Branson Regional Prayer and Revival Changes

We are changing our Friday and Monday strategies in Branson.

SNAGHTML11d8e0a1A key reason my family and I moved to Branson was to help advance the prayer movement here and to serve the strategic pursuit of revival. That is my burning passion!

In addition to a couple prayer events last year, I’ve enjoyed the Friday late night prayer meetings in various churches in the region and our recent Monday revival events. It’s been absolutely amazing connecting with pastors and leaders in this area.

However, due to a lack of traction I’m going to press pause on both the Friday and Monday events and see how God might redirect our local focus. Tonight was our final Friday prayer event and our last Monday event will be this coming Monday at 7pm. I want to make sure resource and energy is given to the area that is most effective. Our Monday and Friday events didn’t hit the bulls eye as participation and excitement surrounding them wasn’t strong. 

The vision is intense and I’m excited about running with a burning remnant here in Branson. We’ll see how that will develop over time.

I’d like to see regular revival events that draw all of the pastors, intercessors and revival minded Christians in the area. I believe such events will go far in preparing a regional outpouring in Branson. It will take quite a commitment, but if we can all agree to gather in the fire, we would be forever transformed!

My radar is on and I’ll be connecting with others in the pursuit of revival, wherever that may be in Branson!

In the mean time, I’m going to continue in prayer, keep writing and ministering in churches. You can see my ministry schedule at

If you’d like to book a ministry event in your church, anywhere in the world, I’d love to come! Go to and fill out the form. I’ll be in touch!

THIS MONDAY will be our final prayer and revival event at The Victorian Village Shops. Come out and enjoy God’s presence with us! It’s going to be great!

Stay tuned…a lot more is coming. Stay in prayer…let’s see what God has planned for Branson!

Thanks to everybody who has been running this race with me lately! You are amazing!


10pm prayer for revival Friday at Faith Community Health in Branson

Contend for revival with us tomorrow at 10pm at Faith Community Health in Branson!

Prayer Team Logo

We are looking for every revival minded person in the region to gather together for joyful, fervent and effective prayer tomorrow, Friday, July 8th at Faith Community Health in Branson.

God is raising up a remnant in Branson to advance toward supernatural transformation in the region. YOU are invited (and needed!) to be a part of this company of burning ones!

ALSO, put 7pm, Monday, July 11th on your calendar and join us in a prayer-fueled revival event at The Victorian Village Shops.

These special events will continue as long as there is interest. The time is ripe for God’s people to come together and usher in revival in the region. Let’s not miss this window of great opportunity!

It’s summer, and we are all very busy. I’ve been in ministry a long time, and I understand that is true, especially in a tourist destination. But, it’s critical that we have the remnant in the region together as we advance toward an outpouring!

If necessary, we may be shifting our strategy in the coming weeks and months if it appears that greater impact can be had.

Contact me if you have questions or insights: [email protected]

I can’t wait to see YOU tomorrow and Monday!




610 S 6th St, Branson, MO 65616





3044 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, Branson, MO 65616


Definitely, invite your pastor. I’d love to see every pastor in Branson, Hollister and the region locking arms together at these special regional prayer and revival gatherings!

John Burton

theFurnace: Branson, Missouri Revival Strategy—YOU are needed!

theFurnace: Pastors, leaders, intercessors and the remnant church that is hungry for revival must come together.

NOTE: Our next revival event is MONDAY, JUNE 27 AT 7PM!

NOTE: Our next prayer event is FRIDAY, JULY 8 AT 10PM!

Meetings and services alone won’t cut it. We must to gather a company of firebrands from the region to contend together. This is the first phase of the strategy for revival in Branson.

What would happen if every pastor of every life-giving church in the region gathered together each week in fervent, Spirit-driven intercession and prophetic impartation? The atmosphere in the region would receive a continual shock of holy fire!

I’m looking for a revival company in Branson. These are pastors, intercessors and others who are ready to move past meetings and programs and burn hot with others in the region.

We will meet in churches for intercession, as we have been already in Branson. We will also meet on certain Monday evenings for prayer, training and prophetic messages.


Frank Bartleman, who was instrumental in the Azusa Street outpouring over 100 years ago, sent Evan Roberts a telegram. Evan was giving leadership to the great Welsh Revival and Frank Bartleman wanted to know what he could do to see a similar move of God in Los Angeles.

What Evan instructed goes down in revival history:

Congregate the people together who are willing to make a total surrender. Pray and wait. Believe God’s promises. Hold daily meetings.

This is what we are working toward in Branson.

While local churches are an important part of the overall plan, local churches alone have no hope of initiating or sustaining regional revival without significant, strategic unity with the greater spiritual blueprint. It’s time to bring focus to the city church and to lock arms together with Believers in our region at a much higher and consistent level.


theFurnace exists to gather forerunners who are united in the mandate to initiate reformation in the church and revival in the region. As carriers of the fire of God, we are single-minded in our mission to rally a generation that will embrace the cross of Christ, pursue radical holiness, engage in fervent prayer, live a life of repentance and experience both the freedom and the fear of the Lord.

CONSECRATION: As a company of reformers we are alert and intentional in our mission. The call for all is to gather together continually, free of distraction, with surrendered hearts, in unwavering agreement and with an unusual investment of time, energy and passion.

FIERY PRAYER: The biblical church is a house of continual prayer, and we commit to upholding that standard. Every Christian has the sober responsibility and wondrous opportunity to pray in such a way that the fire of God burns night and day in our lives, our church, our region and the nations.

FEAR & TREMBLING: The fear of the Lord will always be before us. Brokenness and repentance is a continual reality in the resulting atmosphere that will facilitate a historic end-time revival.

