Photos : Why I love Revival Church

I’m overwhelmed! Here’s some of the reasons that I LOVE Revival Church!

Here’s why I love my church!

  1. People are consumed with hunger for God! I love you all!!!
  2. We had at least 50 people flood into the chapel AFTER last night’s service for personal prophetic ministry! I didn’t leave the building until 11:30pm! (By the way, after EVERY SUNDAY SERVICE we’ll have prophetic ministry available! Spread the word and get ready to be blessed!)
  3. theLab Internship is blowing my mind! God’s grace is fueling this school of fire!
  4. theLab graduation party was WILD! I cried and cried!
  5. People were sloshed on the asphalt outside of a church the other day until 1:30am…God visited and we are going for more!
  6. People have no patience for hype or exaggeration. They expect God to out do their wildest imaginations!
  7. The vision for revival in Detroit is insane! People are burning with passion for what is happening here!
  8. People are really, really, really getting dramatically healed and delivered. I can’t get enough of it!
  9. The way people roar in prayer before each service is crazy extreme!
  10. Every service just rocks me! They keep getting wilder and more powerful!
  11. We are encountering some amazing pastors every Friday night when we travel throughout the city and pray in their churches.
  12. My amazing friends…every one of you who are running this amazing race with me!


Very special event this Sunday : Brian Simmons and Julia Palermo at Revival Church

The roof should explode this Sunday night at Revival Church as revivalist and apostolic father Brian Simmons joins Julia Palermo!

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Gather everybody you know who needs a very real and tangible touch from God and bring them to Revival Church THIS SUNDAY at 6pm!

We have been experiencing wave after wave of truly dramatic healings, so bring the sick and desperate!

Our great friends Brian Simmons and Julia Palermo will join myself and the spiritually electric Revival Church worship team for a night of fire!

Urgent message for the church : tonight at Revival Church

I am BURNING with the SHOCK and AWE of God’s plans for the church of Detroit.

DON’T miss the service TONIGHT at Revival Church! I’m burning, trembling.

Our worship leader just texted me: I know God is about to do something crazy tonight! You keep mentioning and army rising and I have been planning to do a new song tonight talking about an army rising up!

I’ll be releasing an URGENT message on the call for a CITY FIRE.

There is a massive transition from local church emphasis to a city church mandate that’s upon us now. We’re moving from an Egyptian model of ministry that keeps us secluded and contained into a dominion model of ministry that expects the wild fire of God to spread.

Steve Gray of World Revival Church in Kansas City said, “Too many people are waiting for a move of God that fits what already exists.”

In Egypt, Pharaoh was demanding that the people STAY while Moses was calling for God’s people to GO. Pharaoh’s kingdom was at risk if he lost people.

We as leaders have to be careful not operate in the spirit of Pharaoh by refusing to let God’s people go. If I find myself getting depressed or nervous when people leave my church, it’s an indicator that I’m influenced by this Egyptian strategy of kingdom building.

Brian Ming said in a song he wrote: God forgive us for building kingdoms of man on doctrines of demons in your name.

God forgive us!

An offensive shift is upon the church and an inappropriate response will result in continued bondage. While there is a lot of good happening within the context of the local church, it is by nature restrictive!

The call of Jesus was to GO while all too often the call of the local church is to STAY!

At Revival Church I have a policy that anybody from any church or ministry can freely recruit any person that’s connected to our ministry. We have open hands. We actually expect people to catch fire here and then impact other churches and cities!

Steve Gray- “Most churches are concerned with losing people and money. I wish they would be a little more concerned with losing the Holy Spirit.”

The fire we are going after cannot be contained at Revival Church. It will die out. It must spread! The carriers of that fire must GO!

For the corporate fire to spread, it must take on the nature of an out of control wild fire that follows the wind and seeks a never ending supply of fuel.

The new church will look nothing like we see now. We must learn how to live in the Spirit if we hope to embrace this uninvited yet deeply needed invasion from Heaven. Everything is at risk.

Come tonight. Get ready to get shocked. Get ready to come alive. Revival is drawing near. See you tonight. Prayer starts at 5pm and the fire starts spreading at 6pm!

We meet at THE TABERNACLE: 14205 12 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48088

Powerful video about the coming revival in Detroit : theLab Internship

Watch this BRAND NEW and powerful video about the coming revival in Detroit and theLab Internship’s call to raise up burning ones.

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Watch this BRAND NEW video and COME ALIVE!

We are going after the extreme supernatural manifestation of God’s glory and presence.

We have been experiencing a powerful wave of many healings, and this is just the beginning!

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Facebook changes & The Terror of Hell

My Facebook profile is GONE! And, Saturday I’m teaching on The Terror of Hell at theLab

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I reached my limit of friends on Facebook, so I decided to move everybody over to a brand new Facebook page. The page is open to EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD! Check it out and LIKE it here:

I also opened a NEW Facebook profile (the old one has been deleted)…and this time I’m going to limit my friends to people I actually know. I think it will be easier to manage that way. If I know you (meaning, we have conversed in person or online and we are actual friends) then, by all means, send me a friend request! Go here:


SATURDAY at theLab Internship I will be sharing my story of being dragged toward Hell 20 years ago. It’s a moment in time that has resulted in a permanent tremble and fear of the Lord in my life. I’ll share about God’s zealous call for deep intimacy between us and him. It’s a class that can forever change your life.

You can audit it for $15. Just show up at 10am and pay at the door (cash, credit card, check). The class lasts until 2pm.

I’m also revising my book The Terror of Hell and it will be available on Amazon and Kindle soon!