Exciting opportunity : XPMedia.com : Patricia King : Impacting the world

Most of you have heard about the unusual prophecies about capturing Revival Church ministry on video.

First, here’s a couple powerful testimonies:

Last night your message was incredible!  I was trembling the whole message and my spirit was coming alive!  It was so strategic and powerful!  There was such anointing and life on your words.  It was like an arrow being shot in the spiritual realm and I could feel a shaking!  I could see the heavens shifting and also an agitation and rumbling in the enemy's camp.  I believe that we haven't even grasped (yet) all that took place and happened last night! Just thought I would share that with you!  I am so stirred up! –Ruth

i listened to sundays message again. im so messed up, tears, groans, trembling (can barely type) such an anointing…o god, give us your heart and let us take heed to the call to prayer. i see us on the verge of a deep valley (the glory) (the radical call) god is saying just take the step down and let go. make the changes and you will see my glory manifest in detroit! –Michele

Listen to Sunday’s sermon that launched so many into freedom… “A Spirit of Insignificance”…don’t miss it! Head on over to www.detroitrevivalchurch.com/teaching!


Three prophecies from reputable people including Michele Perry and an associate of Georgian Banov felt it was imperative that we start capturing the ministry on video. Cameras will be videoing the outpouring after it begins, and it’s important that we record what leads up to it on this side of revival.

We have an amazing opportunity to broadcast on one of the world’s premiere outlets—xpmedia.com!

Patricia King’s XPMedia.com is a major broadcaster of ministries like Patricia King, Mark Chironna, Billy Graham & Franklin Graham, Marilyn and Sarah Hickey Ministries, James Goll, Bobby Conner, Sid Roth, Heidi Baker, Brian Lake, Georgian & Winnie Banov, Randy DeMain, Joshua Mills, Jason Westerfield, Lance Wallnau, Wesley & Stacey Campbell, Matt Sorger, Che Ahn, Ryan Wyatt, John & Carol Arnolt, Faytene and many others.

XPmedia.com is currently reaching 130 countries and generating approximately 30-50 million hits per month!

As a church, we’re at a place where we must find new partners to help some of these ministries come to being.

We need your help—we can’t proceed until finances have been secured:

  1. Cameras and equipment. We should be able to have what we need for around $1000.
  2. XPMedia.com broadcasting. This costs $250/month. That’s it. No setup or any additional costs. (You can setup recurring donations online)

You can donate at www.detroitrevivalchurch.com/donate. Feel free to send us an email letting us know that your donation is specifically for this video ministry at [email protected].

I’d love to broadcast the powerful things God is doing at Revival Church around the world!