Two videos : A Casual Approach : Prophetic warning

Watch two brand new videos—theLab vision explained AND a teaching on prophetic warning and a casual response.

Amos 3: Will a trumpet sound and the people not be afraid?

Last night at Revival Church rocked us.

As a prophetic center of revival for the region, and as a ministry that has our finger on the prophetic pulse of the nation, God is starting to release key strategies to us.

Watch TWO VIDEOS that deal with this issue.capture-00000497

First, head on over to and check out the new video on the sidebar where I explain the critical prophetic mandate for the pastors, leaders and intercessors in Detroit to gather together every Friday at 10pm.

Then, watch the teaching on A Casual Approach to a prophetic warning from last night’s service.

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The teaching notes are also there for you to follow along with.

Revival Church Family Dinner tomorrow : theLab : Don’t sign up. Show up.

A whole city weekly prayer event—theLab. Don’t sign up. Show up.

FIRST—Sunday evening (tomorrow!) immediately after the service at Revival Church, we’ll be enjoying a POT LUCK DINNER! Everybody bring TWO dishes: A main course AND either a side OR a dessert.

This is the perfect Sunday to bring your friends and family!


People may wonder how to sign up to be one of the 1000 intercessors that being called to cover Detroit. There is no sign up. You simply show up. This whole city weekly prayer meeting takes place every Friday from 10pm-midnight.


What’s the plan?

It’s simple. EVERY pastor, ministry leader, intercessor, revivalist and burning man, woman and child in the region (should be thousands!) shows up every Friday to pray together from 10pm-midnight.

A key component is radical participation by the pastors. In a radically divided city, we are breaking down those walls by supporting other pastors and blessing them in fervent prayer.

Check out every week for a map and directions to the next event. It’s been POWERFUL to say the least!

1000 intercessors

We are gathering 1000 intercessors to pray together every Friday night

The mandate to gather 1000 intercessors is becoming more clear, and more critical. If we handle this well, and are immediate and continual in our response, a culture shocking invasion of the Holy Spirit could actually hit this region. image DON’T SIGN UP, SHOW UP theLab is the vehicle to gather the 1000 intercessors. We’re not interested in people signing up or in a casual connection to this all encompassing mission. Don’t sign up, but simply show up. Every Friday from 10pm-midnight we are calling the 1000 intercessors together to pray in tongues for an hour and a half, followed by a half an hour of scripture reading. We are in a different church each Friday night, and YOU are invited. While the time may feel inconvenient, it is also time that is free. It’s wide open. The pastors, leaders, intercessors and the entire city church in Detroit is free every Friday from 10pm-midnight, almost without exception.image As we put corporate prayer, on site, together, at the top of our ‘to do’ list each week, God’s plans can come to pass… and right on time. Visit for a map and directions to the next event. Tonight we’ll be in Chesterfield… praying with FIRE! AND, this past Sunday’s teaching on Intimate Encounter is a MUST WATCH. If you want insight into the call to prayer, into the call to take cities, then, watch this teaching. Head on over to

New video teaching : Intimate Encounter

The cities of the Earth are waiting for the church to encounter God.

There’s an exceedingly urgent prophetic call for churches to become encounter and intimacy focused again. Head on over to and watch tonight’s service and download the notes so you can follow along.capture-00000472

This teaching reveals a serious call to reorder our lives, lock arms with other intercession-driven Believers and discover the mandate for intimacy, encounter and taking dominion.

As we do this, entire cities and regions will experience the supernatural wonder of God.

I also discuss the radically serious mandate for 1000 intercessors to gather every Friday night from 10-midnight at theLab. The times are so desperate, and we simply must call every pastor, leader, intercessor and revivalist in Detroit together for deep prayer in the Holy Spirit each week. This intimacy and agreement will result in an explosion in Detroit that’s so needed.

For info on where our next prayer experiment will be, text FOLLOW REVIVALLAB to 40404 or visit

Becoming Unoffendable video : theLab Broadcast tonight

As predicted, last night’s message on Becoming Unoffendable had great impact!

capture-00000444You can watch that video, or listen to the audio right now at You can also read along with the notes as I teach.

Also, TONIGHT at 8:30pm theLab Broadcast is on the air!

Simply head on over to right at 8:30pm, and that’s it! The video should be playing.

Spread the word about the gathering of 1000 intercessors in Detroit. We’re looking for 1000 people to travel with us each week as we pray in a different church every Friday night.

