Exciting news: Revival Church moving into next phase of the vision

A new globally focused experience awaits you at Revival Church THIS SATURDAY EVENING!

With the new book The Coming Church now available, the time is right for Revival Church to shift gears into its next season.

I continually hear about people’s frustration with “church as usual” and the hunger for a more fiery, passionate atmosphere is increasing around the world.

Over and over I hear from people from other cities and nations who say, “John, I’m craving an experience of fire like you have in Detroit!”

That experience is about to go up about ten levels.



A brand new flow.

The culture at Revival Church, theLab University and the Detroit Prayer Furnace has always been driven by passionate prayer and encounter with Jesus.

That will remain as our service structure changes fairly radically beginning this Saturday. Church as usual it is not!

After a short (5-10 minute) welcome we will launch into our service. The environment will be intense and engaging as we gather together and being with worship and intercession. It will be interactive and full of fire!

Once or twice we will have rapid fire prayer, and also, once or twice, we will have short 10-15 minute messages.

The entire hour will be intermixed with worship, prayer, decrees, teaching and more.

After the hour is up, the rest of the night will be worship and intercession with occasional exhortations!



Our goal is not to build up a large local body, but rather to impact Detroit and the nations with an anointing that breaks yokes and messages that rock nations. We are continually receiving feedback from other nations about our ministry, and we want to minister to them in a more effective way. Media will help us do that.

The reason for the hour time-frame is so we can create a fast paced, edgy, prophetic and professional broadcast that will be available around the world.

The cameras will role beginning after the welcome until the end of the first phase, one hour later.

The rest of the night the cameras will be off as we continue in intercession and worship.

Understand, our goal is not to have a low quality video of a church service. It’s to create an intimate, personal, vulnerable view into the culture of fire at Revival Church that so many are craving.

Our belief is that potentially millions will be impacted and set free from our “studio of intercession” in Detroit.


The cameras and equipment are not here yet, so this week and the weeks to come will be perfect opportunities to get comfortable with the new format and to work out the kinks.

Come expectant and bring as many people as you can find. We are believing for 40+ hungry, prophetic voices to emerge in our local context—voices that will be heard around the world!

Everything else that you know and love about Revival Church remains the same.

  • 6pm War Room intercession (some of that will be videoed and archived)
  • Children’s ministry
  • Life with John and Amy (this Sunday at our house!)
  • Prayer watches
  • Etc.


We are pricing equipment now. The cost for studio quality equipment (cameras, boards, computers, etc.) that will allow us to stream live, with full effects, will be significant.

Additionally, we need studio lighting and décor to make our building TV ready.

We will also be producing studio shows (in addition to live services) and hitting the streets to capture prayer throughout Detroit and on the road as we travel.

Contact me directly at [email protected] if you would like to make a financial contribution (tax deductible). We must raise funds for all of the equipment needed, so anything you can do would be great!


See you Saturday for the launch!