Mission Manitou Springs : City Transformation & Revival Tonight at 7pm

Mission Manitou is back! Join us TONIGHT at 7pm for a night of supernatural fire in Manitou Springs, Colorado!

I can’t believe I’m back home in Manitou Springs! This city will soon be known as a place where Jesus is worshiped night and day, and where the fire of the Holy Spirit is encountered—border to border, house to house, business to business!

The strike team has arrived with me from Revival Church in Detroit and the International House of Prayer in Kansas City to help bring revival and transformation to this city!

Join us TONIGHT, Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm for the beginning of a powerful three day event!

Go to www.rhop.com/revolutionexperience to register (It’s free!).

Here’s our team enjoying Garden of the Gods earlier today, and a few pics from our prayer walk in Manitou Springs earlier today:


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Disturbed: An open letter to the church of the Detroit region

It's time we stop looking for God to resolve issues, to revive economies, to fix society… and just start looking for God.

Living here only 3 1/2 years, I’m the new kid on the block in the Detroit region, but it’s not my first time around the block.

In my 22+ years of ministry I’ve experienced some great moves of God. Unfortunately, I’ve also had front row seats to an often sleeping church.

The only reason I uprooted my family, sold our house and moved to Detroit, with no promise of an income or position of any kind, no guarantee that anybody would welcome us with open arms, was for the sake of revival. Full blown regional transformation.

I have no reason to be here. I had no connections in Detroit. I have only visited a couple of times in my life prior to my six destiny filled ministry trips here in 2008. We were not even thinking of moving here—until God spoke. We are here on assignment—a mission for revival.


Enough is enough.

I am disturbed in my spirit beyond description. If I were to state it most honestly, I would have to describe it as sickening. I don’t want to use a dramatic word to grab your attention, but I can’t deny the sick and disturbing grief that I’ve been sensing in the spirit in this region lately. Something is going on.

Before I continue with that thought, it’s very important that you tap into the depths of my heart. First, there is a good measure of very important and effective work for the Kingdom occurring. I am humbled by having the privilege of knowing some of the most faithful men and women of God here in Detroit. There is a small remnant of revival minded people that includes pastors, intercessors and servants of the Most High God. You all have blessed me and I honor you! I know God sees you and is moving on behalf of you. You have done more than I could ever hope to do. It’s been amazing running with you!

In spite of some potent relationships with these anointed men and women of God, I can’t shake the disturbance.

Since I’ve been in Detroit I’ve heard a lot about revival. It seems the whole region is crying out for it. However, this is where the root of the disturbance in my spirit exists.

Most every time revival is mentioned, the intent of that desire is to experience some sort of breakthrough, blessing or restitution.

I believe the disturbance in my spirit is linked with the rapidly increasing jealousy of God. He is jealous, and he refuses to be replaced by material satisfaction.

Let me make this very clear:

It’s time we STOP crying out for God to revive the economy, for resolved issues, for racial tensions to subside, for a fixed city… and START crying out for God and God alone!

God is jealous and he won’t allow Detroit to be satisfied by money, security or anything else until we are satisfied in Him and no one or nothing else!

DO NOT expect revival until we return to our first love. It WILL NOT COME! In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if the situation in this region got dramatically worse. The choice is ours, however.

I STRONGLY recommend you read my recent article The Spirit of Abortion…in the Church? The spirit of selfish ambition that drives mothers to kill their babies is the same spirit that convinces Christians to abort their costly missions if they don’t get out of it what they want. If they don’t believe their participation will result in personal breakthrough, a greater personal experience, they abort mission and it has deadly impact on the cause of revival.


It’s absolutely shocking to me that so much emphasis is placed on the pursuit of breakthrough yet the call to breakthrough into a pursuit of God falls on deaf ears.

Will we only gather and pray if we have a hope of personal blessing? So far, generally speaking, the answer in Detroit is yes. Where are all of the hungry people in Detroit? The stadiums should be filled with zealous, praying people every night of the week! Have the cares of life and entertainment so bewitched us that we have become convinced that being with God is not worth it?

I propose starting a movement of encounter which only has one goal—to be fully satisfied in enjoying and responding to the Lover of our souls. Nothing else matters. If we all have to live in a cardboard box on the streets of Detroit to encounter God, so be it! Our goal is not financial! It’s not selfish! It’s to be with God! That is all!

Have you noticed that the majority of conferences emphasize the personal blessing we’ll receive if we attend? Church offering sermonettes all too often focus solely on the breakthrough we’ll get if we give. What if we show up to bless others? What if we gave with no expectation of return?

Listen church! It’s time to die! Instead of reading a book about “how to become a better you,” I believe God wants us to discover how to become a “deader you!” Revival at all costs! We die so that we can live and be fully satisfied in God alone!


I must again state my humbled admiration of a segment of extremely unified, love driven pastors and leaders in this region. You amaze me.

