Could the God Card be the Trump Card?

John Burton - April 2, 2016

Could the God Card be the Trump Card?

I’m hearing more and more people saying they are following the leading of the Holy Spirit, or that God said this or that…while ignoring truth that’s already revealed in Scripture. It’s time we stop using the God card and get back to the timeless principles in the Word of God. If Scripture doesn’t support our mystical revelations, we have to throw them out.

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Christians are playing the God card during this election season. Could it be the Trump card? The American Christian church has ventured into dangrous ground over the last several years. This current political season is making that quite evident. The number of Christians who are using the God card to support their personal endeavors today is troubling. I’ve been in some form of Christian leadership for over 25 years, and I never stop being shocked at how casually someone can attach the name of God to their own opinions and desires. Doing so is a serious violation. Stating that God endorses our personal desires when he in fact does not is taking his name in vain.

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