Carry Like Mary : New Labreport shirt design : Expecting

We are called to carry the presence of God in purity everywhere we go—just like Mary carried Jesus.

imageCheck out this brand new design, available in several high quality men’s and women’s styles.image

Guys, do you have the guts to wear this shirt that announces that you are expecting? Can you answer the question, “So buddy, just what’s in there?”

The answer? The burning presence of the Creator of the world!

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Exciting news : theLab Internship

The deadline is SUNDAY! Save $100 off theLab Internship by registering no later than Sunday, July 17th!

  • Revival-Church-Android-AppBut first! Revival Church has an app in the Android Market! Go grab it right now! The iPhone app will be available soon!
  • Also, STEVE FAIR will be at theLab Internship this Saturday from 10am-2pm. Trust me. Just trust me. You DON’T want to miss this! You can audit the class for $15. Get ready for some deep breakthrough as Steve ministers in deliverance and healing. Just show up at THE TABERNACLE: 14205 12 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48088.
  • And! My book SIX ENEMIES is available NOW on Kindle! Plus! My teaching THE TONE OF THE GROAN is available on CD! Go to to check both of these out!
  • There’s more! The BRAND NEW Labreport website is ready! Head on over to right now! New designs are added WEEKLY!


Did you know you DON’T have to pay anything EXCEPT the $25 app fee to pre-register?

Then, $100 is due 30 days prior to the start of the internship. The remaining $299 is due on day one of class!

After Sunday, the tuition goes back up to $499.

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Huge $100 discount to theLab Internship : Labreport clothing : $2.99 Books

We are gathering & equipping a company of burning men and women of God at theLab Internship in Detroit.

LabreportSickPrayGraphicFirst, there have been rave reviews about the new Labreport line of clothing!

JOHN!!!! I love this shirt! How can I get one?~Brian

I just received my second shirt, and am ready to head out and heal the sick!

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SAVE $100! Pre-register for theLab Internship by THIS SUNDAY, July 17th!

capture-00000278Something divine and special has landed at theLab.

People are sharing that they have grown more in the last 6 weeks of the current internship then they have in years. Yes, years!

The next session starts on September 3rd, and I want to STRONGLY exhort you to prayerfully consider jumping in with us.

The current tuition is $499, BUT, if you register by Sunday, we’re taking $100 off! Future internships will most probably settle in at around $800, so don’t wait!

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All of my books are currently $2.99 on Kindle!

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My newly revised book SIX ENEMIES is also ready…before the print version is out!


Healings every week : A surge of life

An OPEN HEAVEN his arrived at Revival Church & theLab!

imageFIRST—Here’s the latest design in the new Labreport line of clothing. Be a carrier of healing everywhere you go! Go to


A surge of life has hit a lot of hungry people over the last six weeks. We are in the beginnings of an unprecedented outpouring in Detroit, and the heavy presence of God has arrived at Revival Church and theLab Internship!

We have had remarkable and surprising healings every week for the past six weeks, and often physical healings are landing on people in their homes, at prayer meetings and other times of the week.

Just last night someone in theLab Internship was ready to go to the hospital for kidney issues. I was surprised to see her arrive to theLab class last night…then I heard she had a fire spread through her body and her kidney was healed instantly!

At Revival Church and theLab we are going after a culture of easy and continual healing—and the nations are about to flood to Detroit in search of the Healer.


Last week I gave the introduction to a powerful series called FOUR FIRES. This Sunday I will be diving into the meat of the teaching, and it is absolutely life-transforming in it’s power. I’ve taught this several times as I’ve ministered on the road, and every time people are rocked. Faith absolutely EXPLODES after hearing it!

theLab Internship Fall Session

Lastly, I wish I could explain how deeply and completely people are being shocked and delivered in theLab Internship. It’s astounding. We are offering a discounted tuition for the next three month session which starts on September 3rd. Head over to today and investigate this amazing school of fire. Then, apply and get ready for an unimaginable journey into the furnace of revival!