I’m teaching on revival Friday in Dearborn Heights—just before theLab

Tomorrow at Dearborn Heights First Assembly of God I’ll be teaching on (and bringing!) revival, and then at 10pm theLab prayer event starts!

FIRST: Get ready for a BRAND NEW website—www.detroitprophecy.com. You will be able to check out the up-to-date prophetic instructions for this region, send in your dreams and visions and ensure we’re all on the same page as we advance together. I’ll be designing it soon!

FRIDAY NIGHT: We’re looking for the remnant church to awaken and do the extreme work necessary to initiate revival in Detroit.

I’ll be teaching on the strategic plan for revival in Detroit tomorrow (Friday) at 7pm. We’ll experience some powerful worship, and we are intent on facilitating an atmosphere where we can all go very deep together.

The Fireplace has stirred us, and now it’s time to move to the next place in the process of revival in Detroit.

After worship, teaching and ministry, we’ll stay and give leadership to theLab from 10pm-midnight! Get ready for a night of fire that we won’t want to end!

Dearborn Heights Assembly of God : 5650 S Telegraph Rd, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125-2024

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Daily meetings becoming standard in the church?

As we progress toward the 24/7 church, revival is brining calibration to the biblical model in Detroit.

I’ve written books and articles and taught countless messages on the emerging 24/7 church that’s coming to this nation. I was convinced that it would take a revival atmosphere to finally draw people together every night—into the 24/7 model—simply because they would then be convinced that there was literally no better place to be or no more important thing to do than encounter God with others.


Local churches have the unique position of either being a great threat to a regional outpouring, or a great strength. The demands of the regional, corporate gathering are increasing in intensity, and any competing activity (within the church or outside of it) will put the greater city mission at risk.

For example, the need for laborers at The Fireplace is growing. We need people in position—intercessors, pastors, ushers, cleaning crews, musicians, techs, etc. If local churches don’t release their people to participate, then this outpouring is at risk.

Another example of what I’m trying to communicate occurred shortly after I moved to Detroit. Long story short, I was asked to be the keynote speaker at The Palace (where the Detroit Pistons play) where an all-city church outreach was planned. Sadly, churches refused to cancel their own local Wednesday night services so their people could support the event. So, it was cancelled. Do you see what I mean?

Here’s the FLEX CHURCH STRUCTURE proposal: Have a primary local church service that trumps most everything else. Meet on Sunday mornings, for example, and have a high bar of expectancy that your congregation will gather together. Also, have vision-driven, prayer-fueled meetings at other times of the week (Bible studies, youth meetings, small groups, etc.). However, they must be ready to flexto give way to the demands of the greater regional focus. If a regional call is sounded, pastors will lead their congregations to that event.

Additionally, we as leaders must have open hands and release the people under our care into other churches and ministries. The regular schedule may include Sunday morning at your church, Sunday evening at a house of prayer, Monday evening at a church well known for it’s strengths in teaching, Tuesday evening in a Bible study at another ministry, etc. through the rest of the week. The 24/7 church will be 1.) regionally focused and 2.) include participation with multiple ministries and churches each week.

So, if there’s a Bible study on a Tuesday night, but a fire is lit in another part of the city, then cancel the Bible study and lead the people to the fire. If there’s a youth meeting on a Friday night, cancel that and head to the regional event that God is uniquely moving in.

Check out what Pastor Joe Sazyc wrote this morning:

Something hit me last night after the service… I could do this til Jesus comes! Yes, I the guy who didn't want nightly meetings in the beginning!

There is a hunger in this city! Word is spreading.

What if someone needs God on a Monday night? Do they need to wait for Sunday to have a touch of glory? And what if the glory doesn't “fall” that Sunday or NEVER falls in their church? I am being haunted by Brian's phrase a while back… “God doesn't just want you to have a house of prayer here, he wants you to have a house of GLORY!” All this is reminding me of a passion I have had for years, but all my busyness has stifled in recent months. I have always believed church should be 24/7! Even long before I knew about 24/7 prayer and before IHOP or anything like that existed! I've got to believe a major metro area like Detroit (especially one being marked by God for Awakening) can certainly sustain at least nightly meetings if not 24/7.

