THIS SUNDAY JD King from World Revival Church of Smithton Outpouring fame will be fanning the flames at Revival Church!

I’m going to include an article in a moment that will cause you to come alive.

JD King is a great friend and a brilliant revival mind. He just got back from Bethel and is feeling something very real and powerful is going to land at Revival Church Sunday.

You will glean so much from him as he shares key revival principles. I just got off the phone with him and he casually shared a few things that are right on:

  • Revival almost always starts with a small flicker. JD believes many small flames of revival have ignited in churches and cities all over the world, but there weren’t people interested in stewarding it. That resulted in fizzle after fizzle as the flames went out. Azusa, Smithton and other revivals started with small groups of people who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Evan Roberts was turned down by his pastor the opportunity to preach so he burned in front of 6 youth for three hours—and they finally caught the fire and the rest is history!
  • Be prepared for the revival to ignite in a single hot spot in a city, as opposed to expecting it to uniformly and spontaneously launch in a wider area. Stewarding revival is a massive undertaking, and concentrated and organized local leadership will be a strength as the masses converge.
  • Signs and wonders are extremely important, but developing a culture of revival oriented leadership is at least as important. Gathering and equipping a leadership team is needed to withstand the weight of a massive outpouring.

Come at 5pm for a critical and exciting time of prophetic intercession and then at 6pm we will start the night full of faith for healings and miracles!

Here’s the article on the Smithton Outpouring:

SMITHTON, Mo. (ABP)–It's Saturday night at Smithton Community Church, and the outpouring service is starting to sizzle. The floor shudders from the impact of worshipers leaping in unison as they sing along with a loudly electrified praise band.

At a signal to pray, hundreds of hands shoot up like football referees signaling a touchdown. During corporate prayer, the congregation pulses with an unintelligible drone of voices.


A WORSHIPER falls to the floor during an ecstatic experience at Smithton Community Church in Smithton, Mo. (Photo by Tim Palmer)

Through body-wracking spasms, breaking voices and tears, worshipers testify from the stage and the floor. They tell of deliverance from alcohol, from bitterness, from suicide, from skepticism.

Pastor Steve Gray shouts a scorching sermon on the need to bind the "strong man," Satan. Too many churches are preaching a selfish, self-centered, self-esteem gospel, Gray says. "Satan loves a selfish place, because he's selfish!"

Suicides, drugs and divorces didn't used to happen among church people, Gray remarks. "What's out there has gotten in here."

Gray wonders: Could the "Smithton Outpouring" be happening because the church of this day can't last much longer? He points out that in Bible times, the Jews were the people of God. Today, Christians are the people of God. Then and now, something happened; something went wrong.

"Jesus is back on the scene again, and he's going after Satan like he did before! God wants to bring the kingdom into our midst. He's gonna free some people!"
Dozens of visitors stream forward near the end of the four-hour service. One member gets in a visitor's face to pray with fist-shaking fury; another stands behind to catch him when he collapses backward. Someone else drapes a blanket over the prostrate form.

One of those "slain" in the Holy Spirit rises after a short time and returns to her place near the wall. Asked to describe her experience, she simply smiles and replies, "I was with God."

Three years ago, a revival broke out in Smithton. As a result, this Central Missouri community–population 532–has drawn tens of thousands of visitors from across the United States and from other nations. The "Smithton Outpouring" has been described in magazines and on television nationwide.
People have used words like "Pentecostal," "charismatic" and "full gospel" to describe the worship service, Gray said. "If anything sets Smithton Community Church apart, it's that we're believing that the kingdom of God is happening now."

Kathy Gray admits the worship style at the non-denominational church can be shocking to those who aren't familiar with it. But she and her husband contend that practices such as speaking in tongues and being "slain in the Spirit" are innocent and harmless.

This is especially true, they say, when you compare them to other activities seen in many churches–gossip, manipulation, power struggles, love of money. No one's afraid of those, the Grays contend.
Before people react negatively to charismatic practices, Steve Gray suggested, they should ask themselves why they're not reacting similarly to backbiting, pride and other things the Bible clearly says to avoid.
People from nearly all denominations have come to Smithton, Gray noted. "There is a group within them whose hearts are crying out for more."

