Crisis in the church : Misunderstanding of the purpose of the church

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I don't buy into the ‘church isn't a building' mantra we hear so much. Church requires corporate gathering. Acts 2 model. Daily in the

I don’t know if most realize it, but we are very literally at what might be the greatest crisis point in the church in history—certainly in recent history.

Everywhere you look you see pastors promoting short, ‘schedule friendly’, casual commitment style church services. There’s validation of our ridiculously oversaturated American daily agendas via the diminished emphasis in the church of the corporate gathering.

Now, there’s are several reasons why average church attendance in the nation has dropped below two services a month. One of them is the reality that it’s becoming rare to find a place that full of the fire and passion of God.

While we must stay radically faithful and connected at a high level regardless of how vibrant the services are, we must also refuse to settle for anything less than tongues of fire resting on everybody!


It’s unreasonable to presume that there is only one purpose of the church, and there isn’t enough time to dive into all of them. However, we must start at the point where reformation and redefinition is necessary.

Most people, pastors and congregants alike, presume the church is primarily setup to meet needs. You see this play out through church marketing all the time. You hear words and terms like ‘relevance’, ‘come as you are’, ‘world class children’s ministry’, etc.

While we should have world class ministries, the problem is that many pastors and leaders have forsaken their prophetic mantle of challenge and advance for one of salesman. The call must not be to check out our church because of what it offers, but we must have fire coming out of our mouths as we declare the inconvenient word of the Lord!

Simply, the church is not primarily there to simply meet the needs of the people, but rather it is to gather and equip the people (meeting their needs in the process!) AND ensure the people are together, strong, alert and in position night and day so the church can accomplish it’s mission.

Another way to say it is this: The mission of the church isn’t to draw people in and meet their needs, but rather it is to gather people and develop the corporate strength necessary to fulfill the greater mission.

People must not use the church to meet their needs… and stop participating when they are ‘full’. I challenge everybody at Revival Church to arrive at the service full (through personal prayer, study, etc.) and overflowing so we can focus on our corporate mission together.

At most churches, summers, for example, see a huge drop in participation. They will cancel services and special events. This cannot be! We can’t allow our personal schedules to violate the holy call to the corporate gathering. For example, at IHOP in Kansas City, they pray and worship 24/7. They don’t take any breaks. They pray and worship on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and every other day of the year. They pray and worship right through the Super Bowl while other churches actually cancel or shorten services in honor of that holy day (lower case ‘h’).

I believe when we start looking at the church as an supernaturally organized army of likeminded, alert, responsive and burning men and women of God, we’ll actually be able to see entire cities taken for the Kingdom!



  1. Sean Spearman on July 24, 2010 at 11:12 am

    As a christian and a minister the corporate gatherings mean so much to me I call,text and email those who miss or can't make it due to transportation about what God is doing in this hour. The spirit of distraction is in land and must be fought together and not separate. Please keep me in the loop and thanks for the emails from the ministry.The articles keep me going. Rev.Sean E.Spearman(Power prayer Ministries-Detroit,mi.)

  2. Cammie Novara on August 1, 2010 at 7:31 am

    Everywhere you look you see pastors promoting short, ‘schedule friendly’, casual commitment style church services.

  3. Cammie Novara on August 1, 2010 at 7:32 am

    "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly." I am completely in agreement with that.

  4. Ben H on August 9, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    Ps 26:12b
    in the great assembly I will praise the LORD.

    It was from house to house AND in the temple daily… I fear the day when we willingly choose not to have the great assembly so long as we can have it in liberty, free from persecution…

    I read recently, where Someone wrote, "The expectations of what 'church' is demanded a certain structural adherence that caused us to violate God's calling for [it] to be [what it was called to be]."

    I also remember reading this quote from Revival Glory, which I have dug up for this, "This is a time of revival, for which I feel uniquely prepared. I was born in revival, grew up in revival and have been privileged to pioneer revival in many parts of the world. I have witnessed the outpouring of the Spirit now through many decades and have a very great consciousness of what revival glory is. I cannot remember a time that I was not blessed by a measure of revival and a measure of the glory. Now, God is taking us all into greater glory,"

    "… required an extreme pursuit with 100% participation of those who were participating." same Someone as the first quote.

    It's simple, but church is about Jesus. Praising, Worshipping, learning about, declaring, praying to, honoring, seeking, pleasing. It's His church. Your book 20 elements puts it clear.. extreme manifest presence is the standard. What that takes is always the same, everything, all the time… Not 100% of what a veteran missionary can give, but 100% of what I can give right now, every day..

    A church full of the manifest presence isn't hard to keep full. A church without it I'm not sure if I could stomach…. Lots of people want a smaller gathering, and I ask why? Because you feel disconnected? Threatened? Overwhelmed? Lots of people seem to think they like the idea of house churches… But, you're still limited by the strongest revelation and the weakest link of the group..

    If Finney knew what he was talking about when he said revival was no more a miracle than a crop of wheat, we just need to know what He wants from us and see that He gets it regardless of cost.