A Revival Family

God is doing something wonderful in Detroit!

I’m so blessed to be a part of a family of revivalists—people who love each other a lot, and who are moving deeper into the fire of revival together.

At Revival Church, we’re passionately calling zealous, hungry people together who are ready to lock in and have a blast praying, serving and developing a foundation that will withhold the pressures of a massive move of God.

You are invited to join us! We would absolutely love that!

The plan is simple—we gather, we pray, vision is cast and we grow together, at the same pace toward strength and maturity.

We’ll also be attending another fiery church TOMORROW morning at 10am. Salt River Christian Church in Chesterfield. I love the converging of churches and ministry… the city church is a huge part of our vision! See you there, and then at Revival Church Sunday evening at 6pm!

Salt River Christian Church
50955 Seaden Drive
Chesterfield, MI 48047

They are located 1 mile east of I – 94, 1 building south of 23 mile on Seaden Drive.