Interesting prophetic insight : Detroit, Michigan : Time Magazine

The week of a key ministry event with Chuck Pierce, Barbara Yoder and other prophetic leaders in Ann Arbor, I received a strong prophetic word regarding DetroitTime Magazine just reported on an element that I mentioned in the prophecy.

Here’s the word I received:

“Now, now, now! The church must arise and strategically contend for reformation and restoration in Detroit and throughout Michigan.”  The Lord revealed that there is a “race of rooms” in this region.  There are strategic and brilliant secular people gathering in a board room, strategically thinking, brain storming, discussing and making plans for the new economic structure in Detroit.  I saw them in suits and ties sitting around a large board room table.  I also saw another room.  It had no table, but the walls were covered in LCD screens and white boards.  There were several people on their knees groaning and crying out for breakthrough, for revelation from Heaven.  This was a war room. 

The race of rooms is between these two gatherings.  Which new wine skin, new strategically developed foundation will be implemented?

Church Pierce mentioned something similar as he was sharing.  He mentioned that those represented by the board room will ‘win’, will establish for a time.  But, the church will initiate reformation shortly thereafter.image

I just read the latest Time Magazine article on Detroit.  Check out some of it and notice the similarities to the prophecy I received:

What do you get when you mix 60 Millennials, a dozen of Detroit's brightest thinkers and lots of coffee?

The potential to solve some of the city's policy problems.

This past weekend, I attended a conference that sparked some incredible discussions about Detroit, the region's significant challenges and what they both need to do to create lasting change.

The regional workshop is part of a year-long initiative, in which Roosevelt Institute members from across the Midwest will focus on creating actual public policy proposals for Detroit and the surrounding cities.

About 60 MSU students came together in suits, ties and dresses to talk about Detroit.

Detroit was a “magnificent middle-class society. Detroit has been devastated. People did this. It was not an act of God.”

Read more:

Rick Joyner and Larry Jackson will be here this weekend to help give direction to the church, to intercession and strategic advance in Detroit.

Many people are converging here.  One of my intercessors saw four large (the size of a 747) eagles, each one looking different, but they each had a serious, determined look in their eyes.  The flew from the four corners of the nation and converged in Detroit.  These are prophetic/apostolic people that God is gathering to bring the sledgehammer to the demonic strongholds in Detroit.  Reformation and revival is coming.

The times we are in are more important than any of us realize. 

So goes Detroit, so goes the nation.  This call is for every person to contend, pray and declare the Word of the Lord over this region.


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