A large part of this church's ministry is to Christian believers who haven't gotten the help they feel they need in their own churches.

Gail Collins, who was raised a Southern Baptist, started attending the Smithton church 10 years ago. She remembers well the day in 1996 when revival broke out.

"When the power of God came in, I got set free from a lot of those things I couldn't change," Collins said. Her love for God deepened. "He enlarged my heart and gave me a strong desire to be a complete servant."
The power of the Holy Spirit isn't new, Gray said, but had been lost. "We're regaining what was lost through tradition, wrong ideas, wrong thinking. That's why it's available, because it was never supposed to go."
Worship services in churches often represent what happened to someone long ago, he noted. It was fresh then; it's stale now.

Just as the beaten man in the story of the Good Samaritan did not get help from the Levite or the priest, Gray said, people today are not getting help from churches.
"They're being told they are found, but they can't find God. So they come here to this unlikely place that doesn't fit the story."

Here’s a snapshot of the vision and the call for revival in Detroit—join with us as we burn!

imageFIRST: There’s two new designs at! Head on over there and grab a shirt and declare the healing power of Jesus everywhere you go!

The call for revival in Detroit is both sobering and exciting. We’re calling the Church of Detroit to converge together with us and other revival minded people in pursuit of what could be the greatest outpouring in history. Yes, it’s that big.

First I’ll share what’s coming, and then I’ll relay the big vision that Revival Church and theLab has a mandate to fulfill. You are invited to jump in with us as we build a regional revival center in Detroit!


Most of what is coming is well beyond the scope of our understanding or even our expectancy. However, we know some of what’s on the horizon:

  • Thousands of people will be traveling to Detroit from around the world. The reports of God’s unusual and weighty arrival in Detroit is going to capture the attention of the world. Desperate people will fly here, and many of them will instantly be healed as they step off the plane.
  • Healing will be continual and very easy. One of the primary draws to this region will be the flood of miraculous healings. People won’t even need to go to the altar or even pray for healing at times. It will surprise them as they are in the presence of God.
  • The presence of God will be so extreme that people will literally fall down when they walk through the church doors. People will have to crawl deeper into the sanctuary due to the fearful Kabod of God that engulfs them as they arrive.
  • Mass deliverance will result in hundreds or thousands of people instantly and simultaneously set free from fear, depression, homosexuality, lust, anger and other demon driven issues.
  • Prayer will be the greatest desire and primary activity of every person touched by God. The prayer rooms will be full and overflowing night and day.
  • This furnace will result in cries of repentance as the harvest flocks in to the arms of a loving Father.
  • Local churches will yield to the greater regional Church. The days of burning out trying to build local ministries will come to an end as pastors and leaders instead burn hot leading their people into the regional furnace as it ignites all over the city.


We know there are many new friends and fellow warriors that will be joining with us in the coming days, weeks and months. Prayerfully consider how you might participate with us.

  • Revival Church and theLab are developing as a regional center of revival. We are calling the city church to converge with us in various venues each week as we develop a deeply prophetic command center of revival for the region.
  • We are believing for a large ministry campus that will facilitate this vision. As we keep our finger on the pulse of revival in Detroit, it’s imperative that we keep the ministry manned continually. The masses are coming both for training and for freedom, and when they get here it’s important that they can converge somewhere any day of the week. This campus will serve that purpose. I have heard three stories recently of people receiving FREE properties for their church. I’m boldly asking people with the appropriate resources to consider making a significant donation to Revival Church.
  • 1000 Intercessors. This mandate is clear. We are calling EVERY pastor, leader, intercessor and hungry person to gather literally every single Friday night from 10pm-midnight as we pray in a different church each week in the region. It’s time to awaken and gather together and pray as a city church.
  • theLab Internship is gathering and equipping a team of unique specialists in the Spirit. People who carry and release the burning fire of God into people, churches, cities and regions. The next session starts September 3rd and we’re praying that God provokes people to take a leap into a life of scorching heat in the furnace of revival.
  • The 24/7 church. As stated above, our ministry campus will be open continually. Prayer will arise in one area, training in another and worship in another. We are going after a culture of radical devotion to the pursuit of revival.
  • A regional pursuit. We desire to run this race with many pastors, leaders and others in the region. Our various services and events take place at times that are mostly free. We’re looking for pastors to lead their people on Sunday morning and then join with us on Sunday evening at Revival Church, Friday night at theLab and other events.

