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It was an incredible time at theLab class yesterday. So much freedom! There is so so much breakthrough and clarity happening in my life right now! I am looking forward to even more very soon. God really knew what he was doing when He put me here on this journey with such an incredible group of people!!~Victoria

“The internship has completely changed my life. I have been marked, set free…” Valerie
“I’ve been waiting 36 years to see and experience the awesome power of the fire of God through theLab.” Shelly

“God has brought a shift in every area of my life since starting the internship. It is a can’t miss, mind blowing God encounter that will change your life.” Joshua

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We are gathering & equipping a company of burning men and women of God at theLab Internship in Detroit.

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JOHN!!!! I love this shirt! How can I get one?~Brian

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The ministry’s next phase : Developing our team

The vision is becoming more focused and we’re gathering together an expanded ministry team.

I have been trembling and awakened to a new place since the first of the year—since we have gone to a new place in prayer at Revival Church. I am SO EXCITED about the testimonies that are arising from theLab and other ministries. People are COMING ALIVE!!!!!

The purpose of this message is to call together an expanded and deeply connected and focused team of revivalists to join us in the ministry.

I’m raising up a brand new ministry team.

Some of you have been with us for quite some time—and I’m asking for you to sign up again… for a brand new and intense phase of ministry.

Here’s what the plan is:

  • The Revival Church/John Burton Ministries team will be deeply involved in the dynamic and continually developing mission together several times a week.
    • theLabThis is the primary mandate at the moment and must be the main focus for all of us. Those running with us as a part of the ministry team will be traveling from church to church together every Friday night. Additionally, it’s imperative to make every noon prayer meeting that you can. Keep in mind, I’m calling EVERY pastor, intercessor, revivalist and burning man, woman and child of God in Detroit to be at EVERY Friday night prayer meeting. We certainly need as close to 100% participation from those connected to Revival Church and our ministry as possible. We are modeling a part of the reformation in the church for the rest of the city.
    • 1000 Intercessors—As we all do this together, we’ll be sounding the alarm for every person in the Detroit region that’s called to initiate revival to also attend theLab. We’ll be modeling this lifestyle of intercession and urgency to the region and all spreading the word and calling the 1000 leaders into position. The call isn’t to ‘sign up’ but to ‘show up’.
    • Ministry Events (other venues)—An important element of the vision is to take the fire into other venues. The ministry team will be with me as I minister in other churches to impart the burning of the Holy Spirit, to cast the vision of theLab and the 1000 Intercessors and to pray throughout the event as I speak. This morning at Salt River was an excellent example. It was powerful and we had some of the people ministering revival as a part of the service. However, we were under manned. We’ll have to become more strategic as we plan on future events. It’s important for the entire team plus the entire church body to stay together to advance the cause of revival. **My heart was to have every person associated with Revival Church with us this morning to encourage Salt River… many people were missed… it wasn’t the same without you!!!
      • NOTE: I need people to step up to handle certain roles such as marketing, setting up speaking engagements, working on travel arrangements, intercession, etc.
      • NOTE: The next ministry event that we need every team member to serve in is the Fire in February event in Dearborn. We’ll be launching the event with theLab style fiery prayer and intercession. With only 60 people or so at Revival Church, we absolutely need every one to show up for each service. REGISTER at
    • Ministry Events (hosted by theLab)—This is a huge vision and it will require a huge team. Right now we need the team (which should be at least 30 people strong) to form and get to work searching for property, hosting prayer events, connecting with potential guest ministers, networking with other churches in the area, etc. Everything from small conferences to large stadium events will need everybody to work hard together.
    • Revival Church—This is the briefing for the rest of the week. What is happening at theLab and at ministry events will be briefed on here, prayed through, etc. Additionally, the call to action will be sounded here and we’ll all ensure we’re on the same page and ready for our instructions and assignments for the rest of the week. This will be a place of wild and free worship, zealous prayer and clear impartation.

Contact me at [email protected] or 313.799.3473 to discuss your participation. This new team includes people that have been on my staff for quite some time and it will include many others who are ready to clear their calendars and invest with passion into the pursuit of revival in Detroit.

Last chance to register : Michele Perry : Discover the supernatural

Michele Perry has arrived in Detroit! She’s getting ready for a powerful encounter with God and with YOU!

This amazing powerhouse for God will be introducing us to the invisible, supernatural realm of God—a place that few Christians truly experience!
Registration is FREE for the evening sessions, and only $20 for the Saturday workshops.

Registration is REQUIRED… so head on over to right now!

We can’t wait to see you TOMORROW EVENING at 7pm at Revival Church!

Here’s the schedule:


Friday (FREE, registration required)

  • 7pm

Saturday (Special workshops, payment and registration required)

  • 10am-noon: Connecting with the supernatural/hearing the voice of God
  • Noon: Lunch (on your own)
  • 2pm-3pm: Driven by revelation
  • 3pm-4pm: Changing a regional atmosphere/carrying God’s presence

Saturday (FREE, registration required)

  • 7pm

Sunday (FREE, registration required)

  • 6pm

Lily Band : Have you registered?


This is an event quite possibly unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

The Lily Band will be at Revival Church for a full night of unique and heavily anointed prophetic worship.

You can register RIGHT NOW at

While you are there go ahead and register for The Thinning of the Veil conference with Michele Perry in October.

Check out the Lily Band’s website and listen to their music at

Fireworks AND a Road Trip Sunday!

First—The registration fee for the upcoming Michele Perry conference is about to go up! It’s only $20 per person for the Saturday all-day workshop on October 30th. Go to to register TODAY!

Enjoy two exciting events TOMORROW!image

We’re looking for a team of fire-breathers to join us at Revival Nation Church in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Sunday morning. I’ll be teaching there and praying for fire to fall on everybody there!

