A huge blessing (really huge!)

It may not seem like it would amount to much, but trust us, our ability to minister is deeply impacted when people shop for phenomenal, world-renowned, organic and chemical-free products through our business. Would you switch stores and enroll for $1? It would bless us so much!!!

You don’t have to work at all… just shop for amazing home products (well over 300 of them!)… and it’s budget safe! No need to look for extra money each month to get involved!

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Here are some quick points:

  • Through March, enrollment is only $1
  • You don’t need to come up with extra money (really!)… you simply ‘switch stores’ and use the money you already use at the grocery store
  • The potential savings is significant
  • This business is in the BBB Hall of Fame
  • The CEO was an entrepreneur of the year in 2009
  • They have been around for 24 years
  • There is literally no risk
  • If you want to also build a business (like we are), we haven’t found a more powerful opportunity or a company with a higher level of integrity

I’m confident in saying that our reputation precedes us, and that it’s well known that we would never be involved in anything that lacked the highest level of integrity. We love this company!!

If you can shop online, you’ll love this!!!!!

Contact us TODAY… [email protected] or [email protected].

Again, your simple choice to shop for better products will go a long ways toward partnering with our ministry. It really does make a huge impact!


John and Amy Burton