5 Revival Church locations : Tonight is going to explode!

I have been burning white hot with some amazing Holy Spirit activity…and tonight is going to explode at Revival Church!

Prayer begins at 5pm and the night of fire starts at 6pm sharp TONIGHT!

Revival Church meets at CENTRAL CHURCH, 1529 E. 12 Mile Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071.


Stay after the service for personal prophetic ministry. Hear the heart of God for your life!


We are excited about this very active season at Revival Church…and by next month we will have FIVE locations in the Detroit region!

Check out the various locations at www.explorerevival.com and connect with other people the Lord is gathering for the sake of extreme fire and revival in Detroit.

If you are interested in one of the 45 remaining church plants that are being planned in the region, head over to www.revivaltribe.com and contact us!

Revival Church and Revival Church North will be anchoring this movement of fire starting all over the region… AND beyond.

In addition to starting raging furnaces of prayer and Kingdom advance in Detroit, we are ready to connect with others in the nation and around the world to discuss church plants in their area.

Visit www.revivaltribe.com to learn about this church planting movement and get in touch!

The revolution in Detroit continues: Revival Church North

Tomorrow morning at 10am the revolution in Detroit continues at Revival Church North!

imageIf you are ready to dive into a prayer-fueled mission of revival in the northern Detroit suburbs, come hungry TOMORROW, Sunday, at 10am!

We’ll be going hard after God, encountering him in prayer and worship and catching the vision of widespread fire in the region!

You can watch a video where I share the vision of this exciting new church plant here!


After the service ends, we’ll hang out and fire up the grill and eat, talk and get to know each other!

I would love to have a room full of people I’ve never met before! Come out and bring everyone you can find to this brand new church plant!

If you’d like to let us know you are coming, that would be great! We’ll be ready for you! Contact us here: http://revivalnorth.com/contact-us/ 


For a map and directions, click HERE.


We are gathering a team of hungry people who are ready to experience God in this region in unprecedented fashion.

As one of what will ultimately be 50 Revival Church locations in the Detroit region, we are devoted to starting fires and inviting people to watch us burn!

These fires will spread—and fast. The harvest is ripe and God is gathering those who are ready to help infuse them with the abundant life of Jesus!


What should you expect? Freedom and fire!

Revival Church has a passionate and  fun atmosphere, exciting and challenging teaching, God’s amazing presence and a environment to nurture life-long friendships!

If you are looking for a point of reference, we affirm and appreciate a variety of ministry streams including the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Bethel Church in Redding, California, Barbara Yoder, Steve Gray and World Revival Church, John Kilpatrick and The Bay of the Holy Spirit, Catch The Fire in Toronto, Lou Engle and many others who embrace the power and presence of God and his advancing Kingdom.

So, plan your visit by contacting us here, dress any way you want (most of us dress in jeans), bring the family, grab some free coffee and enjoy Jesus!

The Culture is our set of core values at Revival Church. It sets the pace and clearly communicates the culture we are called to establish and steward.

