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VAIO-00000013First, I want to offer my thanks to everyone who has subscribed as ministry partners. You have been such a blessing—and I am praying you will still continue to financially partner with us even though the media has been opened to everybody.

We have also streamlined our websites by eliminating some and combining others. You can now go to for anything pertaining to this ministry.

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An end-time army of burning ones are coming together to serve with passion in Detroit!


Give leadership to the prayer movement in Detroit

The vision is hot and ready for you jump into. We want to help you understand the vision and what you can expect.

Habakkuk 2:2 (ESV) And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.

The following is required for everybody who participates in theFurnace, theLab or theCore:

  • A high standard of holiness
  • Financial partnership (tithe)
  • 6pm Saturday War Room Prayer

Who is theCore for?

Burning men and women of God who are desperately hungry, disciplined and available to commit at a high level.

At the Detroit Prayer Furnace we have three specific opportunities for you to lock into a lifestyle of prayer and ministry. Is theCore right for you? Maybe and maybe not.

Here are the three ways you can connect:



If you simply want to connect with other fire-breathers and involve yourself in a fiery culture of intercession and prophetic ministry, theFurnace is for you.

theFurnace is an extremely important part of our culture, and some of our most effective leaders may land here instead of theCore. Why? Because we highly value marketplace leaders and others who have more limited availability due to their assignment in the workplace or their place in life.

Anybody can start in theFurnace at any time, and even stay there without ever participating in theLab or theCore. Simply communicate your desire to lock in with our team, agree to the minimum commitments (see above) and burn with us as often as you can each week!



theLab University is a school of fire that prepares people for Holy Spirit baptized ministry.

We strongly encourage everybody in our community to enroll in theLab University. This is a focused, intense training environment that will unlock your destiny and set you ablaze!

theLab will also instruct you in the core values of the Detroit Prayer Furnace, the vision and how to best engage in our unique culture.

Everybody interested in joining theCore, a team of 40+ leaders in the Detroit Prayer Furnace, must successfully complete one three-month session of theLab.

You can get more info here:



theCore is made up of leaders and emerging leaders who have successfully completed theLab, and who have the desire to serve on a focused, consecrated and submitted team of end-time warriors.

The vision is white hot—this team will be locking arms with fellow soldiers in continual prayer, training emerging leaders, carrying the fire to the cities of the Earth and modeling Acts 2 unity and consecration.

theCore Commitment

Keep in mind, for the sake of continuity, unity and corporate strength, we have unapologetically and intentionally raised the bar of commitment very high for this team—with very little, if any, flex.

Our target size for this team is only 40. We consider theCore to be our primary leadership team who serve under our senior staff, and, with this in mind, the commitment is the same as senior leadership.

Most people at the Detroit Prayer Furnace will serve with joyful passion in theFurnace. Some will get equipped in theLab. Few will choose to participate on theCore.

theCore is made up of ministry leaders who are able to consider this commitment primary over employment and other endeavors. Keep this in mind as you chart out your connection plan at the Detroit Prayer Furnace. You may not be able to join theCore due to other life focuses, and that is OK! theFurnace is an excellent place for you to connect AND you can participate in nearly every ministry and event that theCore does—just at your own pace.

While the commitment at theCore will work best for those who don’t work at all, there may be, depending on the specific situation, enough flex built in to the schedule to allow for some outside employment if necessary.

Keep in mind that local travel is required when the team is involved in regional events. These events can take place at any time, which is a key reason extensive availability beyond our regular weekly schedule is required.

  • The full time commitment works out to be approximately 12-14 hours a week.
  • The part time commitment works out to be approximately 9-10 hours a week.

Opportunities for those on theCore include:

  • leading prayer watch teams
  • teaching
  • developing ministries
  • leading traveling teams
  • advancing the prayer movement

theCore team is firmly devoted to consecration and modeling the lifestyle of an end-time forerunner.

theCore commitment includes:

  • FULL TIME: Four prayer & ministry events per week
  • PART TIME: Two prayer & ministry events per week
  • A high standard of holiness
  • 5pm Saturday meeting
  • 6pm Saturday intercession
  • Monthly small group at John and Amy Burton’s home
  • Traveling locally (and further if available) for ministry events
  • Financial partnership (tithe)
  • Continuing education

If you want to join theFurnace, theLab or theCore, we want to hear from you! Please email us at TODAY! We will give you info on how to get started.

Of course, you don’t have to participate at any level! If you simply want to enjoy our events, come on out!