There’s much more, but that gives you an idea. We’re inviting people to make Revival Church either their first or second home (if they have another church home) as we function as a regional revival center. A radical devotion to stay connected and to grow fast will do much to initiate the revival in this region very quickly.

If you haven’t read my latest post on the coming change to the church, be sure you do. You can do so here: 

Contact me for more info at or just come on out to one of our weekly events! Visit for more info!

An OPEN HEAVEN his arrived at Revival Church & theLab!

imageFIRST—Here’s the latest design in the new Labreport line of clothing. Be a carrier of healing everywhere you go! Go to


A surge of life has hit a lot of hungry people over the last six weeks. We are in the beginnings of an unprecedented outpouring in Detroit, and the heavy presence of God has arrived at Revival Church and theLab Internship!

We have had remarkable and surprising healings every week for the past six weeks, and often physical healings are landing on people in their homes, at prayer meetings and other times of the week.

Just last night someone in theLab Internship was ready to go to the hospital for kidney issues. I was surprised to see her arrive to theLab class last night…then I heard she had a fire spread through her body and her kidney was healed instantly!

At Revival Church and theLab we are going after a culture of easy and continual healing—and the nations are about to flood to Detroit in search of the Healer.


Last week I gave the introduction to a powerful series called FOUR FIRES. This Sunday I will be diving into the meat of the teaching, and it is absolutely life-transforming in it’s power. I’ve taught this several times as I’ve ministered on the road, and every time people are rocked. Faith absolutely EXPLODES after hearing it!

theLab Internship Fall Session

Lastly, I wish I could explain how deeply and completely people are being shocked and delivered in theLab Internship. It’s astounding. We are offering a discounted tuition for the next three month session which starts on September 3rd. Head over to today and investigate this amazing school of fire. Then, apply and get ready for an unimaginable journey into the furnace of revival!

What will it take for revival to land? What is standing in the way?

imageThere are over 19,000 cities in America—and none of them are experiencing the biblically normal culture that revival would bring. Something is tragically wrong! Extreme, shocking and potentially offensive reformation is necessary.

To better help you take the pulse of your own life and your own city, I am suggesting some threats to revival. As we eliminate the threats, we’ll be steps closer to an outpouring. Some of what I’m sharing is from my book 20 Elements of Revival and some is from what I’m currently witnessing in my city of Detroit, Michigan.

First, consider this quote by Evan Roberts, the hero of the Welsh Revival, as he shares the simple formula for revival:

“Congregate the people who are willing to make a total surrender. Pray and wait. Believe God's promises. Hold daily meetings.”

You’ll notice Evan’s formula for revival is addressed throughout the following points:


The local church—Yes, I know that’s a provocative statement, and I must state very clearly that I love the church and I love pastors—and honor their amazing devotion. However, the alarm must be sounded. If a regional call to action is muted by the over-saturated, over-protected local church calendar, the necessary strength to both initiate and then support revival on a regional level won’t be there. Additionally, if we allow jealousy, insecurity, offense or other tactics of the enemy to keep us and the people in our churches away from the regionally emphasized mission, revival will most certainly not arrive, and the grace to run our local churches won’t be there. It’s a lose-lose situation. It’s time that we as leaders intentionally monitor closely where the fire is burning in a region—and then cancel our lesser activities so we can lead the people there. We must see the mobile, regional, 24/7 church emerge.

A belief in fate—Many people tend to believe that they have little effect on whether revival breaks out or not. They may say things like, “Nothing will stop God if he wants to pour out in a region,” or “If God wants to bring revival, he will.” A belief in fate minimizes the radical importance of our participation. Additionally, the many prophecies that have been revealing God’s plans for an outpouring in Detroit are conditional. In order to see them come to pass, we must involve ourselves in the process. As Mike Bickle says, “Prophecy isn’t a guarantee, it’s an invitation.”

