The thrill ride of knowing an invisible God

An article that will appear in the Grosse Pointe News:

One fateful day a long time ago I was walking around a large empty room in a church building in Dayton, Ohio. I had been watching people, very normal people, people who played video games and basketball, on their knees in tears crying out to God.

Their passion was undeniable and real. And, it appeared that their encounter with an invisible and holy Force was also very real indeed.

After all, as I stated, these were people that didn’t have anything fake about them. They had no reason to masquerade or show off to anybody. They were simply desperate people who tapped into something that made me yearn.

In that large empty room I simply walked around and talked—to an invisible Jesus. As I considered the implications of diving into a life passion and surrender I boldly declared something to God:

“If you aren’t real, if you aren’t everything you’re cracked up to be, if you aren’t powerful, if you can’t heal sick people, if you don’t truly work wonders—I don’t want anything to do with you. But, if you are… if really you are… I’ll be willing to die for you.”

At that crossroad of destiny, God dramatically invaded my life in power. I didn’t discover an intellectual revelation or an emotional release. I found the Lover of my soul. Moving Day-400x300

Since that day I have lived what I can only call a thrill ride. It’s the thrill ride of knowing God and watching him do “God-type stuff.”

Miracles and humbling favor have followed our family. Is life still difficult. Yes. At times, terribly so. But God has continually showed up—not figuratively, really.

After traveling to the Detroit area and preaching on the life and fire of the Holy Spirit five or six times in 2008 and 2009, God started to provoke me. I felt we were to move to Detroit and help bring an overpowering move of God to this region.

We owned our house in Grandview, Missouri (which Forbes Magazine called the eighth fastest dying city in America—see the article here) and the only way we could move was if our house sold—for full price. We really wanted to move back to Colorado Springs and work with our ministry there… but, in an attempt to find clarity, my amazing wife talked to God.

“God, if you want us to move to Detroit, we are going to put our house on the market tomorrow. If it’s your will for us to move, sell the house for full price within the next seven days.”

Six days later, in the midst of a national economic crisis, in the eighth fastest dying city in America, the house was sold—for full price. The next month we loaded up the truck and headed north.

We’ve since launched Revival Church and are waiting for the next waves of miracles and the phenomenal favor of Jesus as we position ourselves for an outpouring that will be felt around the world! Get ready Detroit—Jesus has a thrill ride on the agenda for you!