Big, exciting announcement at Revival Church : A unique new worship movement

A new leader to spur on a groaning worship movement at Revival Church

First: Last night was HOT! We live in a day where people are tending to shut out sharp prophetic messages. Listen to a message that will shake you here:


April Nabal: John Burton is tuned in to this new, emerging movement of groan-driven worship more than anyone I know. While musically unskilled, his passion for this is unmatched.

I will be stepping up as the primary worship leader at Revival Church as I introduce a unique, brand new movement.

I am aware that my musical skill is lacking, but that’s the beauty of this new movement—it requires no instruments, no singing ability, no professional training at all!

I am so excited about the opportunity to stand before all of you every Sunday night for 45 minutes as I make guttural sounds of every type!

Groans that can’t be uttered will take on a brand new meaning for you!

You will quickly forget the smooth, beautiful sounds that come from skilled musicians and vocalists. What a glorious day this is!

I will, without words or instruments, passionately groan out before you each week the old classics like:

  • We Exalt Thee
  • Dance in the River
  • Ain’t No Party Like a Holy Ghost Party
  • I’m Gonna Dance That Crazy Dance
  • And MORE!


How will you participate in such a movement? You will groan along with me!

I do understand that many of you may not be comfortable with that quite yet, so we are introducing a brand new worship product!

Do you remember the “moo can?” When you turn it over, it moos.

We have taken that brilliant invention to a completely different level!

Can-O-Groan, when turned over, will emit a powerful, bellowing groan!

John’s own personal groan has been captured and included in each Can-O-Groan!

Imagine an entire congregation with Can-O-Groan—the atmosphere will be electric!

I can’t wait!


Hebrew Word: ‏נָבָל‎

Transliteration: nābāl

Phonetic Pronunciation:naw-bawl'

Usage Notes:

English Words used in KJV:

fool 9

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  1. deannajw on April 1, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    johneburton it was more realistic until we got to the can-o-groans