That being said, the fear driven competition between so many churches in Detroit is an embarrassment to this city. And we think revival is near? Not until repentance is deep and unity is strong.

I believe its time that we are willing to lose our people, lose our salaries, lose our reputations, lose it all for the sake of blessing other churches and ministries in Detroit.

It’s time to celebrate every new church and ministry that launches in this region! Encourage them! Support them! Even if they start on the same block as your church! Even if all of your people leave your church to join theirs!

I firmly propose an open hands policy in Detroit. This is our policy at Revival Church. Any leader, any person, can come to Revival Church and openly, without fear or guilt, recruit any person in our church, including any of my staff or leaders, to leave Revival Church and join their church. Our hands are wide open. You can’t steal my sheep if I don’t own my sheep. We don’t own people, we are there to serve and bless them and encourage them into their destinies, even if that’s in another place.

We must stop building our own kingdoms. Brian Ming wrote a chilling worship song that included these words: God forgive us for building kingdoms of man on doctrines of demons in your name.

I included that in my book Pharaoh in the Church, and I sent that book to 200 pastors in the Detroit region a couple of years ago. It is a bold call to self-less unity. I was saddened that I only received a few responses.


As someone who has led my amazing team into over 60 churches in the Detroit region, both urban and suburban, over the last year and a half to pray and unite with pastors, both black and white, I do feel I have a right to say what I’m about to say:

When I pray with people of any color I feel absolutely no racial issue in the church of Detroit. Many, many have agreed with my perspective as Spirit-filled people of all colors have smiled ear to ear in the joy of the Lord as we have prayed in power together.

If you do battle with the race issue, you don’t have a racial problem, you have a humility problem. You have a prayer problem.

When I was one of the leaders of a remarkable prayer movement in Colorado Springs several years back, we prayed in fire with pastors and hungry people every Friday night—in over 100 churches. Pray! Magazine interviewed me and asked, “How do you handle the issue of competition between pastors as you are gathering them together in this movement?” I simply answered, “It’s not possible to hate someone you are fervently praying for. If I’m praying for another pastor to have more success than me, a bigger church than me, more money than me, more influence than me, I simply can’t at the same time be divided against him.”

I don’t care if revival breaks out downtown Detroit, down in Toledo, over in Windsor or in a wealthy suburb. If we really understood what revival was, we’d shut down our lives and run hard and fast anywhere it broke out!

I have no patience with the absolutely ridiculous racial distractions in the church that are keeping us from serving and praying in fire together. Yes, I’m the new kid on the block with a different perspective. I humbly pray you check out the view from my perspective. It’s much happier here.


This issue is directed to Christians in general—where are you?

Are you so sleepy that you aren’t active and vibrant enough in the spirit to hear the alarms? Wake up! Wake up!

Never again treat the call to battle casually. Never again participate in your local church casually. It’s time to awaken and advance with an alert and ready spirit! If you don’t know how to connect, ask! Ask again! Show up! Be a warrior! Serve!

Pastors aren’t there to entertain you! They are their to gather you, to equip you, to assign you and to ensure you fulfill your mission.

Show up early. Stay late. Be at every prayer meeting. Cancel date night. Cancel Little League. Bring the kids into the streets of Detroit. Evangelize. Pray. Serve. Work!

The 24/7 church is coming…yes, we will be in church every day of the week in the not too distant future. The question is, will it take a terrifying calamity to convince us to gather together in God’s presence, or will it result from a simple desire to be with God continually?

I’ve been to some regional revival events in Detroit, and the venue is often nearly empty! Are you serious? Muslims can show up in mass, on time, without any excuse or conflicting activity standing in the way…to pray…at inconvenient times…yet, Christians, who serve the Living God, can’t show up to contend for revival? Pastors, it’s time to lead your people out of your own church and into other churches for the sake of an outpouring! Be the example that Detroit needs!


It has been prophesied that if the church of Detroit doesn’t come into agreement with revival, God will bypass this city and give Chicago the next chance.

I’m beginning to believe that that may just happen.

So, what’s my response? To give up? No. Quite the opposite.

My family just bought a house here. We planted roots. We are starting a second church. We are helping three others launch home churches out of Revival Church this year. We are planting 50 churches in this region over the next few years.

And, we are ready to lock arms with anybody who is sold out, zealous, available and committed to extreme unity, hard work and a lot of time invested in this city that is very much worth it.

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The school of fire has completely changed my life. I have been marked, set free. –Valerie

I am so awakened beyond where I've ever been before spiritually! There is this volcanic eruption of the Holy Spirit exploding all of the time. I am so ALIVE! -Jill

XPmedia video: Prophetic City Taking


Prophetic City Taking: It’s time to sound the alarm and gather the city church.