Taking a “wait and see” approach—Related to the above point, many are sitting back waiting to see if this current outpouring in Detroit is in fact a move of God. The problem? God’s moving is largely dependent on you and me! We have been instructed to tend to the fire, and in our unwitting arrogance we have reassigned that job back to God! We believe God is to do our job of keeping the fire burning when he explicitly requires us to do it. If we don’t build the fire, the fire will go out—even though God’s prophesied plans are to bring the fires of reformation to Detroit.

The scattering movement—We are in the end-times, and it’s clear in scripture that we must gather together even more during this historic season. Satan’s plans to overthrow God were well on track as the greatest movement of unity in history was advancing.  That unity gave strength to the building of a tower that would reach the heavens. God realized the threat and initiated ‘operation scattering’. The language was confused and they scattered all over the Earth. Now, Satan is using God’s own strategy against the most powerful governmental system on the planet—the Church. Instead of gathering in unity that would be strong enough to overthrow Satan’s kingdom, we are being scattered. We are not together. This is why stadiums will be critical in this next season. We must have the city church literally together, in the same place, consistently. Read more about the scattering movement in my article You are Not the Church. Remember, a key element of revival, which is emphasized by Evan Roberts, is daily meetings. Yes, it will be normal for people to be in church, together, under apostolic leadership most every day of the week.

A seeker-sensitive movement—I’ve often told the people in my church that I will never tone down the activity of the Holy Spirit out of respect of those less hungry. We need burning churches that result in people falling to their faces and crying “Holy!” when they walk through the door. It’s arrogance to presume that our human strategies are more potent than the supernatural capabilities of the Holy Spirit. When people are in desperate need they don’t look for Clark Kent, they are don’t want someone who looks just like them to come to their rescue. They need to experience the superpowers of the Burning Holy Spirit.

A lack of intercession—Evan Roberts declared that revival hinges on our obedience to pray and wait. The call in Detroit is for 1000 intercessors to gather together in the same place every Friday night as we release fire and cover this great mission. If we don’t respond, we probably don’t want the consuming fire of revival to come. We won’t be prepared for such a fearful burning.

Fear of loss—A key reason pastors don’t advance their churches into the experiential realm of encounter with God is that the risk of losing people, money and their reputation is high. It’s clear that a instituting a marginalized church culture is a much less risky option to develop a growing church in America. However, it’s also clear that  such a culture is void of power and miracles. The world isn’t looking for another man-made system to join. In fact, the world does a much better job of building humanistic kingdoms than the church does. We’ll only see revival when we have the guts to call people into the wilderness of extreme encounter where the Fire and the Cloud leads them into a supercharged adventure. Pastors, let’s be willing to lose people, lose our salaries, lose our reputations, to allow our local churches to close if necessary—for the sake of the advance of the regional, city church! Such a disposition will result in a greater grace on both the local and regional levels.

Unbelief—Evan Roberts reveals one of the elements of revival is simply to believe God’s promises. It’s stunning how little the church believes in the supernatural. Healing, freedom, power and abundant life are tragically rare. Its no wonder that people are avoiding the church today. We are a people who are living on the wrong side of the Ascension. In Acts 1, the disciples were waiting for Jesus to snap his fingers and work more wonders. They wanted him to establish his Kingdom. But Jesus gave them clear instructions that would shock them to their core. They weren’t to wait and hope for something to happen (hope deferred makes the heart sick)—they were to do it themselves! They transitioned from disciples on one side of the Ascension to apostles on the other. Now, they, as ‘sent ones’, were to believe and act. They were to be the answer to people’s impossible situations. They waited for the necessary power to change the world, and when they received the Holy Spirit, they went everywhere in fiery belief healing, delivering and preaching the Kingdom.

Seeking an enhanced life—People generally want God to make their current lives better. They want an enhancement, an upgrade. However, the demands of revival include the willingness to embrace a fire that won’t warm your flesh—it will consume your flesh. Evan Roberts called for people to gather—but not all people—only those who were willing to make a total surrender. Revival doesn’t enhance lives, it crushes them. If we attempt to advance with a semi-surrendered people, the fire simply will not fall.