The service starts at 10:30am, so you should be OK if you leave Detroit by around 8:30am or so. It’s only an hour drive, but it’s smart to leave time to make it across the border.

Their website is and their address is 218 Christina Street North, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7T 5V2.

Don’t forget your PASSPORT!

image Also, after an anticipated night of encounter with the Holy Spirit at Revival Church, those who want to join the Burton family can head on over to the park for a spectacular fireworks show!

Bring blankets or lawn chairs and some food if you’d like. We’ll leave from Revival Church by around 9pm or so (right after church) and head to Parcells Middle School.

Here’s the info:

Sunday, June 27, 2010
@ dusk Parcells Middle School
Mack and 8 Mile

Gathering the hungry for revival in Detroit

We have been experiencing an overwhelming atmosphere at Revival Church recently—one young lady mentioned, with tears in her eyes A WEEK LATER, that she’s forever changed. The saturating presence of the Holy Spirit has resulted in many powerfully rocked people!image

**Michele Perry said that she feels that the mission in Detroit is more difficult than her mission in Sudan. This means that we need the masses to join together each week as we strategically contend for an outpouring in Detroit.

What’s radically important in this season? Several key points:

  • This is a season of gathering the hungry—As a regional center of revival, Revival Church is connecting with people from all over the area each week to contend for an outpouring.
  • This is a season of precision positioning—Simply, those currently connected to Revival Church, and many other we have yet to meet are being awakened to the extreme need to be alert, in position and intentionally advancing the mission of revival.
  • We are praying in pastors, leaders, intercessors, musicians, etc—As a regional revival center, it’s important that we have key city leaders on our team. We’re praying in people who are running the race of Kingdom advance in the region.
  • Joy, freedom and abundant life are to be the norm—As we find ourselves deeply refreshed and healed in God’s presence each week as we minister to God and each other, the life of God will explode into our city.

So, can you help in this mission? It’s a big one and we can’t do it with a small team!

A few thoughts:

  • Participate in prophetic prayer every Sunday from 5-6pm
  • Bring friends, pastors, intercessors, family and others to our primary revival and refreshing event every week on Sunday at 6pm
  • Join a small group
  • Ask how your gift and passion fits at Revival Church
  • Share the vision with pastors and leaders, and request they book a Revival Team in their church or at their camp or conference.

Ministry sites:

We can’t wait to see you THIS SUNDAY at 6pm!

Also, don’t forget to REGISTER for October’s THE THINNING OF THE VEIL conference with Michele Perry! Discounted registration through June!


New! The Thinning of the Veil Conference with Michele Perry!

First—Let’s soak, dance and drink in THE RIVER at Revival Church tonight at 6pm! Come early for prophetic prayer at 5pm!

Second—Several have asked for info on how to support Michele Perry in Sudan and how to purchase her book. Visit her site here:


The Thinning of the Veil Conference with Michele Perry at Revival Church

For those of you who were with us last weekend when Michele Perry ministered supernatural love, you are in for a significant second wave of power this October!

And, for any of you who missed it, just ask anybody who attended, you’ll be convinced that you simply don’t want to miss this upcoming conference!

Why the name, The Thinning of the Veil? Michele and many others are experiencing a much greater ease at walking and operating in the supernatural realm. Encounters with God seem to be increasing in regularity as revival draws near. We want to equip you and impart into you the life of Jesus and this Heavenly reality.

Head over to and register EARLY for The Thinning of the Veil Confe2rence with Michele Perry at Revival Church.

The evening sessions will be FREE (registration is still required however), and the Saturday all day workshops will be available for you for a small registration fee:


  • Now through June 30th- $20 per person
  • July 1st – September 30th- $25 per person
  • October 1st – October 28th- $30 per person
  • At the door- $35 per person

There will be NO children’s ministry during the Saturday workshop.

There will be children’s ministry during the evening sessions.

Here are some photos of last weekend’s event with Michele Perry:




image image


Last Chance : Bring Your Blanket Tonight

image We’re about at the ‘last chance’ to register for Michele Perry! Head on over to and REGISTER TODAY. (It’s required AND it’s FREE!)

She’s flying in on Saturday and is incredibly excited about being with us at Revival Church on Sunday evening! Invite EVERYBODY you know—pastors, intercessors and every hungry person out there!

You can watch Michele take about her encounter with Heaven and other amazing stories on Sid Roth’s program HERE.


Last week’s “Bring Your Blanket to Church” event was so sweet that we’re doing it again TONIGHT!

We’ll be on our face, pacing, soaking and enjoying the depths of God’s presence tonight starting at 6pm.

So, yes, by all means, bring your blanket AND your passion for Jesus tonight at 6pm!

This song is a taste of tonight’s soaking service

This song will move you to tears as the presence of God envelopes you.

Jenn Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding, California starts by explaining how the song was birthed, and then behind a piano sings it over the people. She calls it “The Mom Song.” Click the player below to listen.

We’ve been experiencing a surprising ‘open Heaven' the last couple of weeks at Revival Church, and with a great deal of expectation and desire we are setting tonight’s regular agenda aside.

Tonight is a night to soak as the Holy Spirit swirls over us like a whirlwind.

We’ll be soaking, reading scripture and stirring a prophetic atmosphere as God readies Detroit for a supernatural visitation of epic proportions.

BRING YOUR BLANKET (seriously!), a pillow, comfy clothes and find a place to camp out next to the fire of the Holy Spirit.

It starts at 6pm.

As usual, we meet in the First United Methodist Church building at 24036 Greater Mack in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

ALSO, it’s time to REGISTER for the upcoming Michele Perry meeting!

Head on over to

See you TONIGHT!

(Here’s another soaking ministry pic from Revolution Church in Manitou Springs)