30th!

Head on over to and apply today! Only $25 is due upon applying and the remainder is due the first day of classes.

You will be literally changed in such a way that the rest of your life will feel the impact. It is that powerful.

Tear-jerking photos from theLab graduation : Join us for the next internship

The tears flowed as I watched our interns graduate from theLab this past Saturday!

These amazing people transformed into legit carriers of fire—and they have only just begun!

Save $200 if you register for the next internship which starts in January no later than November 30th! Apply at TODAY!


XPMedia video : Quit waiting for revival—launch it

What is this revival thing and what do we have to do to get it here?

It’s time to understand that we carry revival! The fire of the Holy Spirit, the most powerful force in the universe, is literally in us right now!

So many are jumping through hoops hoping and waiting for God to finally be convinced that he should show up. That should not be! Jesus is convinced already!

Watch this short video that will open your eyes to the power of life over death. I share a unique perspective on the story of Lazarus that will leave you burning!

Go here to watch the video now! 



The deadline for the pre-registration discount is NOVEMBER 30TH. Save $200!

Head on over to today!

Sunday Revival Double Header : Join revivalist and author John Burton on the road

The Revival Church worship team and John Burton will be on the road this Sunday morning and at Revival Church Sunday evening!

We are very intentionally developing a culture of portable revival and our plan is to take the masses with us on the road as we carry the fire to other cities and churches.

YOU are invited to join us on our journeys!


Travel to Attica (only about 40 minutes away from Revival Church) and help us release the fire of revival into an amazing church!

The service starts at 10am and the address is 4411 Newark Rd., Attica, MI 48412.

THEN, the fun has barely begun as we continue in the flame Sunday night at Revival Church!

Join us for wild and burning pre-service prayer at 5pm and dive into the furnace as worship begins at 6pm.

See you Sunday!

A wave of revival hit Revival Church : Revival Church moving or switching nights

The thought of having a church service without the manifest glory of God just doesn’t make sense.

imageWe’ve been declaring an atmosphere of signs and wonders, and last night at Revival Church several experienced gold dust. Someone who had it manifest in the children’s ministry just posted on Facebook:

I still have it on me! It comes and goes……its wild!

The packed out church was covered with the fire and glory of God as Catherine Mullins and Matt Sorger released the life of Jesus.

This atmosphere must be stewarded… and the company of burning ones at Revival Church are invested in this magnificent process of fire in Detroit!


I continue to be wrecked by the fear of the Lord. It’s increasing. As the pressures of revival increase we must understand that the only way we’ll stand is if we fall to our knees.

Let’s continue to embrace holiness and humility as we strategically go after God unlike any time in our lives. The times are quite serious and we can’t casually handle the fire.

We have adopted what we consider to be the best advice for launching a full scale revival. Evan Roberts, the great revivalist, said:

"Congregate the people who are willing to make a total surrender. Pray and wait. Believe God’s promises. Hold daily meetings.”


We have already assembled the best team of emerging leaders I’ve ever been associated with—but we are just beginning!

The call is to gather the hungry and surrendered and pray. There is a groaning intercession movement that has already started to take Detroit by storm in theLab, and you are invited to join the ranks! Learn more about the strategy to see revival engulf Detroit!

Visit both and for info on how to connect in theLab prayer movement and in Revival Church


This is the next step in our strategy, but we need your help! Our host church is starting their own Sunday night service the first of January, which means we have a decision to make.

The ultimate goal is to secure a property that can hold thousands for major prophetic/revival conferences and events along with room for dorms and theLab internship. If you have ideas, I’d love to talk. I can connect you with the team involved in our property search. When we have our own property, we will be able to start developing the 24/7 church. Not only will there be daily meetings, but there will be hourly events around the clock. Imagine continual teaching in one room, non-stop groans of intercession in another and fiery revival services in another!

Since we only have a little over a month for something to happen, it looks like we may end up moving from Sunday night to Saturday night beginning the first week of January, 2012. So, clear your calendars now for this shift!


If you want to save $200 on the next internship session, you have to register by November 30th! Go here:

After TheCall Event : Matt Sorger and Catherine Mullins Sunday

The team at Revival Church is BURNING and extremely expectant for a very real and tangible outpouring tomorrow night.

imageFIRST: Check out our new xpmedia video on THE SHEEP STEALING MYTH! Head on over to

Matt Sorger and Catherine Mullins will be ministering, and they both have full liberty to go as deep as God leads them. I'm expecting an extremely unusual atmosphere tomorrow night with legit signs and wonders overtaking us.


At 5pm you are invited to dive into a thundering culture of prophetic prayer as we prepare for the service. We will be releasing fire through the roars and groans of intercession. The night really begins at 5pm, and when you experience that hour of passion you will understand what I mean.


The night will launch at 6pm with sounds of revival and shocking cries of freedom! Catherine Mullins will captain a powerful season of prophetic worship with a breaker anointing coarsing throughout.


I spent some time with Matt Sorger today, and he's ready to minister the fire of God at Revival Church. Come expecting a visitation and a revelation of the power and love of Jesus.


After the service our team will be ready to prophesy over every person that's interested! This has become a very popular part of our culture as God ministers in a one-on-one setting. Just stay after the service and enjoy God's messages of love for you!

Check us out online at and we'll see you tomorrow night!


14205 12 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48088


theLab was burning at TheCall last night : Matt Sorger and Catherine Mullins Sunday

theLab prayed from 10pm-midnight in a concourse at Ford Field—and the fire of deliverance raged!

imageAfter struggling to find a place to pray as a group, we ended up in a concourse and about 50 people exploded in deep groans and roars of the Spirit!

The spirit of prayer landed on me the moment theLab gathered together at TheCall and what followed was indescribable.

The burning I and so many were experiencing was raging all around. There were deliverances and people laid out all over the floor.

I’ll say this, whenever the burning men and women of theLab gather together to pray, the atmosphere simply ignites in something way beyond passion and emotion. God visits in tangible yet invisible power.


In just 45 minutes from now we’ll be in the same place on the concourse behind the Lions Pro Shop at Gate A. Join us at 10am if you can for another round of burning!


Come early for one of the most powerful prayer meetings you’ve ever experienced! We’ll start at 5pm at Revival Church in roaring, groaning, burning and prophetic prayer. The service will launch with that same fire of intercession at 6pm as Catherine Mullins leads us in revival worship.

Matt Sorger will then take over and we will experience an atmosphere of signs, wonders and miracles!

See you Sunday at Revival Church!