All that to say, I'm so hungry for this, I'm tempted to keep this thing going after the 21 days, even if no one were to go with me. It may not look exactly like what we have now, but SOMETHING that invites God's GLORY needs to continue nightly. The Fireplace cannot go out! I KNOW I cannot do it on my own, so I pray our team stays intact and even grows. I pray we begin to see an influx of crazy people who will staff this thing as musicians, ushers, tech people, etc… I think we need to AGGRESSIVELY pray for laborers (Matt. 9) and resources. What's encouraging is that I believe GOD wants this. We won't be bending a reluctant arm!

theLab Internship RSVP deadline : The Fireplace TONIGHT

If you are craving encounter with the fire of God and to discover how to release the burning to the nations, theLab Internship is for YOU!

[FIRST—The Fireplace is coming back to REVIVAL CHURCH TONIGHT at 6pm! Get ready to be burned by the Holy Spirit as special guest Brian Simmons prophetically calls this city into its destiny!]


If you are interested in attending theLab Internship INFO MEETING, you MUST RSVP by THIS WEDNESDAY!

Go to www.revivallab.com/internship and fill out the form.

Join with a team of burning men & women on a journey into the fire of God’s presence.
We believe there is a significant yet hidden company of Believers that God is gathering together to be trained, healed and infused with fire. These mighty people will carry and release the burning of the Holy Spirit into the revival-ready Detroit region…and beyond to the cities of the Earth.

RSVP for a fun and info-filled potluck dinner and meeting at www.revivallab.com/internship.
The meeting will be held on Saturday, March 26th at 6pm at Revival Church in St. Clair Shores.
The internship will be fueled by deep and prophetic prayer both in a small group setting and as we move out together to intercede in churches throughout the region.

YOU MUST RSVP for the info meting by this Wednesday by visiting www.revivallab.com/internship and filling out the form.


Debriefing and intercession

Debriefing and Intercession

theLab Intercession Event

Primary teaching session

Revival Church


There is a rising remnant of prophetic messengers who are consumed by fire and propelled by a burning zeal for advancing God's Kingdom. Discover more about this critical end-time ministry.

The most critical fuel the church needs to go empower every key ministry is the same fuel we need to launch us in our personal lives. That fuel is the burning desire that results from an intimate encounter with the Lover of our souls.

Offended hearts are imprisoned hearts. This teaching has set many people free, and you will learn how to grow in God without the hindrance of offense slowing you down.

There is a dramatic and wildly dynamic life of revelation that is available to all of us. Learn how to hear God clearly, encounter his heart and advance with a precision focus of prayer and intercession.

You are a carrier of the mighty presence of God. As you pick up the Ark of God's presence and move ahead through rivers and around imposing walled cities, you will lead the people through their own seemingly impossible situations.

First, you will discover the wonder of freedom from personal struggles, fears and obstacles. Then, you'll learn how to set the captives free!

There are over 19,000 cities in the nation, and none of them are experiencing the biblical normalcy of revival. You will investigate how to initiate a step-by-step process of transformation and revival in your city.

Many in the church are convinced they do not play a significant role in God's great plan. That strategy of the enemy will be dealt with directly as we learn how God sees each of us-as mighty people of valor.

There is a baptism of Fire for every Believer in Jesus Christ. Experience this Fire personally and learn how to release as burning men and women of God.

There is a way to interact with authorities in our lives that will result in a great escape into the wilderness of encounter. Learn how you can move out in abundant life and extreme freedom while running well with the leaders God has put into your life.

Amazing : One full hour of prophesy about the Detroit revival

Brian Simmons received one full hour of prophesy from Che Ahn and others about the revival in Detroit. He’ll be sharing it tomorrow at Revival Church!

  I’m sitting in The Fireplace outpouring meeting right now, and I can’t even begin to try to put the experience into human words. The only way to express this supernatural invasion is through deep and resounding groans! People have been praying for this move of God for decades—and now the fire has ignited! Head to Revival Church Sunday night! We will have an atmosphere ripping hour of fiery intercession beginning at 5pm. Please join us! Then, at 6pm, we’ll start the service with prophetic prayer and declaration as we launch into the 10th straight night of the outpouring! Head over to www.thefireplacedetroit.com for more info!

Right now! Video of fire falling in Detroit!

I just had to get this out there!! I’m in the meeting here in Detroit and fire is falling!

Head on over to http://media.johnburton.net/the_fireplace

Tell everybody you can! If you are close, get out here!

People have been praying for this for decades!!!!

Brian Simmons is about to begin bringing a message to break the spirit of death off of Detroit!!!!