A lack of immediate response—This is one reason why church schedules must be flexible. It’s also a reason why daily meetings are critical. When prophetic instruction is received, the entire region must know about it right away, and the people must respond. In Joshua 3, the instructions were clear, and everybody responded in unison. There’s no way to fulfill this mighty mission if we are only together one day a week (actually 2 hours a week!). There’s way too much work to be done! As an example, Mike Bickle recently called an urgent meeting. Most of the departments at IHOP in Kansas City were immediately closed and the people all gathered together to receive an urgent prophetic message. In Detroit, we must promote extreme alertness and flexibility so we can respond moment by moment to the demands of regional revival. If we are mostly focused on our local, personal ventures, we’ll stay disconnected from the greater, regional mission. The response won’t be what is necessary and revival will most likely never come.

Brian Simmons received one full hour of prophesy from Che Ahn and others about the revival in Detroit. He’ll be sharing it tomorrow at Revival Church!


I’m sitting in The Fireplace outpouring meeting right now, and I can’t even begin to try to put the experience into human words. The only way to express this supernatural invasion is through deep and resounding groans!

People have been praying for this move of God for decades—and now the fire has ignited!

Head to Revival Church Sunday night! We will have an atmosphere ripping hour of fiery intercession beginning at 5pm. Please join us! Then, at 6pm, we’ll start the service with prophetic prayer and declaration as we launch into the 10th straight night of the outpouring!

Head over to for more info!

I just had to get this out there!! I’m in the meeting here in Detroit and fire is falling!

Head on over to

Tell everybody you can! If you are close, get out here!

People have been praying for this for decades!!!!

Brian Simmons is about to begin bringing a message to break the spirit of death off of Detroit!!!!


The leadership of The Fireplace decided, after feeling the increasing whirlwind of God’s presence, to extend the meetings to 21 days!

[You’ll want to watch a video of passionate groans and cries from last night’s event…I’ll include the link below.]

Teams of reinforcements should be arriving in Detroit soon—evangelists, intercessors and others who are craving the fire of revival that Detroit is now experiencing!

Last night’s event with Leonard Jones, Aaron Crider and Brian Simmons went to another level of burning—and we are barely beginning.

People have been praying for this in Detroit for years…and now we have the opportunity to steward it.

I’m encouraging every pastor in Detroit to lead their congregation to these meetings every night they can. Put all programs, small groups and other ministries on hold. The regional emphasis must trump the local focus right now.

I shared last night that we must guard against disunity that comes in the form of a loose commitment. We must pay the price of revival… and, like Acts 2, the small down payment we all must make is simply to be together continually and to pray. They cancelled life in the upper room for 10 days before the fire fell. We need to do the same.

We also must guard against the spirit of unbelief. Is God not God? Then we should easily expect that he does ‘God type stuff’ as a part of his daily routine.

Check out this video of groans and cries of people at the altars last night at The Fireplace.




Comments keep flying in about the outpouring in Detroit!

[Don’t forget TONIGHT’S meeting at The Fireplace! Leonard Jones, Aaron Crider and Brian Simmons will be ministering in fire! It’s at Revival Church, 24036, Greater Mack, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. We meet in the First United Methodist Church building. Prayer starts at 5pm and the service at 6pm!]

A key national leader told the leadership team that we’d live to regret it if we didn’t jump on this rare opportunity to fan a very special revival flame. We must pay the price.

Pastors, cancel every meeting you can so your church can be at these regional outpouring meetings!

People, cancel every plan you have and run fast to these events every night this week!

