Local church/City church – The coming reformation

When I was leading Revolution House of Prayer in Manitou Springs, Colorado, a common theme was the establishment of the city church.  I outlined this concept on the white boards there and we prayed into it fairly regularly.

Here’s a twelve minute podcast on this topic that will help you understand and also pray into the coming shift in Detroit.  I write about this in my book 20 Elements of Revival as well.


In this City church model we’ll see local churches take on the identity of departments of the larger City church.  People will participate at a high level at a primary local church and at lesser yet significant levels at a variety of other ministries.

This will enable one church to focus intently on the few callings in the primary giftings they have been given, while allowing other churches to function in their specific callings and giftings.  Churches no longer have to attempt to cover every base.  As we work together on a city level we can pool our strengths and giftings.

Someone may primarily be involved in a local church that mainly focuses on evangelism, while also attending other churches on other days and nights of the week that are geared toward teaching, youth, pastoral care, etc.

A great example is the house of prayer movement.  They pray as their primary focus.  People attend the house of prayer while also attending other churches at different points during the week.

Here’s a simple diagram of this idea from the vantage point of Manitou Springs, Colorado.  We’ll see people involved in several different churches and ministries every week.  I see this idea coming to Detroit and other cities as well.  You can see the larger, easier to read version at http://praytherevolution.com/images/Manitou-Springs-Vision-Map.gif