Very interesting video : Prophecy management system

Times are suddenly getting very interesting in the revival/prophetic realm… and especially here in Detroit.  I received a phone call from Jeff Garvin from the SPIMYouTube Lakeland revival yesterday.  He’s very alerted to the rising temperature in the Detroit area and I’m going to be connecting with him on Saturday in Windsor.

The same is true of Barbara Yoder, and I’m going to be connecting with her in Port Huron tomorrow.

Someone received a very interesting prophecy regarding voodoo, and hours later I received an invitation to minister from a pastor in a nation inundated with voodoo- Haiti.  I may be teaching on revival and prophecy in a Bible college there next month.

With all of this going on, we must learn how to steward words, dreams, visions and prophetic data.

Most prophecy is conditional.  We have a significant responsibility to hear God clearly and then to steward that revelation. 

Imagine a web-based system that connected people, churches and ministries in real time.  A system that receives, analyzes, filters and reports on prophecies, dreams and visions submitted via smart phones, laptops and other devices from around the world.

What if everybody in a church had an opportunity to prophesy during a service?  What if all of that data was analyzed and submitted via a report to senior leadership as the service is in progress?  What if that same data was compared with other submissions from all over the Earth?

This is the Strategic Prophecy & Intercession Management System.  It's awaiting a team of brilliant and Spirit-filled people to take on the project.

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