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    Dennis Reanier will be at Revival Church Sunday AND Fire in February begins TONIGHT in Dearborn Heights!

    I’ve heard from several people over the last week share that extreme expectancy has hit over the last several days—and I believe this weekend will be a powerful catalyst into encounter in Detroit!


    This Sunday night at Revival Church, Dennis Reanier will be ministering after a passionate session of intercession driven worship!

    Dennis Reanier is an apostolic leader with a prophetic voice to inspire this generation in the purposes of God. As the founder of the Apostolic Resource Center, Revival Cry Ministries, and LOFT, Dennis is known for equipping high impact leaders. He is the co-founder of “Be A Hero, USA” a non-profit organization for helping children at risk around the world.  He continues to activate countless people nationally and internationally with gifts of evangelism, prophecy, and healing to stir revival, reformation, and revolution for the emerging agenda of the end time harvest.  He is the author of the popular book “Shaking Heaven and Earth.”  Dennis has appeared on several Christian radio and television broadcasts including TBN and XP Media with Patricia King.  He received a B.A. in Sociology from Seattle Pacific University and a M.A. in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Dennis and his wife, Tammi reside in Bozeman, Montana with their four daughters Jordan, Raegan, Naomi, and Josie.


    What is Fire In February?

    imageWhat is Fire In February? It is a release of freedom and fire of the Holy Spirit in the midst of the cold Michigan winter. A unique anointing has accompanied this annual event, almost without regard to who the special guest ministers may be. A coalition of anywhere from four or more revival-seeking churches come together to worship passionately and hear a prophetic word from our speakers. One of the goals is to bring different streams of revival together to release a flood of the Spirit into the Detroit metro area! With the location in the Dearborn area, it has become a witness of dynamic spiritual life in an environment of dead religion and an opportunity for the kingdom workers and believers there to get reignited. Fire In February begins on Friday afternoon with a “Prayer Rumble” in Dearborn and runs through Saturday. The evening services are marked by passionate worship where people are encouraged and welcomed to get out of their seats, dance, jump, wave banners, kneel, etc… as they go after God. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (the scripture on the Spirit of Detroit statue at City Hall)! Usually a 15-20 minute “prayer rumble” erupts where we pray for the strategic Dearborn and Detroit area accompanied by prophetic music. Multiple pastors give leadership to the services. Then our speakers are released to bring a Word of the Lord to the people and the region, and personal prayer ministry and/or more powerful prophetic intercession follows. There are Saturday workshops on various relevant topics. There is also a key strategic service on Saturday morning and a Saturday women's luncheon (not for women only!) at noon Fire In February is scheduled for February 22-23. This year's line-up of guests is one of the most powerful yet! Mark your calendars and stay tuned! Get a video taste of last year’s Fire In February at

    The Fire In February Pastoral Leadership Team

    Joe Sazyc – Lead Pastor, Dearborn Heights First Assembly of God, Next Great Awakening Ministries – Conference Director
    Bret Abdullah – Associate Pastor, Dearborn Heights Assembly of God
    Ashley Bibeau – Associate Pastor, Dearborn Heights First Assembly of God
    Bill and Clara Bolin – Lead Pastors, Floodgate Renewal Fellowship – Brighton
    John Burton – Lead Pastor, Revival Church – Madison Heights
    Datron Davis – Lead Pastor, ReGENeration Church – Detroit
    Quran Karriem – Associate Pastor, Faith Christian Assembly – Melvindale
    Randy and Deborah O'Dell – Lead Pastors, The Crossing Church – Farmington
    David Okai – Lead Pastor, Resurrection and Life Assembly of God – Berkely


    All meetings will take place at Dearborn Heights First Assembly of God unless otherwise stated

    • Friday, February 22, 3 – 5 p.m. – Dearborn Prayer Rumble with Ed Watts speaking – @ The Dearborn Justice House of Prayer / Springwells Fellowship, 14900 Michigan Ave., Dearborn (see map below).
    • Friday, February 22, 7:30 p.m. – Opening Rally – Kim and Shari Babcock, Ed Watts, Aaron Swanger
    • Saturday, February 23, 10 a.m. – Revival in Michigan Rally – Richard Crisco, Rick Warzywak, Aaron Swanger
    • Saturday, February 23, noon – Women's Luncheon – Shari Babcock
    • Saturday, February 23, 2 – 4 p.m. – Workshops – (stay tuned for more details!)

