Flags and Fire : Special service tonight at Revival Church

People couldn’t stop raving about Amy Smith’s flag ministry teaching and demonstration they took part in at a special event recently.

Well, I LOVE flags! I feel there is a significant breaker anointing on the ministry of flagging, and I want you to understand the purpose and strategy behind their use.

As I often say, we can beat the devil with fabric and a stick! image

Tonight, at 6pm sharp, we’ll begin the night with Amy’s teaching and demonstration, and then move into worship.

And, don’t forget, the most important hour of the week—prophetic prayer from 5-6pm!

That’s not a catchy phrase to convince more people to show up for prayer—I believe it’s an accurate statement. Throughout my ministry, from the days as a volunteer youth minister in Dayton to our youth events in San Diego to the church plant in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and now here in Detroit the pre-service prayer has ALWAYS been the most important time of the week. No comparison.

Without being fueled by God together in that place of zealous, contending and declarative prayer, it’s like showing up to race at the Indy 500 without filling up the tank with gas.

So, come tonight at 5pm if you can, and certainly at 6pm for a night of flags and fire!