Worship Team Small Group : Radiant Worship photos

Are you a musical, worshiping revivalist? Now is the time!

We are developing our worship experience at Revival Church and we’re adding singers and musicians NOW!

One week from tomorrow on Thursday, April 29th at 7pm you are invited to our brand new WORSHIP SMALL GROUP. Try outs and all the information you need will be discussed that night.

If you are interested, contact me asap at [email protected].

Your commitment will include a weekly Thursday night small group, pre-service prayer and the Sunday service (whether you are singing/playing or not that week).

What a night we had with Radiant Worship! How fun and freeing that was!

Thanks to everybody who helped pull it together, and everybody else who embraced an atmosphere of wild freedom!

The anointing was strong… God is getting us ready for encounter after encounter at Revival Church!

Don’t forget to register for the upcoming Michele Perry event at Revival Church here: www.detroitrevivalchurch.com/events.

Here are some pics from that night:

image image





See you Sunday at Revival Church!