Jeff Garvin Friday-Sunday

First, a new audio teaching has been uploaded- it was quite a powerful night at Revival Church this past Sunday.  At one point people were groaning and crying out, “Jesus!”  The anointing was heavy, deliverance was happening suddenly in the middle of the teaching.  Head over to  It’s titled Six Enemies of Fulfilled Destiny Part 3.

I BELIEVE you very well may experience spontaneous personal deliverance, suddenly, as you listen to this message. I think it's funny when I get engulfed by the Holy Spirit when I listen to my own recorded teachings- and this happened as I was listening as I was lying in bed late Monday night.

It’s almost time!  Jeff Garvin will be with us for THREE NIGHTS beginning tomorrow, Friday, December 4th!

Invite everybody you know who needs a powerful breakthrough into the presence of God.  Jeff operates in a very strong anointing of prophecy and healing.

Jeff will be at: