Same feeling as Brownsville : Revival Church plans : Tonight at 6pm

We have dreams and plans to expand and spread the influence of the Holy Spirit

My son Skylar said something out of the blue the other day.

“Dad, I think Revival Church is going to really grow now.”

The power and the momentum around here is awesome!

An amazing guest worship leader that was with us last weekend told me,

“This is the first time since I was at the revival at Brownsville that I’ve felt this type of Holy Spirit activity. The same experience is in the room tonight that was there when revival hit.”

I’ve been in ministry for nearly 18 years, and last Sunday’s service has to be in the top five. The way God moved at Revival Church is awe inspiring.

The most amazing thing was the lingering, hovering mist of God’s glory that has been showing up visibly for the last few month or so. Last weekend, when I just looked at it, I was overcome!

At the end of last week’s service (the service that just wouldn’t end!), it felt like an angel, or God himself, took out my legs. I jerked and trembled the rest of the night as I laid on my face. I continued to experience this power of God for the next few days.

Our current strategic plans to initiate revival are very simple. Gather together often, pray and worship and have a resounding ‘yes’ in our spirits for the activity of the Holy Spirit.

We’ll be doing this again TONIGHT… in just four hours! Join us tonight at Revival Church!

ALSO—we’ll be taking a special offering in response to some very strong prophetic words. We need to start chronicling on video what God is doing at Revival Church. Our worship team is also growing, and we are in immediate need of three monitors. Approximately $1500 should cover this first step. If we go with a two camera setup, which does provide a lot of flexibility, we’ll need at least double.

This will enable us to record the amazing moves of God, and also to archive our teachings on video. A lot of people from around the world have requested this. As soon as we have a building with internet, we’ll stream the services live.

We are on the hunt for a new building so we can expand into a 7-day a week ministry of prayer and revival. Would you pray with us as we seek the right location? We need favor and a lot of participation in order to make this move.

Can you plan on participating in tonight’s special offering? You can also give online at