New teachings now available


I wanted to let you know about several new teachings that have been uploaded to our site.

Two new series, Extravagant Favor and The Presence Centered Church, are available FREE to stream or download.

Also, there’s a teaching I delivered to a group of ministry leaders in Colorado Springs on Saturday via Skype titled The Prophetic Life.

Lastly, a recent prophetic message titled My Personal Book of Revelation is ready for you too!

Head on over to!


Something Shifted : Everybody using their gifts

I wanted to say that last nights service was absolutely incredible. What amazes me most is that it was only a "taste" of things to come!- Testimony from last night’s Revival Church service

That was awesome last night!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving the Holy Spirit free reign in the church! Never been in such a great place!!! Praying for you guys! Can't wait till Friday!!!- Testimony from last night’s Revival Church service

imageI’m still trembling as I write this. Something shifted at Revival Church last night.

Honestly, it wasn’t a complex strategy or a huge new idea. It certainly wasn’t planned or scripted. God simply moved.

In the midst of the outbreak and as people were burning and drunk as they were sprawled out all over the place I said, with a grin, “Man, and I had a really great sermon for you all tonight!”

In truth, I did! It’s a prophetic word that I’ll be sharing Friday morning with my Revival Road Team at Revival Nation Church in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada instead. (Come on out with us! We leave Grosse Pointe at 8:30am this Friday!)

But last night had different designs.

The launching point seemed to be a very strong unction in my spirit that many people in Detroit are yearning to worship God in spirit and in truth—without human restriction. They are deeply hungering for an opportunity to step out of the natural and into the supernatural and worship with fire.

The groans, the cries, the dances, the passion that is increasing deeply within so many is looking to be released as spiritual worship unto a spiritual God!

The word continued that many will follow our freedom. As we launch into freedom many will dive right in behind us.

Then, I asked several fire-breathing ladies to come to the front and cry out, release the fire of God into all of us. Wow! Talk about heat! I crumpled to the ground in drunkenness and just soaked as they gave leadership to that part of the night.

Here’s another recent testimony:

I have never experienced a congregation like Revival Church where EVERYONE is using their gifts. I've known that it's not for the Pastor to do EVERYTHING, and Revival Church is a great example of God working in the people who attend.

We have such amazing people at Revival Church! I am so blessed!!!

I did share a snipped of my sermon—there’s a significant difference between the Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that exploded the church in Acts 2.

Between the two events was the cross. Around 1/2 million people celebrated Jesus on Palm Sunday. Only 2 remained as Jesus went to the cross.

The power of the resurrection and the arrival of the Holy Spirit resulted in an outbreak in an upper room that was exponentially more powerful than what happened on Palm Sunday—even though the numbers were significantly less.

We don’t need Palm Sunday Christians. We need Believers who go to the cross and experience the Promise.

So, let’s get ready for more fire! Let’s see the outpouring that’s assigned to Detroit arrive right on schedule!

By all means, if you don’t attend church on Sunday nights, come out to our Revival Command Center and contend with us for fire!!

Tonight : The Spirit of Pilate in the Church : Revival Church

FIRST: Be sure to REGISTER ASAP for the upcoming Radiant Worship and Michele Perry Events! Go to right now!

The extreme reformation that’s coming to Detroit and the church in our nation will be a challenge beyond anything we’ve ever encountered.

This teaching will help us prepare for the coming change. Pilate in the Church is a prophetic message to the church and I’ll be sharing it tonight at Revival Church.

See you for prayer at 5pm and the service at 6pm!

We’re excited to have Bob Ladendorf leading worship for us tonight!

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A huge blessing (really huge!)

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John and Amy Burton

Road Trip! Join me tomorrow in Detroit

If you subscribed to our REVIVAL TEXT ALERTS, you already received this info. If not, you can subscribe by texting the word REVIVAL to 41411, or by visiting

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, March 9th at 8pm I’ll be ministering in downtown Detroit.

I’d love to have all of my revivalist friends with me to cover the night in prayer.

The address is 2535 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48210. It’s a prayer group that moved their regular meeting from their house to a church building.  (though, they didn’t tell me the name!!)

ALSO, get your passport ready and join me for another road trip to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada at 10:30am on Good Friday. I’ll be ministering at Revival Nation Church.

Let me know if you plan on going to either of these events!


John Burton Ministries Testimonies


"I have had the distinct honor of praying 100s of hours with Pastor John Burton. He is a man on fire for God. I love to get around John just to stoke the embers in my own heart. He is uniquely gifted by the Lord to see how the Holy Spirit is moving in a church or city. His perseverance, faith and prophetic insights combine to lead the church out of passivity and lethargy into a vibrant, love-ablaze passion for Christ." Dr. Mell Winger, Pastor of Prayer, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, CO

Just finished reading the two books you gave me…and I am buzzing in the Holy Spirit!  My wife and I had an hour conversation about the depth of their implications.  You have nailed it my friend.  I have met few people who have put all this together….and I am in awe and grateful. I want all our leadership team to especially read 20 Elements of Revival. –Tim

"I've never heard a more dynamic couple speak at a retreat. May God bless you as you continue your ministry at Revolution"- Gary

"John, thanks so much for listening to God's heart! It changed my life. I'm crying, but I feel happy inside- a happiness I've never felt."- Melanie

Read more…

John Burton’s Welcome Note

Hi!John-Burton150 (from Sonyvaio)

Thank you for considering me for ministry in your church or at your conference or event. My heart is to see pastors strengthened and churches break into freedom and extreme life.

I look forward to connecting with you and developing a great relationship. You will discover that I’m easy and fun to work with, and your mission is extremely important to me.

I’ve written five books on topics including prayer, revival and fulfilling our destinies in life, and would love to teach on those subjects or others that God has burned into my heart.

Single events, conferences, workshops, leadership training and other ministry venues work great. I’m free to travel one full week and weekend each month, and any other day except Sunday evenings the remainder of the month. Revival Church meets Sunday evenings and it’s probably good that their pastor is in the building at least three out of four Sunday evenings!

To view my ministry schedule, CLICK HERE.

To see my complete ministry portfolio which includes my bio, video and audio, CLICK HERE. And, feel free to contact me any time at [email protected] or by phone at 313.799.FIRE.


John Burton
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