The danger of a ‘wait and see’ approach toward revival

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I sometimes wonder if we truly understand the severity of the crisis we are experiencing image in the church.

Rick Joyner reports that today only 5% of people who make a decision for Christ actually end up in church.

Billy Graham’s on stats reveal that only 2% of people who make a decision for Christ at his crusades end up in church.

We are in the midst of a crisis that every day is resulting in people who were incorrectly secure in their position in Christ dying and entering into Hell. Does this mean that everybody that doesn’t ‘go to church’ is out of relationship with Christ? No, but it is at least an indicator of a possible problem.

The church is a corporate entity. We love, serve, worship, pray and contend together on a very regular basis. In Acts we see that they were in the temple daily and in prayer and other activities corporately. To remove oneself from that fundamental New Testament structure is at least an indicator of several potential issues.

I’m teaching part two of “The Spirit of Pilate in the Church” tonight at Revival Church. We are seeing a serious problem of affirmation of the people who have rejoiced at the arrival of Jesus in their lives (Palm Sunday) but who have refused the cross as the answer (Good Friday). When there was hope of personal gain (Hosanna) the people gathered, but when there was risk of personal loss (the cross) the people scattered.

The big show, the rejoicing and worship of the Palm Sunday crowd must be interpreted carefully. Churches are growing through the affirmation of the Palm Sunday believer, when, in fact, those people may not have embraced the cross of Christ.


Churches that are birthed and developed from the Palm Sunday style crowd are making a tragic mistake. The emphasis is on what the church can offer the people. On Palm Sunday that’s what happened. They were yelling, “Hosanna!” which means, “save us” or “deliver now.”

With so many people craving their needs and desires to be met it’s quite easy to attempt to satisfy those demands. What results, however, is a culture of diminished focus on the cross, and a body of believers who aren’t schooled in the call to pour out, to minister and to give and serve with no demand for anything in return.

Simply, it results in a lazy church.


When I started traveling to Detroit to minister, and God was exploding in power in the services, I began to experience a strong and urgent concern constantly with me.

There are a lot of hungry, desperate people here in Detroit. The opportunity for revival is huge in this region.

However, the concern that has only intensified within me is this: Many are taking a wait and see approach. They are hungry, but they simply move from Sunday to Sunday and special event to special event hoping that God pours out that day.

On the surface that sounds great. People are hungry and want God to move. However, if we’re not careful we’ll easily embrace the Palm Sunday strategy.

We can’t simply express our desire for “Hosanna”, for saving, for deliverance and then kick back and wait for it to arrive.

In Acts 1, the disciples had a similar mindset. They asked Jesus when he was going to establish his Kingdom. They wanted Jesus to kick back into action an do the work. Jesus then said something that changed the face of history. He told them that he was leaving, and they must now do the work themselves! They were to initiate revival, to expand the Kingdom. They had a lot of serious work to do!

They transitioned from disciples to apostles (sent ones) on that day.

This is what the entire church of Detroit (and the nation, and the world) must do! It’s our responsibility to initiate and facilitate revival, the establishment of the Kingdom. It’s our job to heal and deliver. We also have a lot of serious work to do!

We CANNOT take a ‘wait and see’ approach!

If you are in the church in the Detroit region, ask yourself, “What am I doing strategically and intentionally every day and every week to initiate revival and to advance the Kingdom?”

We need everybody zealously contending individually and corporately. The churches should be packed Sunday morning, Sunday evening and many nights through the week!

The church needs every believer in position as the 24/7 church is being restored.

Let’s not just ‘hope’ and wait… but, let’s aggressively release revival in this city. Let’s do the work necessary.

As Bill Johnson says, “Nothing in the Kingdom comes outside of declaration.”

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After wrestling with the emotions that invaded my life after my Dad’s death on Good Friday, and dealing with the extreme shortness of time for all of us to fulfill our missions on the Earth, and also considering the reality of eternity, I’m finding myself freshly challenged.

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I was scheduled to minister on Good Friday at my friend’s church in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada on this topic that’s stirred me more since my own Dad went home that very day. The topic? The church and the cross.

That seems to be a likely subject matter to minister on the day set aside to remember the death of our Lord Jesus. However, the message is different than what you might expect. It’s a message of concern for the church. A message that calls for deep personal analysis. It’s a message that clearly reveals the necessity for radical reformation in the church.

Matthew 21:8-11 (ESV) 8 Most of the crowd spread their cloaks on the road, and others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road. 9 And the crowds that went before him and that followed him were shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” 10 And when he entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred up, saying, “Who is this?” 11 And the crowds said, “This is the prophet Jesus, from Nazareth of Galilee.”

hōsanna—“save us”

The masses, upwards of 1/2 million people, were crying out for a better life. They were desperate for salvation. They cried out to their only hope, SAVE US!

So far, so good! We have the same cry resounding now in our nation and around the world. Desperate people are seeking relief, peace, abundant life.

We know that Jesus offers all of that and much more! I’m a huge believer in the grace of God, in extreme joy, in freedom. It’s a significant mark of my ministry. My mission statement is, “Making it easy for people to thoroughly enjoy God.”

It’s very good to seek the blessing of God. We are commanded to be blessed—to be a blessing! Life in Jesus should be phenomenal!


