Revival in Detroit for Dummies : The clear plan and how you fit in

Here is a clear explanation of the vision for revival in Detroit—and how you fit in.

First of all, nobody out there is a dummy… but, you know, that’s how those books are titled!

Dummies-Cover-Box-ShotFor 2011, I felt it was important to explain as clearly as possible what is needed to see revival land in Detroit.

People have some honest questions:

  • What exactly should I do?
  • What are the expectations on a personal and corporate level?
  • What are the key focuses for the new year?

Here’s my personal perspective. I didn’t move to Detroit for anything other than investing like mad into the process of full blown revival. That’s why I’m here, and if you live in this region, that’s why you are here too. The fervent advance of God’s Kingdom in Detroit is both demanding and urgent.

So, what’s the plan?

First, I’d encourage you to watch the most recent video on our NEW media site: The 2011 Vision video will explain all of this in vivid Technicolor.

Second, determine to give yourself with wild abandon to the call.



At Revival Church, a prophetic center of revival for the region, the culture and lifestyle is all about the experiential fire of God. For everybody in Detroit, it’s time to transition our Christian and church experience into that of continual, night and day burning. Simply learning principles and trying to apply concepts that will enhance our lives week after week as the extent of our life focus won’t cut it anymore. We must BURN.

The call is to such a holy, fiery, passionate reality that atmospheres melt when we walk into the room. Be together, all the time, with others who cause you to tremble, people who are having perpetual encounters with God, who are continually undone in His presence.

What’s Expected?

  • Become a person who is giving everything you have to ensure the fire of God is raging in you, around you and into others.
  • Stay right on pace with the most fiery revivalists in the region.
  • Understand the extreme cost every day that’s necessary to launch revival—and then pay it.
  • Study on revivals of old.


This is the tough one, yet it cannot be ignored. I’ll be honest, since I’ve been in Detroit a handful of people have truly impressed with the level of their commitment. However, the general body has been largely absent, distracted and hesitant.

This call to revolution is a call to EXTREME reformation in the structure and experience of the church. It’s RARE to find people who are willing to go to this place.

The 24/7 church is absolutely necessary if we are to see revival initiated and sustained. This means that we cannot just tweak our calendar. Everything must change. Everybody must be alert, in position, responsive, communicating, battling, praying and ready to move according to what God is revealing.

What’s Expected?

  • Start to schedule every day around the prayer room. Participate in as many of the weekly prayer meetings as possible (Mon, Wed & Sat at noon, Friday at 10pm).
  • Every Friday night from 10pm-midnight, theLab is an “all hands on deck” event for the city of Detroit. We pray in a different location each week, and we intentionally scheduled it during a time when most nobody would have any conflicts. Kids and everybody is invited and needed to pray together.
  • Rarely miss any church service, prayer meeting or special event. Truly, this reformation will require radical changes to our daily focuses and agendas. The season is way too important to have a casual approach to the corporate mission.
  • Communicate daily. Critical information, prophecies, instructions and other revelation is being sent out from this revival center, and other places as well. Thoroughly read, watch and listen…and then respond back to the sender. We must all be on the same page and in literally daily communication. Again, the mission of revival is job one for all of us, and staying on task continually is imperative. 20 Elements of Revival Box
  • theLab Broadcast. Every Monday night, every revival minded person in Detroit is needed to join us online for prayer and key instructions for the coming week. Go to to tune in every Monday night at 8:30pm.
  • Understand the vision. Read my book 20 Elements of Revival for starters. It’s a very clear, step by step process toward revival on a city level. It’s rare to find someone who’s willing respond to the call of that book, but many have said how it is an absolute must read. Also, watch podcasts, read articles and follow the many men and women in the region who are sending out prophetic insights and instructions.


Everything we do, every day, in every church, at every turn must be birthed and fueled from the prayer room. In fact, the church IS the prayer room!

As we see the church return to its original and primary purpose, to be a house of prayer for all nations, everything else will be sufficiently powered and supported.

We need to see Revelation Driven churches and ministries all over the city who are calling every member and participant into a lifestyle of zealous, interactive and fervent prayer. The prayer rooms must be full all the time. Sunday services must be mostly prayer and intercession. This is how we will see revival launch and continue in great power.

What’s Expected?

  • Be a person of continual prayer. Pray in the Spirit, allow the groans to erupt!
  • Eliminate everything that hinders prayer, hinders encounter with God.
  • Learn to hear God’s voice.
  • Do everything you can to never miss a prayer meeting.
  • Embrace holiness.
  • Stir a prophetic atmosphere in your life.

Please understand. This is a regional call to action. However, historically it’s a remnant that responds. Can you really imagine yourself NOT being included in that remnant?

The choice is yours… but, I implore you… don’t miss this. You are needed more than you know.