Extreme Breakout : ElijahList : John Mark Pool

FIRST- Have you seen the Brit Hume video where he at the Fox News desk suggested that Tiger Woods become a Christian? It’s amazing. Check it out here.


Now, check out this prophetic word by John Mark Pool for the new decade, and how some key issues that we’ve been proclaiming here in Detroit are in the report.

You can see the original article on the ElijahList by clicking here.

Here’s some portions from the word that hit home here in Detroit along with some of my comments:

However, God does not want His own family to reside in the "natural" mind that is at war against our spirit being.

Last night at Revival Church the call to move into a continual supernatural life was burning in me. We must learn to see, walk, hear and operate in the invisible realm.

…there are three main components the Lord told me we will overcome in the year 2010:

We must possess and abide in a land we have conquered.
We must occupy our land by "title deed" ownership rights.
We must realize our identity in God to rout our enemy.

This issue of authority has also been very prominent with us. As we advance within the realm of our apostolic authority, we will possess, abide and occupy. We’ll rout the enemy over Detroit… but only as we continually initiate change through obedience and prophetic declaration.

2010 is the year to breakout of the ‘naturally minded' wilderness.

We are being repositioned into the vision of perpetuating our eternal purpose spiritually.

Now we will allow the Lord to change our hearts into hunger for the supernatural destiny. This means we will indeed become more "super" natural beings than carnally existing citizens dwelling on earth as though it were our only motivation for living.

Be prepared to have strong supernatural desires overwhelm your natural mind.


America is About to Be Financially Restored. God wants the economy to be restored to the Christians whom He had to know He could trust! World financial leaders will become astounded how much Israel will now play into this "financial restoration" of the USA.

Yes!! I’ve been saying a lot recently that there will be reports that the economy of Detroit and Michigan restored due to biblical principles. God and His Church would receive the recognition for the coming great turn around.

Detroit—will be moved by Hollywood as never before. Detroit will begin a new dance and a new sound from Heaven. It will glorify God in the streets of the city and spill into other major city streets across our country. Motown is going to become God's town!

That sounds familiar!

Let’s get into position and intentionally advance according to God’s design!