                    “More Than Money Matters” – Brent Hanson
                    “Wholeness: Soul, Mind and Body” – Jill Janiec
                    “The Dangers of Chrislam” – Adam Simnowitz
                    “Michigan: Lampstand to the World” – Rick Warzywak

    • Saturday, February 23, 6 p.m. – Closing Rally – Ellis Smith, Aaron Swanger

    The Friday afternoon Dearborn Prayer Rumble ONLY will be held at the Dearborn Justice House of Prayer site, 14900 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, 3 – 5 p.m.

    Tomorrow, Sunday, March 11th experience a journey into the fire with John Burton at Grace Ministries in Windsor!

    The service starts at 10am (don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight!) and I’m expecting serious fire power in Canada!

    Grace Ministries is located at 3180 Grand Marais Road East, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


    Most of you have heard about the unusual prophecies about capturing Revival Church ministry on video.

    First, here’s a couple powerful testimonies:

    Last night your message was incredible!  I was trembling the whole message and my spirit was coming alive!  It was so strategic and powerful!  There was such anointing and life on your words.  It was like an arrow being shot in the spiritual realm and I could feel a shaking!  I could see the heavens shifting and also an agitation and rumbling in the enemy's camp.  I believe that we haven't even grasped (yet) all that took place and happened last night! 
    Just thought I would share that with you!  I am so stirred up!

    i listened to sundays message again. im so messed up, tears, groans, trembling (can barely type) such an anointing…o god, give us your heart and let us take heed to the call to prayer. i see us on the verge of a deep valley (the glory) (the radical call) god is saying just take the step down and let go. make the changes and you will see my glory manifest in detroit! –Michele

    Listen to Sunday’s sermon that launched so many into freedom… “A Spirit of Insignificance”…don’t miss it! Head on over to!


    Three prophecies from reputable people including Michele Perry and an associate of Georgian Banov felt it was imperative that we start capturing the ministry on video. Cameras will be videoing the outpouring after it begins, and it’s important that we record what leads up to it on this side of revival.

    We have an amazing opportunity to broadcast on one of the world’s premiere outlets—!

    Patricia King’s is a major broadcaster of ministries like Patricia King, Mark Chironna, Billy Graham & Franklin Graham, Marilyn and Sarah Hickey Ministries, James Goll, Bobby Conner, Sid Roth, Heidi Baker, Brian Lake, Georgian & Winnie Banov, Randy DeMain, Joshua Mills, Jason Westerfield, Lance Wallnau, Wesley & Stacey Campbell, Matt Sorger, Che Ahn, Ryan Wyatt, John & Carol Arnolt, Faytene and many others. is currently reaching 130 countries and generating approximately 30-50 million hits per month!

    As a church, we’re at a place where we must find new partners to help some of these ministries come to being.

    We need your help—we can’t proceed until finances have been secured:

    1. Cameras and equipment. We should be able to have what we need for around $1000.
    2. broadcasting. This costs $250/month. That’s it. No setup or any additional costs. (You can setup recurring donations online)

    You can donate at Feel free to send us an email letting us know that your donation is specifically for this video ministry at

    I’d love to broadcast the powerful things God is doing at Revival Church around the world!

    When I was leading Revolution House of Prayer in Manitou Springs, Colorado, a common theme was the establishment of the city church.  I outlined this concept on the white boards there and we prayed into it fairly regularly.

    Here’s a twelve minute podcast on this topic that will help you understand and also pray into the coming shift in Detroit.  I write about this in my book 20 Elements of Revival as well.

    In this City church model we’ll see local churches take on the identity of departments of the larger City church.  People will participate at a high level at a primary local church and at lesser yet significant levels at a variety of other ministries.

    This will enable one church to focus intently on the few callings in the primary giftings they have been given, while allowing other churches to function in their specific callings and giftings.  Churches no longer have to attempt to cover every base.  As we work together on a city level we can pool our strengths and giftings.

    Someone may primarily be involved in a local church that mainly focuses on evangelism, while also attending other churches on other days and nights of the week that are geared toward teaching, youth, pastoral care, etc.

    A great example is the house of prayer movement.  They pray as their primary focus.  People attend the house of prayer while also attending other churches at different points during the week.

    Here’s a simple diagram of this idea from the vantage point of Manitou Springs, Colorado.  We’ll see people involved in several different churches and ministries every week.  I see this idea coming to Detroit and other cities as well.  You can see the larger, easier to read version at