The Detroit Outpouring returns to Revival Church

The Fireplace with Brian Simmons, James Levesque and the rest of the team will be at Revival Church Sunday night!

b333fa4c-492c-4f11-a3f6-1fee98b81fbe_mTrust me. You’ll want to come early. Some of the most fiery, deep intercession that I’ve experienced as of late starts one hour before every service. Tonight’s intercession turned into a prophetic impartation that flowed into the first 30 minutes of the service. Fire was imparted powerfully!

So, at 5pm, we’ll be praying with fire at Revival Church, and then the service starts at 6pm.

People are currently flying and driving here so they can jump into this revival fire! Amazing!

Brian Simmons just posted this to Facebook:

Flying back to Detroit! So excited about the outpouring that broke loose. Filled with love for a city I barely know.

bae78ca4-327c-42db-8995-5fcc010c0d86_mYou can also watch the services LIVE online (we’re actually streaming as I’m typing this) at www.thefireplacedetroit.com.

See you Sunday!

Revival fire just fell in Detroit! Can hardly get out the door!

Are you one who has be contending for revival in Detroit? The fire is falling!

People are flying in and driving in from great distances for the Detroit Outpouring!

Tonight was burning. People were trembling, weeping and breaking into freedom. There was extreme ministry and powerful manifestations going on in the foyer!

Brian Simmons posted to Facebook:

Revival fire just fell in Dtroit! Everyone screaming – “I will not turn back!” Strongholds we look you in the face and say “you're coming down!” Fire, tears, shaking, laughter, holy glory!! Kids laid out on the floor shaking and crying! Can't hardly get out the door!

As I shared in my previous post, I’m so deeply grieved that so many precious precious people are simply missing this event! This is historic…a time for the whole church of Detroit to be together in one place!



Leonard Jones, a world renowned worship leader with MorningStar Ministries will be with us along with revival worship leader Aaron Crider. Then, Brian Simmons will leading us into the third night of the outpouring!

It’s taking place at Revival Church at 24036 Greater Mack Road, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Fiery intercession starts at 5pm and the service starts at 6pm!



Burning and grieved : Busyness that threatened a revival

I’m both burning with fiery passion and also deeply grieved in my spirit—the opportunity for a historic outpouring is here…but it’s only an opportunity.

It has been prophesied that there is the chance of a 50-year long outpouring hitting Detroit. However the disconnected, distracted wait and see approach many are taking threatens it. Both God and man have to participate at an extreme level for it to come to pass.

Has a prophetic alarm sounded in Detroit—or is the call to gather and contend for an outpouring simply a suggestion? Is it optional? Well, of course, it is optional as we each have a free will. However, if it’s a true prophetic mandate, the option to disengage carries with it severe consequences both personally and corporately.

Many, I’m sure, have thought, “Why should I participate in these meetings?” The answer is simple. The prophetic mandate is clear, and the cost of revival is great—it requires many to do much…it’s an ‘all hands on deck’ moment in history.

As I said previously, I’m exhilarated and burning because of the sudden and heavy manifest presence of the fire of God. I’ve been trembling deeply. In fact, I shared with the leadership team of The Fireplace (the new ministry made up of several churches that’s serving this movement toward outpouring in Detroit) that if this revival does in fact land, there will be a never-ending tremble in us…that will last until we leave the Earth.

So with such a powerful move of God drawing near, the question is, “Why isn’t every person in Detroit who’s hungry for revival showing up?”

Busyness. In an American culture that’s so entertainment driven, independent and non-stop, it’s no wonder that calendars are full of lesser things. In fact, I believe one of the primary time thieves for those in ministry is the demand of the local church (yes, I’m a local church leader!).

I shared this comment on Facebook last night after a powerful night of intercession at a church in Eastpointe:

Pastors-investing your primary time and energy in your local church will not result in revival. Primary focus must be regional with other leaders if you want more than local results.

As a local church leader I easily understand the potential for an overloaded calendar. However, we have to take dominion over that. I’d much rather let my church fail for the sake of participating in the greater, regional city church movement. However, if we keep our local church calendar healthy and full of flexible, Kingdom focused and regionally emphasized ministries, we’ll have the opportunity to freely participate in the demands of regional revival on a much broader scale. Simply, regional mandates trump local mandates. And, as we allow the reprioritization to take place, the local church will continue to develop with a much greater grace on it.

