Ten Threats to Revival Part 9 – A Lack of Intercession

John Burton - May 21, 2015

Ten Threats to Revival Part 4 - Taking a Wait and See Approach

In today's message John reveals the next threat to revival - taking a "wait and see" approach. If we wait to see if a reported move of God is indeed something significant, it will most likely never happen. Skepticism and unbelief will quench the Spirit before he barely begins to manifest in our regions. We can't wait for revival to break out before we participate at a high level. Revival will be facilitated through us, and we must gather together with others and contend with passion until it ignites. Waiting for revival is a threat to revival, but being radically invested in the costly pursuit of revival will see it launch with great power!

From Series: "Ten Threats to Revival"

John discusses ten clear and present dangers to revival breaking out in a region. If we can diffuse these threats we will be on the verge of a massive city-wide outpouring!

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