Tonight: Frank Seamster at Revival Church

7pm at Revival Church! Frank has ministered in power at some of the most amazing churches in the nation!

Tonight at 7pm at Revival Church, Frank Seamster will bring the glory and life of Jesus! You don’t want to miss this!

Watch a short video here:

Here’s a recent article about his trip to World Revival Church in Kansas City:


For the congregation of World Revival Church of Kansas City, Fourth of July evokes visions of fireworks, American flags and one very important thing…. A heart wrenching message from Evangelist and longtime friends, Frank and Naphtali Seamster. For almost 30 years, the Seamsters have teamed up as friends and fellow ministers with Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray, world renowned leaders of what was formerly known as “The Smithton Outpouring” and now, World Revival Church of Kansas City. “I have come to encourage you and to give you understanding,” Seamster was finally able to declare after a rousing welcome from the members of World Revival Church.

Stacks Image 23“This is my first time to hear him, said a visitor from California, “but there is definitely excitement about him being here, and I can hardly wait!”

To the hundreds streaming online from around the globe, Seamster delivered. Friday night, the Word of God pierced the souls of the congregations. “There is something about trouble that goes with glory.” Thus began the gospel presentation of the story of Lazarus, Mary and Martha. With depth of insight, revelation flowed from the spirited sermon hitting the softened hearts that had been prepared.

“God is preparing a people who have been through all manner of affliction and come through…for His glory!” exhorted Seamster.

Seamster perfectly described what the Bible defines as a “light affliction” and the consequence fullness of the weightiness of God’s glory that is promised to follow.

“He left no one out.” “He nailed me.” “It brought my hope back.” “I have never heard it like that before.” These were among the testimonies that followed after Seamster gave opportunity to respond. Hundreds rushed the altars. Tears swept through the congregation. Families prayed together. Hope was evident in the House.

With high expectation, the congregation returned Sunday morning which included two newly formed World Revival campuses in the North, Tiffany Springs, and the Johnson County Campus in the West. All 3 campuses gave their full attention to the fiery Seamster through the “Revival Wired” interactive capability.

“I want this congregation to prosper,” Seamster began. In typical Seamster style, the Word of God came once again in true revelation and anointing.

“You’ve got to give Him something to work with! Remember the water he turned to wine…..the fish that he multiplied…. Use what you’ve got to get what you want that will give God glory,” instructed Seamster. “You cannot rob God, however, of his tithe and then appease Him with an offering.” Seamster taught the WRC congregations.

The encouragement continued until one member could stand it no more….

Longtime member, Carol Gilpin interrupted the service with stating to Seamster, “I cannot let this go on without giving Him something.” Thus began a spontaneous move of the Holy Spirit to give. Men, women, children, singles, families one by one or holding an offering together, made their way to a makeshift altar where offerings of thanksgiving with understanding were given to the Lord.

After many minutes of unprompted giving in response to the anointed message, the congregation of World Revival Church did what they always do. The erupted in praise and worship.

Gray concluded the service, clearly overwhelmed with the tremendous display of generosity for the Lord. “We made no plans to take a special offering. The Lord knows all the work we have going on here to grow 3 campuses and prepare for the future. This is amazing.”

First Commandment: Intimacy with Jesus teaching tonight at Revival Church

TONIGHT at 7pm we begin a NEW series on deeply enjoying God in the place of love!

YES! You can enjoy God in the place of deep intimacy! Discover this reality in a prayer saturated environment TONIGHT at 7pm at Revival Church!

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NEXT WEEK! A very special night with Frank Seamster! Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frank carries the glory of God and comes highly recommended by some of our most reputable revival friends.

We have been looking forward to connecting with Frank for a long time, and now he is ready and expectant! Frank is a sought after carrier of revival, so come hungry and ready for encounter!


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