Spirit-driven prayer Friday at the Old Stone Church!

Join us tomorrow, Friday, April 8th at 10pm for fiery prayer for revival at the Old Stone Church in Branson!

First, have you read my latest article? It’s on the need for regional prayer movements.

You can check it out here: Regional Prayer Movements: A seismic shift in strategy is the only hope for our churches, regions and nation.

The next prayerteam.tv event is tomorrow!

We’ll start right on time at 10pm tomorrow, Friday, April 8th.

This is an exciting adventure in prayer that will move from site to site on Friday nights.

You can always see upcoming prayer events on our site at www.prayerteam.tv.

The Old Stone Church will host us tomorrow night. It’s located at 4th and Pacific downtown Branson.

Invite friends and get ready for a night of fire!