What does God want for Christmas?

What a question!

I can hear people responding, “Uh, hello! He’s God. He can have everything He wants!”

Well, I know that God deeply craves a very real, reportable, experiential relationship with you and with me.  Does He have that?  Continually?

I’m confident Jesus yearns for us, via the enabling of the Holy Spirit, to actually love each other, to tend to one another, to really ‘do life’ together.  (John 17:20-23)

We know the Bible tells us that God desires that no one perish (die without an intimate relationship with Him), but that we would all have abundant life.  Do we all have this seemingly fleeting abundant life?  No.  Do some live and die without knowing God? Sadly, yes.

There are many passionate, fiery people in Michigan that I’ve been connecting with that are hungering more than ever for an outpouring from Heaven.  We are contending for God’s dreams to come true—for very powerful joy, peace, strength and life to flood the people of this region.

I don’t know about you, but yesterday’s religious activities, formulas and hoops to be jumped through just won’t cut it anymore. We must experience God! He is not to be distant, confusing or more like a fable than a friend.  He is real and he is alive!

He likes you and me! He loves it when there is legitimate connection.  This is the way to live!  It’s one thing to know about God.  It’s an entirely different thing to know God!  To be transformed by Him!  This is what it’s all about! 

Imagine a people who continually encounter the Lover of their souls.  That’s a primary, all consuming desire of God.  He loves us so deeply and wants to us to know Him so exhaustively. 

What a Christmas that would be for our wonderful Savior.

I say, let’s do it.  Let’s give God a Christmas to remember.

(This is an article I wrote for the Grosse Pointe News)