Here’s some amazing comments I’ve received:

  • Thanks Brian for your caring about our city. May the fire continue to fall. Many have spent years crying out for this.~Barbara Yoder
  • Revival fire just fell in Dtroit! Everyone screaming – “I will not turn back!” Strongholds we look you in the face and say “you're coming down!” Fire, tears, shaking, laughter, holy glory!! Kids laid out on the floor shaking and crying! Can't hardly get out the door!~Brian Simmons
  • It looks like revival has broken out. It's about an 11 hour drive from CT to Dtroit about 670 miles or the Best deal is White Plains airport US air flights is $270.00 round trip for anyone who heading down. Not sure about hotels or schedule times yet. It's going to spread like wild fire.~Joseph
  • Still overcome by what I witnessed last night at the Detroit Fireplace meetings as a powerful wind blew through the mtg – many many testimonies.~Brian Simmons
  • The glory mist hung like a cloud over the sanctuary!~Joe Sazyc
  • Please check this out. It has pics and info about the revival that just broke loose in Detroit! Friends, this is so amazing… You may want to come to Detroit to experience this Revival of His Presence.~Brian Simmons
  • I was there and God really messed me up. He said He was turning me around and as I was driving home last night I got turned around 3x. God was confirming His word. Be at these meetings. Cancel your agenda this week so you can meet with God and experience this great Outpouring of His love. It is worth cancelling anything you have going on! I am a witness!~Pam
  • Something really broke loose last night. I'm still wrecked by it. There is such a revival hunger in Detroit! Unity is everywhere and the leaders are ready to offer themselves as a sacrifice for revival glory. Really stunned… I'll keep you posted. Meetings continue all this week and I believe they'll announce soon the plan to go at least 21 days.~Brian Simmons
  • “Tonight was amazing… God is so good… as things were wrapping up I was sitting with a few friends interceding for the youth still being ministered to in front when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of white light that shot from the floor through the roof. My friend and I sat in awe as we saw tiny white feathers falling in front of us.”~Barb
  • OK, We are coming, the CT FIRE Team is hitting the Road for Friday and Saturday night's service. Pray for a safe trip and everthing gets worked out!!!! Get Ready for the Elijah Fire to hit the House in Jesus Name!!!!~Joseph
  • Students were crying out to God late into the evening! None of them left the altars except to pray for one another in the foyer where the power of God was also hitting, kids ministering to one another, getting delivered, set free!~Joe Sazyc

Are you one who has be contending for revival in Detroit? The fire is falling!

People are flying in and driving in from great distances for the Detroit Outpouring!

Tonight was burning. People were trembling, weeping and breaking into freedom. There was extreme ministry and powerful manifestations going on in the foyer!

Brian Simmons posted to Facebook:

Revival fire just fell in Dtroit! Everyone screaming – “I will not turn back!” Strongholds we look you in the face and say “you're coming down!” Fire, tears, shaking, laughter, holy glory!! Kids laid out on the floor shaking and crying! Can't hardly get out the door!

As I shared in my previous post, I’m so deeply grieved that so many precious precious people are simply missing this event! This is historic…a time for the whole church of Detroit to be together in one place!



Leonard Jones, a world renowned worship leader with MorningStar Ministries will be with us along with revival worship leader Aaron Crider. Then, Brian Simmons will leading us into the third night of the outpouring!

It’s taking place at Revival Church at 24036 Greater Mack Road, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Fiery intercession starts at 5pm and the service starts at 6pm!



I’m both burning with fiery passion and also deeply grieved in my spirit—the opportunity for a historic outpouring is here…but it’s only an opportunity.

It has been prophesied that there is the chance of a 50-year long outpouring hitting Detroit. However the disconnected, distracted wait and see approach many are taking threatens it. Both God and man have to participate at an extreme level for it to come to pass.

Has a prophetic alarm sounded in Detroit—or is the call to gather and contend for an outpouring simply a suggestion? Is it optional? Well, of course, it is optional as we each have a free will. However, if it’s a true prophetic mandate, the option to disengage carries with it severe consequences both personally and corporately.

Many, I’m sure, have thought, “Why should I participate in these meetings?” The answer is simple. The prophetic mandate is clear, and the cost of revival is great—it requires many to do much…it’s an ‘all hands on deck’ moment in history.

As I said previously, I’m exhilarated and burning because of the sudden and heavy manifest presence of the fire of God. I’ve been trembling deeply. In fact, I shared with the leadership team of The Fireplace (the new ministry made up of several churches that’s serving this movement toward outpouring in Detroit) that if this revival does in fact land, there will be a never-ending tremble in us…that will last until we leave the Earth.