  1. Our mission is your freedom – The mission of freedom from sin, sickness and poverty drives everything we do at Revival Church. We reject a casual approach to God and affirm abundant life, passion and fire for all.
  2. Honor is in our DNA – Honor is something we are. No matter the issue, you can’t stop us from honoring you! We believe that honor is a condition of the heart and not dependent on someone’s actions toward us.
  3. We rally around the vision – Revival Church is built on the vision God gave John. As a company of burning ones, we are passionate defenders and champions of it. Every person is responsible to catch fire and burn hot every day. The resulting corporate torch will inflame our region with revival.
  4. We are a threat to the status quo – This is a ministry of extreme reformation. As we storm against the prevailing flow of the church and society, we fully believe many will be provoked to turn and follow our lead into freedom.
  5. There is one church in the city and we aren’t it – Revival Church is one department of many in the landscape of the city church. Our focus is regional impact and the increase of the harvest that will be felt far and wide.
  6. We affirm ridiculous faith – We simply believe that God is extreme and his plans are bigger than what we can imagine. If it doesn’t look ridiculously insane, it’s less than what God has in mind.
  7. We are all about the numbers – We are unapologetically intense in our mission to gather and equip people of destiny.
  8. Corporate mission prevails – We are focused on preparing for the influx of zealous people the harvest will bring to Revival Church. We launch and support only those endeavors that fit into the corporate mission.
  9. We refuse to live below the Biblical norm – Healings, signs, wonders, miracles, extreme love and bold prophetic teaching were and are the standard.
  10. Poverty has no chance – Extravagant giving in every sphere of life, whether it’s in the church or a big tip at the coffee shop, will displace a spirit of poverty, transform individuals and reform the economy of our region.
  11. Sickness and disease have no right to torment believersThe Lord Jesus Christ has been given power and authority over all sickness and disease. He has delegated that authority to us.
  12. We err on the side of freedom – Revival is messy and is to be stewarded, not controlled. We embrace an atmosphere of bold prophetic declaration and Holy Spirit initiated freedom.

We look forward to getting to know you!

The Revival Church Team

Corry Robinson & Info Meeting at Revival Church Sunday

Corry Robinson is at Revival Church tomorrow…and then, learn how to connect to our church family!

imageAre you interested in learning how to connect at Revival Church? Ready to minister? Looking for some great new friendships? Our monthly Revival Company Info Meeting will take place right after the service tomorrow night!


You will want to invite as many friends as you can to experience the ministry of Corry Robinson.

After a time of extreme worship in the presence of Almighty God, Corry Robinson will be bring a message to shake and shock the church into revival. It all begins at 6pm Sunday evening!

Revival Church meets at CENTRAL CHURCH, 1529 E. 12 Mile Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071.


Have you RSVP’d for the upcoming INFO MEETING for our brand new church plant, Revival Church North?

The call is to saturate the Detroit region with fire! Revival Church North is our second church plant in the area, and we are planning on a total of 50 Detroit region churches!

To RSVP for the September 16th info meeting, head on over to www.revivalnorth.com.

To learn about the 50 church strategy in Detroit, go to www.revivaltribe.com.

New Detroit region church! Revival Church North is coming!

Revival Church North is a NEW church plant/satellite church currently in the planning stage!


If you are an adrenaline junky and would like to participate in a NEW CHURCH PLANT, this may be the adventure for you!

Revival Church North is currently in the planning and development stage, and we will launch as a prayer-fueled, brand new, baby church in the coming weeks.

The plan is to plant it the same way we did Revival Church (the mother ship!)… EXCEPT, North will launch on Sunday mornings instead of Sunday evenings.

We are not asking any of our current staff or leaders to participate with the Burton family in this new venture (they are already SUPER invested at Revival Church and I don’t want to add to their plates).

So, though there may be a few that do choose to help in this new mission, it’s fully possible that we’ll start by meeting in a small office or in our home… just Amy, the kids, me and anybody else who may wander in! Yep, it’s back to worship with CD’s, fervent prayer and big vision with a handful of Upper Room style people!

The Burtons will be moving to our new home in Washington Township in the next 3-6 weeks, and shortly after we’ll start hunting for a small property to start the new church in.

Interested in more info? Want to join with us in this exciting new mission? Contact me directly at [email protected]!

What about the Mother Ship?

imageEverything will remain as it has been at Revival Church! The vision will keep developing, theLab is still key and the dreams will keep coming!

And, yes, I’ll be as invested (or more!) than ever! I’ll minister in the morning at our new satellite church and in the evening, as usual, at Revival Church!

(By the way, have you registered for theLab School of Fire?! Don’t delay! Register at www.revivallab.com today!)

AND, have you seen our BRAND NEW WEBSITE?

This one is for potential visitors… they can visit the site, learn about Revival Church and let us know they are coming! We’ll be ready for them with a gift for their first visit!

Head over to www.explorerevival.com!