The Detroit Outpouring returns to Revival Church

The Fireplace with Brian Simmons, James Levesque and the rest of the team will be at Revival Church Sunday night!

b333fa4c-492c-4f11-a3f6-1fee98b81fbe_mTrust me. You’ll want to come early. Some of the most fiery, deep intercession that I’ve experienced as of late starts one hour before every service. Tonight’s intercession turned into a prophetic impartation that flowed into the first 30 minutes of the service. Fire was imparted powerfully!

So, at 5pm, we’ll be praying with fire at Revival Church, and then the service starts at 6pm.

People are currently flying and driving here so they can jump into this revival fire! Amazing!

Brian Simmons just posted this to Facebook:

Flying back to Detroit! So excited about the outpouring that broke loose. Filled with love for a city I barely know.

bae78ca4-327c-42db-8995-5fcc010c0d86_mYou can also watch the services LIVE online (we’re actually streaming as I’m typing this) at

See you Sunday!