Dutch Sheets: Renewed Hope for America

Dutch Sheets: Renewed Hope for America

“Stay the Course”

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In recent visits to Arkansas and Mississippi, the hunger of the people, the release of revelation and moving of Holy Spirit far exceeded my expectations. These states are on God's radar – He is going to move there with the spirit of revival in powerful ways. I had an especially strong sense while there that many prodigals will soon be returning to Father. God is about to draw them back to Himself with an irresistible force!

I also heard Holy Spirit say, “Opposition, both from the Church and the world, will increase as we break out of normal. Religious spirits will insist on maintaining old structures and systems, and the kingdom of darkness will react aggressively to the spirit of revival. Don't be alarmed at this. Stay the course and resist the demonic pressure!”

The first step in resisting the enemy is being aware of his tactics. Keep your eyes and ears open and don't be surprised. Offensively resist his plans.

He Has Promised!

The Lord also said, “Strategies will begin to change for congregations, ministries and even businesses.”

Just as the strategy of the Lord for John the Baptist changed when Jesus began His ministry, Holy Spirit is about to speak new plans, ideas, activities and methods to those who are listening. Change is in the air! Listen carefully for His instruction concerning your ministries and businesses!

Finally, I heard Him say, “The Intercessors are weary. Breakthroughs are hanging from Heaven waiting for those who will receive a second wind and lay hold!”

The long season of praying for revival and outpouring has caused many to grow weary. Some have lost heart; others are simply tired and listless. We must pray for them, and each of us must stir ourselves into renewed intercession, encourage ourselves in the Lord, and receive renewed strength.

Let God's wind blow on you and lay hold to His promises! He has promised and He will bring it to pass!

Renewed Hope For America

I recognize that the mandate upon my life in this season is to restore hope to America and be a voice for awakening and reformation. The fear of the Lord compels me to carry out this mandate with steadfast determination. The Lord is so kind to continuously make it undeniably clear that this race I am running is one that He has clearly marked out for me, and the message I am preaching is precisely what is on God's heart for America at this time. The past few weeks have been extremely encouraging.

I met with a group of pastors in Louisiana last month whom, like many, are tired of business as usual. They are tired with of the lack of fruit, tired of competing with one another for members, and tired of losing the culture war for the soul of our nation. But they are also full of faith! This faith is motivating them to pray—really pray—and seek God together. With a burning desire to tear down walls that divide and debilitate us, they're holding joint services (on Sundays!), dreaming together and making plans to impact their region with revival and reformation. These church leaders are serious about being the Ekklesia!

Thereafter, I ministered in Canfield, Ohio and Beaumont, Texas, where we experienced powerful moves of God. Many leaders were present in each of those gatherings, crying out for God to bring awakening and reformation to America. These stirrings, and the desperation of leaders is encouraging. They are great signs of the kind of hunger needed to generate revival.

While in Ohio I received one of the strongest and most encouraging words I've been given in a long time. After hearing me teach on awakening and reformation, noted author and teacher, Dr. Myles Monroe, grabbed me—literally—and said:

“I now have hope for America!” He went on to say over and over, “You are right! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!” Then he said to me, “You are a reformer! Take it to the nation! You'll be called to Washington DC, to state capitols and to cities. They will seek your counsel and wisdom. You are called to reform this nation.”

I feel this word burning in my spirit. I am thinking, praying and processing through what he prophesied. I believe God has told me a new season of great favor is coming. Many doors will open into new arenas that will bring expanded influence and fruit.

I feel this is a word for all of us. The challenges of our era will be met by incredible grace and power. Position yourself now to receive this. Spiritual promotions are being prepared now for many. Move upward into yours.

Spirit of Awakening

I want to help you see what God is already doing in cities across America as the spirit of awakening sweeps across the nation—the unexpected in the least likely of places. As I travel from week to week, I am seeing an increased presence of the Lord as remnants of Believers pursue God with great intensity. I am witnessing miraculous healings, deliverances and profound prophetic revelation—even to the unsaved. There are major shifts in strategy taking place within the Body, and provision and favor is coming from unexpected sources. With great joy, I can also say that I am seeing the prodigals return home.

For the hope of our nation,

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Dutch Sheets is an internationally known speaker and was recently named the Executive Director of Christ for the Nations Institute. Dutch is a successful author who has written many books including the best-seller Intercessory Prayer and his recent book, Dream. Dutch travels extensively, empowering Believers for passionate prayer and world-changing revival. Dutch and his wife, Ceci, reside in Dallas, Texas.

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June 12-13, 2013 (7pm) With: Dutch Sheets, Ken Malone and Rick Pino Crossroads Fellowship 605 State Road 66, Sebring, FL 33875 Contact: 863-655-0212

June 14, 2013 (7pm) Voice of Awakening With Dutch Sheets, Ken Malone and Rick Pino Redeeming Word Church 2800 West Prospect Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Contact: 863-229-2702

June 20, 2013 (7pm) Jump in the Refreshing River! Glory of Zion Ministries 7801 S I-35E, Corinth, TX 76210 Contact: 940-382-7231