Tenants: A Teaching on the Power of Beliefs : At Revival Church Sunday

TOMORROW, Sunday, May 6th 2012 I will start a new teaching series, TENANTS: A TEACHING ON THE POWER OF BELIEFS


The teaching will include:

  • Nephilim Doctrine: a doctrine of mixture. Part image of God, part image of demons.
  • Sin: It kills regardless of whether you’ve decided to follow Jesus or not
  • Salvation: Once saved always saved?
  • The End Times: What is the position of Revival Church?
  • The Cross: If there is no cross preached in the church, sound a very loud alarm and wave an urgent flag.
  • Heaven and Hell: They are both preparing for your arrival.
  • Plus: Divine Healing, The Holy Spirit, True and False Grace, prayer, revival and more!

Come EARLY for prayer at 5pm and the service begins at 6pm!