Jesus heard the prayers, the requests, the cries of the people on what has become to be known as Palm Sunday. He was very much intent on “saving them.” He was in agreement with their need to cry “Hosanna.”

In the modern church it has become quite acceptable to appeal to the Palm Sunday masses with promises of excellent programs, wonderful teaching and an edifying and comfortable environment of worship. For many, Palm Sunday is the goal. People crave an exciting atmosphere full of committed and desperate people.

The problem? Jesus knew that 1/2 million worshipers in a Sunday worship ‘service’ was not the goal. There was no way their desire for freedom and salvation could be realized without another radical element. The cross.

On Good Friday the 1/2 million group diminished to only 2. It couldn’t even be considered a cell group.

The call to the cross was not what the masses wanted. Their demands were unmet. They rebelled against Jesus because they weren’t willing to embrace the cross.

If people are “Palm Sunday Christians” we have a very serious problem. Without the cross, we cannot be Christians at all. There are many who have been appeased and affirmed in their participation with other worshipers… all while they may not be saved at all! Without the cross, the masses on Palm Sunday were absolutely hopeless. The same is true today.


I’m wrecked. How often do people choose their church based on how good the children’s program is, or how friendly the pastor is or what the church can do for them and their family? How often do churches actually maximize this “Palm Sunday” scenario by offering everything the people are looking for?

It’s time the cross returns to the church, and the church returns to the cross. It’s time to raise the bar. It’s time to leave our demands behind and take up our cross and die—daily.

The revival and refreshing and abundant life that our cities and nation needs can’t come through big ideas, amazing programs or by meeting the needs of the people—as great as all of this sounds.

Revival comes through a death and resurrection. It’s through a baptism. It will arrive through zealous people who leave their desires behind and serve with passion. It will come through gutsy leaders who are willing to leave the large crowd behind and lead the few to the stinging, painful, demanding cross of Christ.

You see, it’s that cross that will turn us from death to life, from fear to faith, from apathy to revival that will rock this planet.


Time is short. We’re all almost done here on the Earth. We have to see reformation come if we hope to see abundant life flood our churches.

Let’s leave our Palm Sunday dreams behind, dismiss our plans for the huge crowds and lead whoever is willing to the cross.

Leaders, that means much will be at risk. Our salaries, our positions, our freedom of time. We may have to get a second job. We may make a lot of enemies. People will talk. People will leave. But, if we do it, many, many, many will be saved.

Others, this means that much will be required. You may not get to choose the ‘perfect church’. Your children may not have the best programs. It may be a challenge to respond to the extreme call. Your time may be treaded upon as the call to ministry increases. But, believe me, it will be worth it.

We must set a precedent for the next generation. We have to embrace God’s desire to bring reformation and restoration to his beloved church.

What do you think?

Something Shifted : Everybody using their gifts

I wanted to say that last nights service was absolutely incredible. What amazes me most is that it was only a "taste" of things to come!- Testimony from last night’s Revival Church service

That was awesome last night!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving the Holy Spirit free reign in the church! Never been in such a great place!!! Praying for you guys! Can't wait till Friday!!!- Testimony from last night’s Revival Church service

imageI’m still trembling as I write this. Something shifted at Revival Church last night.

Honestly, it wasn’t a complex strategy or a huge new idea. It certainly wasn’t planned or scripted. God simply moved.

In the midst of the outbreak and as people were burning and drunk as they were sprawled out all over the place I said, with a grin, “Man, and I had a really great sermon for you all tonight!”

In truth, I did! It’s a prophetic word that I’ll be sharing Friday morning with my Revival Road Team at Revival Nation Church in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada instead. (Come on out with us! We leave Grosse Pointe at 8:30am this Friday!)

But last night had different designs.

The launching point seemed to be a very strong unction in my spirit that many people in Detroit are yearning to worship God in spirit and in truth—without human restriction. They are deeply hungering for an opportunity to step out of the natural and into the supernatural and worship with fire.

The groans, the cries, the dances, the passion that is increasing deeply within so many is looking to be released as spiritual worship unto a spiritual God!

The word continued that many will follow our freedom. As we launch into freedom many will dive right in behind us.

Then, I asked several fire-breathing ladies to come to the front and cry out, release the fire of God into all of us. Wow! Talk about heat! I crumpled to the ground in drunkenness and just soaked as they gave leadership to that part of the night.

Here’s another recent testimony:

I have never experienced a congregation like Revival Church where EVERYONE is using their gifts. I've known that it's not for the Pastor to do EVERYTHING, and Revival Church is a great example of God working in the people who attend.

We have such amazing people at Revival Church! I am so blessed!!!

I did share a snipped of my sermon—there’s a significant difference between the Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that exploded the church in Acts 2.

Between the two events was the cross. Around 1/2 million people celebrated Jesus on Palm Sunday. Only 2 remained as Jesus went to the cross.

The power of the resurrection and the arrival of the Holy Spirit resulted in an outbreak in an upper room that was exponentially more powerful than what happened on Palm Sunday—even though the numbers were significantly less.

We don’t need Palm Sunday Christians. We need Believers who go to the cross and experience the Promise.

So, let’s get ready for more fire! Let’s see the outpouring that’s assigned to Detroit arrive right on schedule!

By all means, if you don’t attend church on Sunday nights, come out to our Revival Command Center and contend with us for fire!!