CULTURE SHOCK: When truth is preached, religious spirits react and the hungry marvel. Comfort zones are threatened and personal endeavors are disrupted. In the fear of the Lord, we will prophetically decree shocking and liberating realities of the Kingdom of God.

WONDERS: A supernatural baptism of fire will hit all who have given themselves to Jesus without measure. Death to self, humility and a bold, burning spirit of prayer will open the door to a life of wonders.


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See our schedule of revival events at and our prayer nights at

I am looking for a small company of people who will pray and advance together every time we have an event scheduled.

You are invited to be on that team.

Pastors, leaders, intercessors, prophetic people and everybody hungry for a move of God—will you contact me today? Share your story and let me know if you have any questions. Then, let’s commit to advance toward revival in Branson together!

Contact me at [email protected] TODAY!

theFurnace Branson 72ppi

Prayer Friday at the Old Stone Church with King’s Chapel

King’s Chapel is our host Friday from 10pm until midnight!

We continue our regional, corporate pursuit toward revival in the Ozarks FRIDAY at 10pm!

We will be meeting at the Old Stone Church and will be praying with King’s Chapel and other people hungry for a move of God in our region.

Forward this email, invite everybody you can, come hungry and let’s encounter God in an atmosphere of fire!


The Old Stone Church
Fourth and Pacific, Branson, MO 65616

See a map at


Watch a short info video, learn more about the vision and see the schedule for upcoming Monday evening revival events in Branson at!


Prayer Friday and a new weekly revival event begins on Tuesday!

Join us at 10pm tomorrow and at 7pm Tuesday for FIRE!

We are contending for revival in Branson TOMORROW at 10pm!


Grace Family Church
2066 East Hwy 76, Branson, Missouri 65616


Starting Tuesday, June 12th, new prayer driven, presence focused revival events will be taking place at the Victorian Village!

theFurnace Branson 72ppi event this Friday at Grace Family Church

Prayer is back in June! Join us THIS FRIDAY for another powerful event!

Prayer Team Logo

I just returned from preaching in some white hot fire in South Carolina—and I’m ready to see it explode right here in Branson!

THIS FRIDAY, at 10pm, we will be praying in that same fire at Grace Family Church in Branson!

Bring everybody you can find and let’s contend in Spirit-fueled, passionate, joyful and strategic prayer for revival!

AND, keep praying…I’m meeting with someone Wednesday regarding the possibility of launching weekly FIRE events. It’s not a done deal, and I’m still in prayer, but I wanted to invite you into the journey.

I’m feeling the pull for a regular corporate gathering in Branson with prophetic prayer, timely messages and a unique atmosphere of revival. I’ll know more soon…but in the mean time, the NEXT TWO FRIDAYS are already on the schedule!


Grace Family Church
2066 East Hwy 76, Branson, Missouri 65616


King’s Chapel Branson
The Old Stone Church
Fourth and Pacific, Branson, MO 65616

Visit for more info and directions!


Update: Branson Revival and Prayer Strategy

The call for prayer-fueled revival is intense—and I wanted to give you all an update on what’s happening.

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People are often asking me what’s coming next in regard to my local focus here in Branson, Missouri. The passion and hunger for revival that so many have is exciting!

As you know, we conducted an experiment of prayer last month as we prayed in a different church from 10pm until midnight every Friday night. After that concluded, I communicated with pastors that I thought may be interested in hosting a prayer meeting in their church. I did hear from two pastors and we will be gathering together again at least twice in June!

You can visit to see the upcoming schedule. One event has already been added, and the other will be added as soon as we can confirm the date.

If you know of pastors in the region that would be interested in opening their church to a fiery prayer team, PLEASE CONTACT THEM and have them get in touch with me directly at [email protected].

We are still in experiment mode as I am not certain how the Friday night prayer strategy will progress. However, I am EXTREMELY excited about other possibilities.


My dream is to see weekly or monthly revival focused, prayer based events that would draw in the hungry. Pray with me on this! A school of revival, prayer strategy and other options are in the mix as well.

I’m typically quite aggressive and quick to move, however I want to be extremely cautious not to get ahead of God. He has full liberty to redirect any plan.

I’m extremely busy with traveling ministry, writing and my business here in Branson, so I have to make sure God is opening doors and turning the light green before I take any leaps.

I am very eager to hear from you!

Please send me an email and let me know what’s burning in you regarding revival in the region. I want to hear from pastors and leaders as well. Who in town is interested in collaborating on regular regional events?

I’m serious. Please contact me. Much of what I’m waiting on will come through others.

Stay tuned…and I can’t wait to see you in June!

John Burton

Pentecost Encounter in Dayton, Ohio—Sunday, May 15, 2016

Join me in Dayton, Ohio next weekend for a night of fire!


May 15th is my birthday, and I’d like nothing more than for Dayton to receive the gift of revival!

I’ll be ministering Sunday morning at 10:30am at Destiny Church in Huber Heights and then Sunday evening at 6pm at the Pentecost Encounter at Bethel Christian Assembly in Dayton!

I really hope to see you there!

Spirit-driven prayer Friday at the Old Stone Church!

Join us tomorrow, Friday, April 8th at 10pm for fiery prayer for revival at the Old Stone Church in Branson!

First, have you read my latest article? It’s on the need for regional prayer movements.

You can check it out here: Regional Prayer Movements: A seismic shift in strategy is the only hope for our churches, regions and nation.

The next event is tomorrow!

We’ll start right on time at 10pm tomorrow, Friday, April 8th.

This is an exciting adventure in prayer that will move from site to site on Friday nights.

You can always see upcoming prayer events on our site at

The Old Stone Church will host us tomorrow night. It’s located at 4th and Pacific downtown Branson.

Invite friends and get ready for a night of fire!