A strategic paradigm shift : Sunday night could change you forever

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Whatever you do, don’t underestimate what God can do this Sunday evening at Revival Church. Michele Perry of Iris Ministries will be imparting supernatural life to all who are thirsty. Let me say it again—don’t miss this rare and special opportunity!

**REGISTER ONLINE (IT’S FREE) at www.detroitrevivalchurch.com/events TODAY!

I know there’s a lot going on in life, but it kinda, just a little bit, breaks my heart knowing that most people in Detroit are usually not invested in a ministry anywhere on Sunday evenings. Nearly an ENTIRE ARMY is out of commission!

Yep, you heard me right… we have a HUGE window of opportunity where most everybody in Detroit is AVAILABLE! We must be together and advance the Kingdom of God with passion!

Those people, along with the rest of us, have a life-altering chance to encounter God on Sunday night with Michele Perry. Plus, the phenomenal opportunity to do so every Sunday night is there as we at Revival Church contend for a regional outpouring. As a strategic and prophetic regional revival center, it’s imperative that we connect with other regional churches on an on going basis.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if several Senior Pastors, intercessors, worship leaders, evangelists and others were also on staff with us at Revival Church? What a unity driving, paradigm wrecking idea that is!

What if some of us at Revival Church were on staff at other ministries in the Detroit area?

As we work together, every week, with clear strategy and clear city church responsibilities, we’ll get this job done!