Birthing prophetic words : Jeff Garvin tonight at Revival Church

First, DON’T MISS Jeff Garvin TONIGHT and TOMORROW at Revival Church!

Last night was OFF THE HOOK.  Jeff ministered in power at IHOPE… it was standing room only and we were there until after 11pm trembling in the presence of God!

Visit for directions.  It all starts at 7pm tonight and 6pm tomorrow.  PRAYER (hard core, Spirit-fueled prayer!) starts one hour early each night– everybody invited!

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Wednesday night at Revival Church during a prayer meeting the prevailing theme was ‘birthing’.  We have moved into the very late stages of the pregnancy, and the birth is coming- and fast.

Then, this word arrived:

"Shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?" says your God.  Enter IN to the birthing process, and bring a full delivery, the full manifestation of His purpose NOW.

The above picture is me delivering Jet.

Here’s the story:

We had lost four babies in a row to miscarriage and were pregnant again.  We started to receive some semi-generic words about the baby and revival.  Then the words started to get a bit more specific.  The last word was something like, “John, when you are in the delivery room something is going to happen that will be symbolic of how God will use you in revival.”

So, the day came, and the last thing I was thinking about was prophecy!  The baby was almost here when the doctor, who had delivered the four losses, looked at me and asked, “John, do you want to deliver the baby?”

I had probably 30 seconds before the baby was to arrive.  I didn’t have gloves on.  I was just dressed in jeans and didn’t even have time to wash my hands.  I moved into position as the doctor moved to the side.  He gave me a 20 second lesson on how to deliver a baby.  How to pull the head, how to catch the baby, to prepare for it to be very slippery, etc.

So, in the next seconds it happened just as the doctor said.  It was spectacular.  The nurse said that was only the 2nd time in her 15 years at the hospital that she saw a doctor let the father deliver the baby.

Afterwards God got my attention.  He said, “John, revival is coming, and, just as your miracle baby was delivered into your hands, revival will be delivered into your hands.  It’s precious.  You will be trained by the Holy Spirit in the moments just prior to its arrival.  You won’t be ready, but I’ll make you ready.  It will be messy and slippery.  Meaning, don’t try to grab it too hard.  Keep your hands open and carefully hold on to it.

Well, then a few years later something else happened.  I was at an amazing service at IHOP where God was breaking out.  Someone, who had been on the platform throughout the service, came down to me during the ministry time.  I had never seen him before.  He said, “I was watching you from the platform, and, though I’d never seen you before, you were in a dream I had recently.  I saw caravans of revival moving out into the cities of the earth, and then back again.  I saw you in the midst of that.”

I thanked him, and then about 15 minutes later, someone else whom I had never met came over to me.  He had just been at Lakeland.  He asked if he could prophesy over me, and he proceeded to do so for about 30 minutes.  The heart of his message was, “I see the fire of revival in your hands, and you are carrying it to the cities of the earth, and then returning home again.  Then heading back out.”

Revival is coming.  We MUST be in position!

This email was sent to me today:

As I was driving home tonight I began praying in the Spirit and had some mild groanings but then my body began to bear down and start pushing like I would in labor. 

The Lord reminded me of my first few births where I got very nervous about pushing and sort of  "freaked out" and would ask my doctor/midwife to coach me along because I didn't feel I knew how to do it without them.  The last midwife I had, I told her how I wanted her help and didn't like the pushing process very much but she forgot I had asked that and left me to listen to my body to know what to do.

So the Lord said to me, do not rely on man when it's time to push.  He said do not "freak out" my Spirit will lead you, my Spirit will lead you, my Spirit will lead.  My Spirit WILL NOT fail you, it will not fail you, it will not fail you!  My Spirit is one with the Father and we are to keep FOCUSED, we are to persevere and not grow weary.  As we remain connected to his Spirit, the Spirit will bring forth the delivery at the right time. 

My doctor intervened in the birthing process to try and bring the baby forth quicker but my midwife showed me how to use the PAIN for my benefit in bringing forth the baby without intervention.  His Spirit wants to show us this.  He wants to use all the moanings, all the groanings, all the shouts, all the declarations, all the prayers, all the tears, all the laughter for his purposes in bringing forth a FULL delivery.  None of this is in vain but all part of the birthing process.

The Lord said in the birthing process we MUST drink of his Spirit.  We must remain full of HIM.

So our eyes are completely FIXED on Him because He's our teacher and we're to be CONSUMED with Him, because He's the source.

There’s more, but for now that should be enough to move us into position.  We must be alert… God is coming in power!