Important video : New Revival Church prayer : wrecked by a mandate

I’m wrecked by the mandate of revival in Detroit and in the cities of the Earth.

A call for reformation in the church

First, the magnitude of the mission we’ve been called to steward is EXTREME. It requires a massive prayer effort…and that’s just to get us started on the journey.

Until further notice, starting Monday, December 27th, I’ll be at IHOPE-Detroit praying on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from noon-1pm. Let’s see an army of intercessors and revivalists pray together several times a week as we prepare for the coming outpouring.

Speaking of the magnitude of the call, here’s what’s wrecking me and what’s burning within:

  • 1000 Intercessors: In early 2010 God gave me a clear mandate to cast the vision for 1000 intercessors to intentionally and regularly gather, pray, stir the prophetic and release the plans of God into the region. I’m wrecked because of the weight of this call, and because the challenge to see even 10 or 100 people commit to this type of high level assignment is severe. CHUCK PIERCE and CINDY JACOBS sounded the alarm for 10,000 intercessors in each state this past summer. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Detroit must see these intercessors who are revival minded step into place! So goes Detroit, so goes the world. Right now, the call is simple. We need 1000 intercessors to be on the weekly radio show theLab, every Monday at 8:30pm. That’s it. The place:
  • Reformation: A primary call of our mandate in Michigan is to call the church into a great reformation. The resistance to such a massive cultural change is absolutely insane. The enemy has done a phenomenal job of bewitching so many in the church, and the church and the body is deeply wounded because of it. You can watch a video that I just recorded about this bizarre resistance to commitment and mission in the church here. I’m wrecked because the call is so demanding but the response is so apathetic. I think of forerunner ministries like IHOPE-Detroit who are one of the few who are carrying the call of night and day intercession… and they are led by some of the most wholehearted and precious people I know. Yet, the call for financial support of their critical ministry is met mostly with silence. Reformation is needed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the churches must be full of laborers. We are to pray for the laborers to move into position… the harvest is greater than the manpower available to handle it… and that’s an issue!

Leave your comments and let me know what you think. Are you ready to press toward revival with us? Let’s go!