Powerful teaching video : Prophetic Authority

The faith in the room was pulled on during this powerful and challenging teaching—watch now!

imageWe are called to move from a life of low level prophetic influence, to a much more effective level of prophetic authority. Discover how in this teaching, Prophetic Authority. You can watch the video or listen to the audio at http://media.johnburton.net.

I received several comments about this teaching. It really hit home and impacted people deeply.

Here are some quotes from the video:

  • When our prayer moves into the place of deep groaning, we move from intercession to legislation.
  • Our natural analysis that fuels our prayer and our prophecy is locking us into a lesser life.
  • Doubt fueled prayer actually causes more damage than good.There's power of life & death in the tongue.It would be better not to pray at all.
  • Unbelief can cancel out even the most accurate and weighty prophecies and plans of God.
  • Regarding petition: we should stop wasting time in prayer trying to convince God to do something we don't believe he'll do.
  • If we don't deal with unbelief, our ministry will actually transfer unbelief to others, which will result in them being condemned. (Mark 16)
  • In a day when we're trying to get the church praying more, there's actually a deeper imagegraduation into a life of less petition.
  • Unbelief keeps us from moving from having mere influence to a place of operating in great authority.

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