Seeking early adopters : Breaking away from the marginal Christian experience

The call at Revival Church : Three burning focuses will help rip the Christian church out of a marginal, stale state into a tremble that never ends.

I’m waiting.

I’m looking.

The strategy of God in this nation requires people who refuse to live according to a skewed Christian experience that has suffocated the church into a near flat line.

As a leader with a humanly impossible mission to call together people who will form their entire lives around the prayer room and the activity of the Holy Spirit, I find myself waiting and looking as I sound the alarm for the willing ones to move into position.image

A radical response will result in a nuclear explosion of shock and awe that the nations of the Earth will witness—and then tremble.

My current city of Detroit must wake up. The church must destroy the habit of a casual response to a terrifyingly urgent call to repent, to respond immediately and to follow the feverish pace of the Holy Spirit toward revival.

During a prayer & whiteboard session on Monday, God refined the burning focus of the Detroit mission. We are intent on calling people together to participate in the mission at Revival Church… and the call is unapologetically and necessarily extreme:


The focus every day at Revival Church is to develop a culture of revival. The presence of God simply must press against us at every turn. It’s hard to believe that church services actually are allowed to continue without it! How can we teach and worship without the fire of God burning in our midst?

This culture is impartation and refreshing driven—meaning, God desires to impact, heal, deliver and pull destinies out of every one of us. Additionally, this focus results in communities of fiery love. People who are intentionally committed to one another… people who become family…who go deep in relationship and Holy Spirit fueled love.

Also, a key focus of this ministry is taking the fire of revival to the cities of the Earth. (If you are ready to book me, go to Teams of revivalists will be moving out with me as I minister in churches, at conferences and other events. We desire to train and coach others into a vibrant culture of wild revival.


The second strategy of our ministry is all about reformation. Revolution.

Understand, the Sunday style of ministry must end. The 24/7 church must emerge. Now.

People who are used to living their lives throughout the week and attending church for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning must brace for an abrupt shock to their systems. A Kingdom perspective is being imparted into the forerunners who will be leading the church into it’s new reality.

Today, the church tends to be focused on feeding people… tomorrow the focus is for the people to feed God. To minister to him. To pray.

Today, the church gathers together, on average, 2-4 times a month. Tomorrow, people will be together several days a week.

Today, people tend to seek out teaching. Tomorrow, they will receive equipping and instruction with an expectation of response…ministry…action.

There are a lot of changes coming, and the call is now for the early adopters to respond and change their lives unlike few are willing to. At Revival Church, we are setting up shop to appeal to these early adopters.


The entire church and Christian experience must be driven by the voice, activity and revelation of God himself. RevelationDrivenPrayerBoxShot-50%It must become normal for every Believer to be a person of extreme, zealous and fiery prayer as their primary activity in life. The church must embrace this primary mandate. Revival Church certainly does.

As prayer becomes the primary reason we gather together in the church, and the number one activity of our lives, we’ll hear God’s instructions clearly and continually.

Revival Church is called to be a prophetic revival center for the region. We must hear God. We must have people in our midst who are zealously on their face in night and day prayer. This is non-negotiable.

I’ll say it very clearly. If Detroit is to experience Kingdom normalcy… a revival culture… drastic and momentous change must come now.

Are you hungry enough for such a drastic interruption in your life? Are you willing? OK, let’s go. It’s time.


So, what’s the minimum call for this new-form mission at Revival Church?

  • Be early for prayer every Sunday at 5pm
  • Make it extremely rare to miss a Sunday evening service.
  • Nurture a life of radical prayer, study in the Word and pursuit of God’s presence.
  • Participate in theLab, our weekly 8:30pm Monday radio show at
  • Participate in all, or as many as possible, of our weekly prayer meetings at IHOPE. We pray at noon every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Be extravagant tithers and givers
  • Be an extreme communicator—participate in theLab, email us about what God’s revealing to you regarding the mission, be in contact with leadership and share your heart as often each week as you can.
  • In order to understand the Revival Church vision, read John’s books, starting with 20 Elements of Revival (

The 24/7 church is emerging, and we’ll soon find ourselves in corporate ministry together at least 20 hours a week on the low end… and this transitional call of less than 8-10 hours a week will help ease our way into that new structure.

I’d love to hear from you! Are you ready to join the wild Revival Church family of revivalists? Contact me directly at [email protected].