If we can't integrate into our schedules the costly, time consuming work of initiating revival on a daily basis with others in the region, we will remain alone in a stress-filled, powerless daily reality that is void of fire.

An excellent example of the problem that’s hovering over the church of Detroit is the mandate that’s been sounded for 1000 intercessors to gather together every Friday night for prayer (see www.revivallab.com). The 10pm-midnight time was chosen to ensure 99% of people had zero conflict. Most everybody should be able to show up each week. In a day when we’re still learning how to take dominion over our busy lives, we wanted to make it easy for as many people to participate as possible, and there are few necessary activities filling up the 10pm Friday time slot. It’s a slam dunk opportunity for everybody to be there.

While the movement is strong and exciting, we’re about 950 people shy of 1000 each week! Where are the leaders? Where are the intercessors? Do we not realize that the moment we have 1000 people showing up together… on site in a church somewhere in Detroit… every week… we’ll have the greatest prayer movement in the nation…or the world! Is that not worth the small price to pay to load up the kids in the car for a late night together in God’s presence?

Friday nights should be full. The 8-day outpouring meetings in Dearborn should be jam packed…not full of people wondering and waiting… even doubting that God might show up… but people who won’t take no for an answer. We need a team of burning people who are fully committed to taking dominion of their time, of their energy… and contending day after day until God breaks out. A lot of people are excited about the concept of revival, but few will do what it takes to get there. This reality may seal our fate of living our entire lives outside of revival. I can’t stand the thought of that.

God is looking for a people who will do the most, not the least. How many will pay the price to contend every night in Dearborn this week?

I also posted to Facebook:

People don't realize that their lack of participation will at best delay the outpouring others are contending for and at worst negate it all together.

Wow. One person’s lack of participation has the potential to stop a revival. One person’s failure to show up, to lock arms with others and contend until breakthrough can cancel a divine move of God.

Think about it this way. What if God gave a pastor a vision and a mandate to build a $1 million homeless shelter. This pastor then casts the vision, and that night ten wealthy people in the church have a vivid visitation of the Lord…and God asks them to each give $100,000. What if one chooses to disobey? The building project will not be completed on time…if ever.

Do you disagree? Consider the disobedience of a few people who were sent as spies into Canaan. The mandate was to move into the Promised Land, yet this small handful of people who refused to do so resulted in a massive and horrific death of innumerable others. They were destined for the glory of a new land, but experienced the radical opposite instead—death.

Today in a pastor’s meeting Brian Simmons asked, “If revival depended on you, how close are we?”

How close? Are you carrying the weight of a city on your shoulders? Are you in position and contending with extreme passion? Or, are you taking a wait and see approach?

Brian also said, “There is an open invitation from God to the pastors of Detroit to experience revival… but he's waiting for us. The planned move of God will only come to Detroit if we expect it to the degree that we build the fireplace to facilitate it. If you don't have an expectation for revival you won't get revival.”

How long will we have to wait?

Spread the word fast : The Fireplace this Friday

The fire of revival has sparked…Brian Simmons, Leonard Jones, Aaron Crider and others will be leading us into the fire of God’s presence starting this weekend!

Here’s the instructions Evan Roberts gave Frank Bartleman that resulted in the Azusa Street Revival:

Congregate the people who are willing to make a total surrender. Pray and wait. Believe God’s promises. Hold daily meetings.

So, we’re doing that here in Detroit starting THIS FRIDAY! Check out the new website for all the info! www.thefireplacedetroit.com See the full schedule below.




First Assembly of God, 5650 S. Telegraph Road, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

  • 6pm Intercession
  • 7pm Outpouring Service

First Assembly of God, 5650 S. Telegraph Road, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

  • 5pm Intercession
  • 6pm Outpouring Service

Revival Church, 24036 Greater Mack, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

  • 5pm Intercession
  • 6pm Outpouring Service

First Assembly of God, 5650 S. Telegraph Road, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

  • 6pm Intercession
  • 7pm Outpouring Service

First Assembly of God, 5650 S. Telegraph Road, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

  • 6pm Intercession
  • 7pm Outpouring Service

First Assembly of God, 5650 S. Telegraph Road, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

  • 6pm Intercession
  • 7pm Outpouring Service

First Assembly of God, 5650 S. Telegraph Road, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

  • 6pm Intercession
  • 7pm Outpouring Service

First Assembly of God, 5650 S. Telegraph Road, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

  • 6pm Intercession
  • 7pm Outpouring Service