I’ll be talking about this and more TONIGHT on theLab Broadcast!

See you there, and be sure to check in and use the chat room!

Raising the Dead teaching video : Becoming Unoffendable : Noon prayer

Watch my latest teaching, Raising the Dead, at now! And, this Sunday, I’ll be teaching my most requested sermon, Becoming Unoffendable.


First—We have landed our next location for theLab this Friday at 10pm! Head on over to for info. ALSO, you can receive an alert on your cell phone each week. We’ll text you the location.

Simply text: follow revivalinfo to 40404.

The teaching Raising the Dead had quite an impact this past Sunday, and the altar time was wild. Prophecy was intense and people were lit up! See it all now at

THIS SUNDAY at 6pm I’ll be teaching my most popular and most request sermon, Becoming Unoffendable. This message has the potential to literally and radically change the way you think about life, and to set you free!


Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from NOON to 1PM we’re contending in unified prayer for revival in Detroit.

Join us at the International House of Prayer East Detroit for this important hour of prophetic intercession as we encounter God, pray with passion and enjoy the rapid advance of the vision.

Characteristics of prophetic people


God has a new heart for us that cannot be offended, an “unoffendable” heart. Beloved, possessing an unoffendable heart is not an option or a luxury; it's not a little thing. Consider: Jesus warns that, as we near the end of the age, a majority of people will be offended to such a degree that they fall away from the faith.

I have been casting a very costly vision for revival in Detroit. I have a great friend in Ireland who was with me in Colorado Springs when Secret Prayer was functioning. Like we are beginning to do now in Detroit, we prayed in a different church every Friday night in Colorado Springs from 10pm to midnight. It was a powerful movement. Strangely, after dealing with the topic of offense the last few days here, my friend just so happened to mention it as he was encouraging me in this new city prayer strategy:

Expect a good offended carnal Christian sorcerer's curse to fly your way, but just cancel it and move on. If they're really seeking God's power, they'll eventually repent and come back. If they don't then they're not seeing themselves properly within the context of the Body at large, and won't be able to support the necessary ministry to the whole body that the Spirit's going to stir up.

Offense is one of the primary issues that pulls people out of position. It’s a very serious issue. When the challenge increases, when the prophetic message strikes a nerve, a soft heart will respond in joy while an offended heart will often respond quite differently. A prophetic call is actually holy communication, it’s a message that has attached to it the expectation of response.

What often happens first when a heart is offended is that the enemy will fight this call to action, this holy communication, with silence. Dialogue, discussion, prophetic response, revelation, etc. will cease as it gives way to an underground movement of murmuring. The Absalom spirit is often awakened right at this point.

Of course, silence isn’t always indicative of offense taking root. Some people are simply wired differently, or are slower to respond, or need additional time to process the call. However, I do believe you can look at the broader picture and if the large scale communication drops at the point of prophetic communication, it would do you well to gather the intercessors and to pray against that spirit.

There is a desperate cry from a remnant for the bar to be raised, for the prophets to step up and unapologetically call the body to the cross and into a culture crashing reality. Just today, someone said to me (slight paraphrase), “John, you just have to go! Lead in the fullness of your mandate, you have to be released and not held back.”

I want to exhort you to move with great passion, from a place of extreme challenge and full of the Spirit of God. To continue doing what we have been doing while expecting a different result is insanity. We must have reformation in the structure of the church—and the cost will rock us to our very core.

Note that this is a prophetic call, a prophetic ministry, a prophetic movement and it’s led by prophetic people. To run a race like this one requires that you understand the characteristics of prophetic people. This will help with understanding the call and what the focus and flavor of the mission is.

Definition of a prophetic movement: People who are uniquely called as spokesmen for a cause; advocates; a vehicle to advance a movement

Characteristics of Prophets/prophetic people:

l. Strong Personality  
        Innately the prophet has a strong personality. I have never
met a true prophet who didn't have, in secular terms, a type A
personality. Prophets are usually intense about most things and
are always intense about their walk with God. That is why
prophets often have difficulty understanding those who are less
than 100% committed to the Lord.
2. Direct - Issue Oriented 
        A prophet is very issue oriented and sees things in black or
white. For him there is very little gray and most things are
either right or wrong.  Hence, a prophet will not easily
compromise on an issue. Nor does a prophet have a lot of mercy
for those who can't or won't measure up to the austere standards
of God as he sees them. Again, the mature prophet has love and
cares about God's people. But does he have mercy? Not much! I
always visualize Amos holding the plumb line as God's
stereotypical prophet. (Amos 7:7-9). The plumb line is
representative of God's righteousness on any given issue and, to
the prophet, all things relating to that issue are to be measured
against that plumb line. 
3. Strong in Prayer 
        The prophet is given to much prayer. The true prophet has a
real burden, not only for God's will, but for His people as well,
both those saved and those not yet saved. This inevitably leads
to a strong intercessor's prayer burden for people and issues.
Remember, the prophet is intense and this intensity flows over
into his or her prayer life.
4. Outward Life in Order 
        The prophet generally has his outward life in order. Since
the prophet sees matters in black or white, he is much less
likely to become ensnared in outward sins such as adultery,
cheating on his taxes, etc. However, there are two big, covert
sins with which a prophet must continually battle. They are pride
and judgementalism. As God matures His prophets, this pride and
judgementalism gradually diminishes, but they are always a
potential snare for the prophet. These two sins are Satan's most
effective weapons against the prophet.
5. Authority and Power 
        A prophet, when moving in the prophetic call, will move with
great authority and power. When God delivers His word through a prophet,
it is God's power and authority that is manifested, not the
prophet's. Those who have a discerning spirit will know when the Lord
is delivering His word through someone be it spoken forcefully or given
in a whisper.
6. Prophets are Poor Long-Term Counselors
        Prophets generally do not make good long-term counselors.
They lack the patience and mercy necessary for this kind of
counseling. A prophet is much more inclined to spend some time
with a counselee, give that person the word of the Lord, then
become impatient if the counselee continues to drift in his sin
or shows a lack of commitment to correct a failing.
7. Spiritual Gifts Accompany a Prophetic Call 
        The mature, called prophet will exercise many of the
spiritual gifts enumerated in I Corinthians, chapter twelve.
Though the prophet may operate all of these gifts at some time in
his or her ministry, the gifts most often manifested are the
prophetic word, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, and the
discerning of spirits. The prophet often is the first to spot a
demonic presence in a person or circumstance. Further, signs and
wonders such as healing, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and
the breaking down of demonic strongholds are often seen in the
prophetic ministry.

Let’s discuss this tonight on theLab.

Revival in Detroit for Dummies : The clear plan and how you fit in

Here is a clear explanation of the vision for revival in Detroit—and how you fit in.

First of all, nobody out there is a dummy… but, you know, that’s how those books are titled!

Dummies-Cover-Box-ShotFor 2011, I felt it was important to explain as clearly as possible what is needed to see revival land in Detroit.

People have some honest questions:

  • What exactly should I do?
  • What are the expectations on a personal and corporate level?
  • What are the key focuses for the new year?

Here’s my personal perspective. I didn’t move to Detroit for anything other than investing like mad into the process of full blown revival. That’s why I’m here, and if you live in this region, that’s why you are here too. The fervent advance of God’s Kingdom in Detroit is both demanding and urgent.

So, what’s the plan?

First, I’d encourage you to watch the most recent video on our NEW media site: The 2011 Vision video will explain all of this in vivid Technicolor.

Second, determine to give yourself with wild abandon to the call.



At Revival Church, a prophetic center of revival for the region, the culture and lifestyle is all about the experiential fire of God. For everybody in Detroit, it’s time to transition our Christian and church experience into that of continual, night and day burning. Simply learning principles and trying to apply concepts that will enhance our lives week after week as the extent of our life focus won’t cut it anymore. We must BURN.

The call is to such a holy, fiery, passionate reality that atmospheres melt when we walk into the room. Be together, all the time, with others who cause you to tremble, people who are having perpetual encounters with God, who are continually undone in His presence.

What’s Expected?

  • Become a person who is giving everything you have to ensure the fire of God is raging in you, around you and into others.
  • Stay right on pace with the most fiery revivalists in the region.
  • Understand the extreme cost every day that’s necessary to launch revival—and then pay it.
  • Study on revivals of old.


This is the tough one, yet it cannot be ignored. I’ll be honest, since I’ve been in Detroit a handful of people have truly impressed with the level of their commitment. However, the general body has been largely absent, distracted and hesitant.

This call to revolution is a call to EXTREME reformation in the structure and experience of the church. It’s RARE to find people who are willing to go to this place.

The 24/7 church is absolutely necessary if we are to see revival initiated and sustained. This means that we cannot just tweak our calendar. Everything must change. Everybody must be alert, in position, responsive, communicating, battling, praying and ready to move according to what God is revealing.

