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Two months ahead of schedule, theLab University Online is now ready to accept new students!

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Once you are accepted into the program, the remaining tuition is ONLY $150!

All Memberships Include:

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An Active Community

You will be continually connected to instructors and other students online.

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Books & Resources

Our instructors have written several books and other materials. Many of these resources and our growing archives are provided as a part of your tuition.

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Expert Instructors

You will connect with leaders who are regularly available to our students and continually invested in the prayer movement.

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An Invitation to Travel

Hit the road and meet up with theLab Carriers of Fire team and enjoy a deeply discounted conference rate. (optional)

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A Mobile Ready Environment

Watch training videos, read articles and books and access materials while you are at home or on the go.

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A Certificate of Graduation

Successful completion of the initial twelve-week session results in a certificate of graduation.

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An Unbelievably Low Tuition

Our goal is to impact a generation of emerging forerunners and carriers of fire. The costs are low so everybody can be equipped.

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Lead Instructor:

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theLab Director & Founder of Revival Church in Detroit • John Burton is available to minister in your church or at your conference or event. John has been developing and leading ministries for over 20 years and is a sought out teacher, prophetic messenger and revivalist. John has authored eight books, has appeared on Christian television and radio and directed one of the primary internships at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City.

Additionally, he planted two churches, has initiated two city prayer movements and is currently directing a prayer and revival focused ministry school in Detroit. John also has a web and graphic design business and is continually developing new and exciting ventures. He and his beautiful wife Amy have five children and currently live in the Detroit region.

John’s mandate is to call the church in the nations to repentance from casual Christianity and to burn in a manner worthy of the King of Kings.  He is equipping people to confront the enemies of God (established religion, Jezebel, etc.) that hinder an extreme, sold out level of true worship.

theLab University Online Classes:


  • The Coming Church
  • Becoming Unoffendable
  • Six Enemies of Fulfilled Destiny
  • Carriers of Fire
  • A Spirit of Insignificance
  • Prophetic Messengers
  • Covens in the Church
  • Pharaoh in the Church
  • Revelation Driven Prayer
  • The Terror of Hell
  • Carry Like Mary
  • Four Fires


theLab University is a unique school of fire that is designed to equip people from high school on up as intercessors, forerunners, prophetic messengers and students of the Word. The subject matter is alive and intense, designed to challenge and impart the knowledge of God.

You will experience a fiery prophetic community of people who are vigilantly preparing themselves for ministry and an end-time lifestyle.

We value a vibrant social culture where you will be able to continually interact with instructors and students via chat, live video, forums, conference calls and optional live, on site events.

theLab University is a perfect option for individuals, small groups, high school students, families and others interested in growing deep.

After completing your twelve week session, you will retain access to the members only site so you can stay connected, review past teachings and more!

Cost: $50 application fee + $150 tuition

A typical weekly schedule

Each week will be devoted to a single primary teaching that you will watch or listen to.

After watching or listening to the teaching, you will be given an assignment to study and homework to complete.

Connecting online with instructors and other students will give you a chance to ask questions and share your journey. Additionally, prayer and other corporate events will take place regularly.

Practical assignments such as prayer walking, developing sermons and planning mission projects will help you strengthen as an emerging leader!

Apply TODAY for ONLY $50 here:

Become a member of Revival Church today—either locally OR online!


I very regularly hear from people who want to connect more closely with the ministry of Revival Church—both locally, and also quite a bit in other states and nations.

Now it’s EASY!

You can APPLY TODAY to become a member of a white hot, passionate and strategic revival movement!

Get trained in the fire in Detroit—and experience an aggressive house of prayer planting movement.

imagetheLab School of Fire’s next session begins January 10, 2013 and runs through March 28th.

The Revival Tribe ( movement that is launching 50 churches and houses of prayer in the Detroit region will be uniquely infused by theLab students and team.

The opportunity to be baptized in a culture of extreme fire and a prayer-fueled atmosphere of wonders is exciting and available for any passionate and serious disciple of Jesus Christ.

You will receive training in planting ministries, fulfilling your calling and much more!



$75. That’s it! That price includes registration and all materials.


imageTRAINING Thursdays 7-10pm
The night starts with an hour of burning intercession and prophetic ministry, continues with an hour of life rocking teaching and concludes with personal ministry and prayer.

LOCAL CHURCH Sunday 4-10pm
Participate in an exciting local church team that helps set the atmosphere of fire at Revival Church each week.

REGIONAL CHURCH Various evenings (1 per week)
We will travel to various Revival Tribes, church plants and other churches in the region to burn and minister. This is a key expression of theLab and it is sure to change your life.