So with such a powerful move of God drawing near, the question is, “Why isn’t every person in Detroit who’s hungry for revival showing up?”

Busyness. In an American culture that’s so entertainment driven, independent and non-stop, it’s no wonder that calendars are full of lesser things. In fact, I believe one of the primary time thieves for those in ministry is the demand of the local church (yes, I’m a local church leader!).

I shared this comment on Facebook last night after a powerful night of intercession at a church in Eastpointe:

Pastors-investing your primary time and energy in your local church will not result in revival. Primary focus must be regional with other leaders if you want more than local results.

As a local church leader I easily understand the potential for an overloaded calendar. However, we have to take dominion over that. I’d much rather let my church fail for the sake of participating in the greater, regional city church movement. However, if we keep our local church calendar healthy and full of flexible, Kingdom focused and regionally emphasized ministries, we’ll have the opportunity to freely participate in the demands of regional revival on a much broader scale. Simply, regional mandates trump local mandates. And, as we allow the reprioritization to take place, the local church will continue to develop with a much greater grace on it.

If we can't integrate into our schedules the costly, time consuming work of initiating revival on a daily basis with others in the region, we will remain alone in a stress-filled, powerless daily reality that is void of fire.

An excellent example of the problem that’s hovering over the church of Detroit is the mandate that’s been sounded for 1000 intercessors to gather together every Friday night for prayer (see The 10pm-midnight time was chosen to ensure 99% of people had zero conflict. Most everybody should be able to show up each week. In a day when we’re still learning how to take dominion over our busy lives, we wanted to make it easy for as many people to participate as possible, and there are few necessary activities filling up the 10pm Friday time slot. It’s a slam dunk opportunity for everybody to be there.

While the movement is strong and exciting, we’re about 950 people shy of 1000 each week! Where are the leaders? Where are the intercessors? Do we not realize that the moment we have 1000 people showing up together… on site in a church somewhere in Detroit… every week… we’ll have the greatest prayer movement in the nation…or the world! Is that not worth the small price to pay to load up the kids in the car for a late night together in God’s presence?

Friday nights should be full. The 8-day outpouring meetings in Dearborn should be jam packed…not full of people wondering and waiting… even doubting that God might show up… but people who won’t take no for an answer. We need a team of burning people who are fully committed to taking dominion of their time, of their energy… and contending day after day until God breaks out. A lot of people are excited about the concept of revival, but few will do what it takes to get there. This reality may seal our fate of living our entire lives outside of revival. I can’t stand the thought of that.

God is looking for a people who will do the most, not the least. How many will pay the price to contend every night in Dearborn this week?

I also posted to Facebook:

People don't realize that their lack of participation will at best delay the outpouring others are contending for and at worst negate it all together.

Wow. One person’s lack of participation has the potential to stop a revival. One person’s failure to show up, to lock arms with others and contend until breakthrough can cancel a divine move of God.

Think about it this way. What if God gave a pastor a vision and a mandate to build a $1 million homeless shelter. This pastor then casts the vision, and that night ten wealthy people in the church have a vivid visitation of the Lord…and God asks them to each give $100,000. What if one chooses to disobey? The building project will not be completed on time…if ever.

Do you disagree? Consider the disobedience of a few people who were sent as spies into Canaan. The mandate was to move into the Promised Land, yet this small handful of people who refused to do so resulted in a massive and horrific death of innumerable others. They were destined for the glory of a new land, but experienced the radical opposite instead—death.

Today in a pastor’s meeting Brian Simmons asked, “If revival depended on you, how close are we?”

How close? Are you carrying the weight of a city on your shoulders? Are you in position and contending with extreme passion? Or, are you taking a wait and see approach?

Brian also said, “There is an open invitation from God to the pastors of Detroit to experience revival… but he's waiting for us. The planned move of God will only come to Detroit if we expect it to the degree that we build the fireplace to facilitate it. If you don't have an expectation for revival you won't get revival.”

How long will we have to wait?