You (Yes YOU!) Can Start a Church on Fire!

John Burton - June 7, 2015

You (Yes YOU!) Can Start a Church on Fire!

The world is waiting for the remnant church to rise up! I share in this short video how YOU (YES YOU!) can start a prayer-based, Holy Spirit driven church on fire in your home TODAY!

From Series: "You Can Start a Church on Fire"

This is YOUR hour! I constantly hear from people who are frustrated and discouraged by the lack of burning, white hot, prayer driven, revival focused churches in their region. I understand that frustration! One reason we started Revival Church in Detroit was because we wanted to experience a church with extreme heat and simply could not find one! We can't keep waiting around for the next great church or the next powerful move of God to come so we can visit it. We have the power of God within us and we absolutely can launch a legitimate church on fire in our homes! You can (should?) do this! I am making myself available to help consult you, encourage you and help you get started holding weekly prayer-fueled meetings in your home. Grandmas, grandpas, teenagers, stay at home moms, busy business people and anybody can absolutely do this!

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