Bold prophetic messages will bring shock to the current landscape of the church. Learn about how to serve in this great movement of revival.

Watch this video on our XPmedia channel here: http://www.xpmedia.com/Xc5P7Ns6hrbQ


Amy and I are THRILLED to be helping preparing the way for a historic outpouring in Detroit! Running the race with people like you is an honor I can't describe.

God is establishing a humble yet aggressive and bold church in this region that serves by leading people with passion into encounter. What a day this is!

I wanted to make you aware of some regional opportunities and would like to invite you and those in your vicinity to join with us at Revival Church. We have been experiencing waves of healings and glory that have rocked and shocked us to our core!

· Aaron Crider will be leading in worship this Sunday at 6pm. Aaron is a powerful worship leader who has roots in the Brownsville Revival.

clip_image002· Brian Simmons and Catherine Mullins will be both at The Crossing and Revival Church the weekend of February 3rd-5th. Brian and Cathrine are amazing friends of revival and they both carry an extremely heavy prophetic and apostolic mantle of fire!

· Matt Sorger, Catherine Mullins and I will be ministering at "The Wonders Conference" at Revival Church the last weekend of June. Stay tuned for details.

theLab School of Fire

A culture of extreme breakthrough and fire has developed at theLab School of Fire and I'd like to personally invite you to one of two audit classes that are open to the public:

· Becoming Unoffendable

· Six Enemies of Fulfilled Destiny

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theLab Youth School of Fire

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theLab Prayer Events

Every Friday night from 10pm-midnight we are in a different Detroit region church praying in extreme fire and freedom. It's an experience that you simply cannot miss! Since last year we've been in nearly 50 churches and plan on doubling that number by the end of this year! We would LOVE to bring our team to your church! Contact us and we can get it scheduled! Visit www.revivallab.com for a map and directions to the next event!

theLab Weekends

I’m packed and ready to hit the road myself or with a team from theLab to release the fire of revival in your church! We can help establish a city transformation strategy like theLab in your region. I'll teach on my books which are the heart beat of this ministry. Go to www.johnburton.net/booking for more info!

A Regional Revival Center – Mass Deliverance – Prophetic word on Detroit’s finances

I’m sitting in an Alistair Petrie summit in Sarnia, Ontario Canada right now, and I’m stirred!  He’s talking about principles of city transformation, which is the capture-00000-10-24-2009 topic of the hour in Detroit.

I’ve been connecting with Bishop Larry Jackson and others this week in meetings, and it seems that God is suddenly sparking a lot of hearts at the same time.  Urgency is increasing quickly.

Revival Church has a mandate to focus on regional revival and transformation.  Our heart is to effectively connect the city church, pour into it and do our part in starting fires of revival.


4pm- If you have any level of interest in the mission of revival at Revival Church, you are invited to a very important meeting tomorrow (Sunday) at 4pm.  This is a gathering and vision imparting meeting that will give you a lot of info and will help you connect with other revivalists.  We’ll be downstairs in the children’s ministry room.  Again, this is for anybody reading this message, whether you have been with us since the beginning, or you’ve never been to an event. (please be prompt and also be respectful of Mercy and Truth Church that will be meeting in the sanctuary until 5:30pm for a special event)

6pm- Join us for a night of passionate prayer, declaration, worship, dance, freedom in the Holy Spirit and vision driven teaching.


There have been some interesting prophetic words on my life regarding ‘mass deliverance’.  I function in personal deliverance regularly, and have started to see deliverance on a corporate level ramp up.  What I feel is coming next is mass, city-wide deliverance.  Alistair Petrie is teaching now on this concept!  As vivid and undeniable truth invades a person, that person can easily and suddenly be free.  As the secret things come to the surface and as light is shined into a situation, the power that deception has had is instantly dissolved. 

This will also come to a city.  Strongholds will break on a city level.


For example, last night I had a strong prophetic impression.  God was saying, “Now! Now! The church must move now in the financial realm.  Right this moment the secular world is sitting around board room tables planning on instilling principles and methods to rescue Detroit from financial ruin. This must not happen. The church must not allow the world to run ahead and put into place humanistic strategies that will bring greater harm.  The Church must set into place Kingdom principles in the city.”

We can’t afford to let the world maintain its level of influence on the economy.  The Church and biblical financial principles must be brought into the story!

Alistair Petrie said, “Kingdom finances will be released as integrity and Kingdom culture develops and prevails.”

He also said that the church is a litmus test of the society it is in.  The culture of the church is an indicator of the culture of a city.  We must see Kingdom financial (and all other!) principles activated in the church and individual local churches of Detroit.

He said, “You can’t pray for transformation in your city unless you go through the same thing yourself that you’re asking for others to experience.  We must become ‘changed agents’ before becoming ‘agents of change’.”

Click for directions: Revival Church meeting at First United Methodist Church, 24036 Greater Mack, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080