Come full, alert and ready

Sunday’s at Revival Church are geared more toward facilitating a holy staff meeting than a typical church service—we must set a pattern of arriving full, alert and ready to pour out and then to receive key instructions. As a revival command center, we must all assume a military mindset and be exceedingly discerning and ready for advance.

The reason we planted this church was to gather together likeminded people who are contending together for a weighty move of God in Detroit. As we meet and encounter God together in a prophetic atmosphere, we’ll all receive divine mandates and strategies.


We would like to see as many people as possible rushing through the doors at 5pm every Sunday evening. From 5-6pm we have the opportunity to initiate and facilitate a deeply prophetic atmosphere. As we all pray with passion an hour prior to the service, we’ll be ready for God’s plans for the rest of the night.


Come full. This is such a key directive for all of us. We have to change the trend in the church world where we burn out through the week and try get refilled on Sundays. This pattern of living is extremely self-defeating and it threatens the mission of Kingdom advance.

Every day be in the place of extreme prayer and intercession. Dive deep into scripture. Listen to sermons from anointed men and women of God online. Be so full and deeply burning in the passion of the Holy Spirit that we experience a spontaneous explosion when we connect on Sundays.


Revival Church is not a ‘Sunday only’ ministry. We’ll never even begin to fulfill our mission by connecting for a few hours one day a week. Be encouraged to connect at several different points every week so we can compare notes, grow together and stay on the same page. We’ve made it easy by having several of our connect points online, so people can participate from their homes.

  • Mondays- Join our weekly Prophetic Revival radio broadcast. At 8pm EST every Monday head on over to
  • Wednesdays- Head on over to Revival Church for prayer at 7pm.
  • Fridays- Connect at the International House of Prayer East Detroit at 7pm for prayer, worship and teaching.
  • Revival Teams- Join with others each week for discussion, prayer, strategy and other mission critical activities.


There’s a lot of vision for the future that are connected to our ability to build a strong foundation now. As we grow and develop with fire, love and passion, we’ll watch some important ministry launch in the months and years ahead. Some examples:

  • Revelation Driven House of Prayer- We will be functioning as a 24/7 prophetic prayer center for the region and the nations. As we gain prophetic intelligence from people from around the world, we’ll intercede, proclaim and release the life of Jesus into those situations. This will result in serious shifts in cities and atmospheres around the world.
  • Revival Teams- As we take this fire into churches, conferences and events in cities around the world, we’ll want a team of people who know how to walk in the Spirit, pray with passion and impart the fire of God.
  • Revelation Driven Ministry Project- We’re launching this now, but for it to thrive we’ll have to give it a lot of attention. The call is for everybody to connect at least twice a week with us. Once by submitting dreams, visions and prophecies to and a second time by participating in the weekly Monday 8pm EST radio show where we’ll discuss those prophecies.

There’s more, but that will give you an idea of the scope of the mission. As we all contend together, with smiles on our faces and fire in our eyes, we’ll be right in the middle of a consuming end-time move of the Living God!

And, in case you haven’t seen it, check out our welcome magazine here!

See you TOMORROW for a night of fire!