A trembling and a searing burning is coming to the church of Detroit

First, check out our new website for Revival Church.  We may be holding our Sunday evening services at the First United Methodist Church on Greater Mack, so stay tuned for updates.  The website is www.detroitrevivalchurch.com.


"The coming moves of God will require nothing short of a revolution of our current structures, models and mindsets. Not an adjustment or an enhancement, but deep reform. The resulting fire and presence of the Holy Spirit will cause us to marvel and wonder why we ever resisted at all."- John Burton

I’m deeply provoked.  While I understand the value of due process, something deep within can’t shake the prophetic cry for sudden reformation in our churches.

God zealously loves the church, and I’m convinced he loves it too much to allow it to remain in its current form without some divine pressure.

The church must change. Now.  The picture of Amy above is key.  She mentioned that revival will only come to Detroit if we go to the place of agony, of groans and visibly shaking screams from our spirit.  We must press like Amy did when she was contending for the life of our daughter on stage in Lakeland.  Look at her face and never forget it.

I bet I’ve heard similar messages hundreds of times over the last ten years or so, yet we still resort to the familiar.

I simply can’t shake this.  Nor do I want to.  A burning is coming to Detroit, and we must be contending for it to arrive sooner than later.

This burning will threaten more than most of us are willing to risk.  As churches raise the bar, intercede night and day, stimulate the heavy activity of the Holy Spirit and embrace an “I couldn’t care less” John the Baptist style disposition that cries continually for the arrival of Jesus- many will leave.  Many will be offended.  People we rely on to run our programs, to pay their tithes.  Everything is at risk- money, people, reputation, 401ks, mortgage payments- everything.

However, the remnant who aren’t in it for their on security or satisfaction or affirmation will die daily and contend in unity for Jesus to arrive in power.

We, as simple and weak humans, are going to do our best to allow God to form Revival Church with all of this in mind.  I believe it’s important for all of us to be in position, fully on fire and ready to burn night and day. 

Detroit needs prophetic, cross-bearing churches on fire, night and day, in order for this revival to hit.

Pray for reformation.  Pray against the American culture and calendar that has demanded submission.  Pray for radical transformation in the church- from the way we pray, to the children’s ministry to the increase of white hot fire in the midst of our events.  Pray for an end to Sunday only church.  Pray for an end for the need for ‘seeker’ ministry as the flames of God’s fire transform these people in the midst of a shaking, trembling Upper Room style church.

And, in addition to praying for it- let’s just do it.  We’re not waiting on God.  We don’t have to convince him of the need for revival.  He’s waiting on us to just do it.


  1. josiahborchers on October 7, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    burning while reading this. Just got out of student chapel with Lou Engle. Spoke about 2 messages recently given to our house by Daniel Lim and Allen Hood stating: “If we go on to live life as normal and ignore the messages that were given to us….it is sin.”
    To continue to ignore the incessant cry in our spirits for revival is to
    deny Christ His inheritance in His American Bride.
    Jesus wants His Bride in Detroit, He is coming for her Soon.
    Revival is imminent. Release grace for groanings, grippings, travailings and screams from the sanctuary!