What’s Expected?

  • Start to schedule every day around the prayer room. Participate in as many of the weekly prayer meetings as possible (Mon, Wed & Sat at noon, Friday at 10pm).
  • Every Friday night from 10pm-midnight, theLab is an “all hands on deck” event for the city of Detroit. We pray in a different location each week, and we intentionally scheduled it during a time when most nobody would have any conflicts. Kids and everybody is invited and needed to pray together.
  • Rarely miss any church service, prayer meeting or special event. Truly, this reformation will require radical changes to our daily focuses and agendas. The season is way too important to have a casual approach to the corporate mission.
  • Communicate daily. Critical information, prophecies, instructions and other revelation is being sent out from this revival center, and other places as well. Thoroughly read, watch and listen…and then respond back to the sender. We must all be on the same page and in literally daily communication. Again, the mission of revival is job one for all of us, and staying on task continually is imperative. 20 Elements of Revival Box
  • theLab Broadcast. Every Monday night, every revival minded person in Detroit is needed to join us online for prayer and key instructions for the coming week. Go to to tune in every Monday night at 8:30pm.
  • Understand the vision. Read my book 20 Elements of Revival for starters. It’s a very clear, step by step process toward revival on a city level. It’s rare to find someone who’s willing respond to the call of that book, but many have said how it is an absolute must read. Also, watch podcasts, read articles and follow the many men and women in the region who are sending out prophetic insights and instructions.


Everything we do, every day, in every church, at every turn must be birthed and fueled from the prayer room. In fact, the church IS the prayer room!

As we see the church return to its original and primary purpose, to be a house of prayer for all nations, everything else will be sufficiently powered and supported.

We need to see Revelation Driven churches and ministries all over the city who are calling every member and participant into a lifestyle of zealous, interactive and fervent prayer. The prayer rooms must be full all the time. Sunday services must be mostly prayer and intercession. This is how we will see revival launch and continue in great power.

What’s Expected?

  • Be a person of continual prayer. Pray in the Spirit, allow the groans to erupt!
  • Eliminate everything that hinders prayer, hinders encounter with God.
  • Learn to hear God’s voice.
  • Do everything you can to never miss a prayer meeting.
  • Embrace holiness.
  • Stir a prophetic atmosphere in your life.

Please understand. This is a regional call to action. However, historically it’s a remnant that responds. Can you really imagine yourself NOT being included in that remnant?

The choice is yours… but, I implore you… don’t miss this. You are needed more than you know.

Exciting new traveling prayer movement

theLab “phase two” has begun! Join us every Friday in a new location for fiery intercession for Detroit!

theLab “phase one” was and is our weekly online radio show. In fact, the next one is TONIGHT at 8:30pm!

The goal is for every revival minded person IN THE WORLD to listen in, and call in, every week. Just head on over to tonight at 8:30pm EST and listen in. You can cimageall (323) 679-0954 and listen in on your phone and/or call in and participate.

Check out the latest video podcast on the 2011 vision at

BRAND NEW!!! THIS AND EVERY FRIDAY from 10pm to midnight theLab will be on the road in the Detroit region praying with people from all over the region to advance revival.

The new site isn’t up yet… but will be soon. Every Thursday or Friday you can check for the place we’ll be praying that Friday night.

You’ll see a map and the address. All you do is show up… others from around the region will be converging there too. We’ll pray in the Spirit for an hour and a half and read scripture for a half hour.

God spoke to me about raising up 1000 intercessors for Detroit. Send this email EVERYWHERE YOU CAN… let’s see God start a movement of revival minded prayer warriors. Interestingly, after I received the call for 1000 Detroit intercessors, Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce gave a call for 10,000 intercessors state wide! Wow! In fact, you can listen to this vision on a conference call TONIGHT at 8pm.

Conference Call – Monday, January 3rd – John Benefiel  “A Call to Raise up 10,000 Intercessors in Michigan”

CALL NUMBER: 712.432.3100  CONFERENCE CODE: 940350
Map picture

When I was in Colorado Springs, I was giving leadership to a similar movement and it rocked the city! We ended up praying in over 100 churches there. No teaching. No preaching. No personal agenda. Just a lot of people praying in tongues together!

THIS FRIDAY we’ll join with another prayer meeting at Dearborn First Assembly. We’ll gather together and pray as they lead!

If you have questions about this new ministry movement, just email me at [email protected]!