theLab Staff : Cool confirmation : You are invited to apply

We are developing our launch team, and YOU are invited!

In this message:

  • Amazing confirmation
  • The Vision
  • The Requirements
  • The Plan

At noon prayer yesterday we prayed for two specific things:

  1. That there would be a rapid response to the call
  2. That people would respond from other nations


When I got home from prayer, Amy handed me a letter (snail mail!) from The Netherlands. He wrote, in broken English,

“I have heard about the teachings of Rev. John Burton… I desire to receive more information… I desire to come in contact with them who walks in the way that Rev. John Burton have teach. I don’t have email possibility. Thank you very much in advance.”

Amazing! No internet, no email yet God use him to send a confirmation from the other side of the world!

Then, later that day, I received a message from someone in Australia asking how they can participate.

That’s rapid, and that’s international!

The Revival Church staff is leading the charge in the development of theLab staff, and others have already come on board with us. It’s still very much in development, but here’s some of what’s being prayed and thought through:


The vision is really what it has been since we’ve arrived in Detroit. To gather together burning revivalists, intercessors and prophetic messengers who will carry the fire of the Holy Spirit to Detroit and the cities of the Earth.

We are very aggressively calling together 1000 intercessors to gather every Friday night in prayer, and theLab staff will be leading them.

Additionally, theLab will be developing a monthly large scale event where we’ll bring in anointed men and women of God to infuse life into this region.


In order to join theLab staff, there is a mandatory level of participation (you basically have to be extremely available and ensure theLab is your primary ministry focus several times a week).

  • Arrive by 9:45pm every Friday night for theLab prayer event and be ready to impart into the church leaders and others through prayer and the transfer of our key values of intercession, prophecy, intimacy and deliverance.
  • Attend every noon prayer meeting. The only excusable absence is for those who have to work during the noon hour. Those that have a job MUST still attend at least one noon prayer event. The noon prayer meetings are critical as we debrief, listen to God for further strategy and pray together.
  • Attend Revival Church’s evening service (when we move to Sunday mornings, people who are on theLab staff who attend other churches will attend their own morning church service, but they will be required to attend the Revival Church evening service(s)). This service is the primary briefing for the week and it’s a time of deep prayer, corporate worship and impartation.
  • Attend weekly training sessions. This has yet to be developed, but we plan on developing a ‘school of the Holy Spirit’ where we will train people in the core values of theLab so they can, in turn, impart them into others.
  • Travel locally together when I’m ministering in another church or when theLab is serving in a particular function. The team will join with me as instruments of fire as we infuse churches and conferences. An example is the upcoming Fire in February conference where theLab has been asked to provide the intercession coverage for each of the event’s services. (be sure to register at
  • Traveling with me outside of the region (more than 2 hours away) will be optional, but is still encouraged.
  • Participating in other ministries is allowed, but theLab must be your primary commitment. If there is a conflict between ministry schedules, it’s required that you fulfill your commitment to theLab.
  • You will have the opportunity to serve in a variety of ministry functions at theLab. Administrators, teachers, singers, worshipers and others will be needed to run the ministry.

Keep in mind as you evaluate whether you can participate or not—these are minimum requirements, and are not optional.


  • We’re in the development stage right now, and we need as many people to jump on board during the pre-launch as possible. You will help pioneer and form this new ministry of revival!
  • We are considering 4 or 6 month semesters/trimesters.
  • The pre-launch starts immediately. Simply show up at the next prayer meeting and/or send me an email at [email protected].
  • We’ll be training in the prophetic, intimacy, intercession, reformation in the church and other key focuses.
  • theLab staff will be giving leadership to the 1000 intercessors who will be giving leadership to the entire region.
  • This is open to anybody who is a deeply committed Christian, and who will be honorable in their commitment to the team and the mission at theLab.
  • For those moving from other states or nations, you will be fully responsible to secure housing, transportation and the necessary finances to live in Detroit.
  • **SPECIAL: those who join us in pre-launch any time in February will be exempt from any tuition that we may implement at launch time—for life! (this does not include costs for conferences, materials, etc.)

Contact me at [email protected] for more info or to apply!