We will also be involved in special revival and prayer events in the city. Students will be expected to serve at these events.



There is a rising remnant of prophetic messengers who are consumed by fire and propelled by a burning zeal for advancing God's Kingdom. Discover more about this critical end-time ministry.

The most critical fuel the church needs to go empower every key ministry is the same fuel we need to launch us in our personal lives. That fuel is the burning desire that results from an intimate encounter with the Lover of our souls.

Offended hearts are imprisoned hearts. This teaching has set many people free, and you will learn how to grow in God without the hindrance of offense slowing you down.

There is a dramatic and wildly dynamic life of revelation that is available to all of us. Learn how to hear God clearly, encounter his heart and advance with a precision focus of prayer and intercession.

You are a carrier of the mighty presence of God. As you pick up the Ark of God's presence and move ahead through rivers and around imposing walled cities, you will lead the people through their own seemingly impossible situations.

First, you will discover the wonder of freedom from personal struggles, fears and obstacles. Then, you'll learn how to set the captives free!

There are over 19,000 cities in the nation, and none of them are experiencing the biblical normalcy of revival. You will investigate how to initiate a step-by-step process of transformation and revival in your city.

Many in the church are convinced they do not play a significant role in God's great plan. That strategy of the enemy will be dealt with directly as we learn how God sees each of us-as mighty people of valor.

There is a baptism of Fire for every Believer in Jesus Christ. Experience this Fire personally and learn how to release as burning men and women of God.

There is a way to interact with authorities in our lives that will result in a great escape into the wilderness of encounter. Learn how you can move out in abundant life and extreme freedom while running well with the leaders God has put into your life.


A Spirit of Insignificance is one of the most powerful messages of freedom you’ll ever hear!

theLabXPad200x150Tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am at theLab School of Fire in Madison Heights you are invited to join our students and staff for a day of freedom!

We’ll be in the auditorium for four hours of deep prayer, ministry and teaching on breaking free from a spirit of insignificance.

The cost: $25

Day and time: Saturday 10am-2pm

The place: Revival Church (Central Church) 1529 E. 12 Mile Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

You can pay with credit card online at or simply show up and pay with cash or check at the door!


theLab School of Fire makes three of its classes available for people to audit.

Along with tomorrow’s A Spirit of Insignificance, you can prepare to join us for Becoming Unoffendable and Six Enemies of Fulfilled Destiny.

All other classes and sessions are closed to the public.


Start to prepare for the next session: Apr 28-Jul 21

The tuition is $500 for everybody and all applications are due by March 28th. A late fee of $50 will be assessed for all applications submitted after this date.

You can apply TODAY at!

imageThe fastest way to discover what this revival movement in Detroit is all about is to attend theLab Prayer Event Friday nights!

TONIGHT we will be in our brand new host church praying in fire from 10pm-midnight!

In 2011 we were in at least 40 different churches in the Detroit region. What a movement of unity and revival it has become!

I consider Friday nights to be the key to this movement…you could consider it our primary weekly service… and TONIGHT we’re at our home base in Madison Heights.

I’d like to invite THE ENTIRE REVIVAL CHURCH COMMUNITY to join us TONIGHT at 10pm!

LOCATION: Central Church 1529 E. 12 Mile Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071

theLab School of Fire

I can’t wait! The engine that drives the Detroit revival movement is theLab School of Fire. We are back in session starting TOMORROW morning!

*Today is your last chance to apply. NEXT SESSION there will be no student or minister discounts, so you might want to pray fast and see if the Lord might have you jump on board with us now.

The cost is $500, and students (between the ages of 18-25) and ministers receive a 50% discount! This school is valued at between $1500-2500 based on comparisons to other similar ministries, and we will soon increase our tuition to match that. So, for $250, you can’t go wrong!

Head on over to RIGHT NOW!

theLabXPad180x150facebooktheLab School of Fire: Take three minutes and watch a video that will cause the Holy Spirit to rock you!

theLab School of Fire starts the next session on January 7th, 2012—and the EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT of $200 is only available if you register by TOMORROW!

This is the last time we’ll be offering any discounts. We’ll be moving to a flat rate for the following session.

Most schools like this charge at least $1500, but if you take advantage of the discount by registering by Wednesday, November 30th, the tuition is only $499!

And, if you are a student or minister, you get a 50% discount!

Again, this is the last time you can receive either an early registration discount OR a student/minister discount.

So, head on over to and watch the video in the bottom right corner.

Apply at image

This is going to be a season of burning like no other!


ALSO, get ready for a NIGHT OF FIRE this December 11th at Revival Church!

Revivalist Dennis Reanier will be ministering at Revival Church at 6pm , December 11th.

You can learn more about his ministry at