An Invitation

Well, it's happening. The fire is burning in Detroit as so many have been expecting. After years of preparation, it's time to launch.


People are buying airplane tickets and loading up in cars from far away to travel to Detroit for the upcoming meetings at The Fireplace! People are so hungry for revival that they are paying a great price just to get here!

I'd like to invite YOU to dive into the burning presence of God with us as Brian Simmons is clearing his schedule to be with us starting this Friday.

He has actually cleared his calendar for 21 days in the expectation that revival will break out and the week long meetings will extend! He is leaving an event with Che Ahn, Jim Goll and others in Aruba early so he can follow the smell of revival to Detroit!


I'm looking for as many fiery people as I can find to join me one hour prior to every service to pray with passion and precision. This is a critical, foundational structure that must be exceptionally strong.


  • Friday, March 4th at 7pm at First Assembly of God in Dearborn Heights
  • Saturday, March 5th at 6pm at First Assembly of God in Dearborn Heights
  • Sunday, March 6th at 6pm at Revival Church in St. Clair Shores (with Brian Simmons, Leonard Jones and Aaron Crider!)
  • Monday, March 7th-Friday-March 11th at 7pm each night at First Assembly in Dearborn Heights

Check out the new website-

Join our Facebook group- simply search for The Fireplace.

If you have any questions, just let me know!