Let’s connect and talk about how you can join theCore leadership team at dpf


Join theCore at the Detroit Prayer Furnace!


Just wanted to touch base regarding the revival movement in Detroit.

We are still contending after four years here in Detroit, and our next step is to identify 40 people who will be a part of theCore leadership at the Detroit Prayer Furnace.

We are also seeking 1000 intercessors to cover Detroit each week in prayer.

I’d love to talk with you personally about the opportunity!

God is equipping key prophetic people, and you most definitely have a role!

We’re connecting with pastors and leaders as well, so spread the word!

Check out two things:

  1. A brand new video that I just uploaded here on the need for prophetic town criers: http://youtu.be/bZmo_OJKXxY
  2. Info on how to join theCore here: http://www.detroitprayerfurnace.com/2013/08/15/how-to-join-thecore-and-the1000-in-detroit-thecore-leadership-team-at-the-detroit-prayer-furnace/

Let’s connect!

John Burton

Contact me here: www.johnburton.net/contact