Fire tunnel downtown Detroit : Pics : Personal prophecy tomorrow : theLab launched today

As usual, it’s not humanly possibly to put into words what happened at theLab today—people went after God, and he responded.

FIRST—Don’t forget tomorrow at Revival Church we’ll have personal prophecy after the service. Last Sunday over 50 people crowded into the room and received powerful ministry. Service starts at 6pm!

Last night theLab was downtown Detroit roaring and flagging and crying out in deep intercession, all while people gathered around to watch us burn! The police and other were mesmerized with what was happening. Many were prayed for and a full blown fire tunnel formed as people from the streets walked through and received serious fiery prayer! Wow!!!!!

Today at theLab, life shifted unexpectedly and with great power. We are forever wrecked.

I grabbed some Facebook comments after today’s session:

Really theLab was all I could imagine and so much more and it was only the first day!!! Ahhhhhhh ~Catie

If the 1st day is like this! I'm almost scared to see what the last one will be like! Oh my! ~Kita

Orientation to the revival lab….wow if today was a the beginning my mind can't comprehend the level the staff and interns are going to be at in 3 months ~Jeswin

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It was an incredible time at theLab class yesterday. So much freedom! There is so so much breakthrough and clarity happening in my life right now! I am looking forward to even more very soon. God really knew what he was doing when He put me here on this journey with such an incredible group of people!!~Victoria

“The internship has completely changed my life. I have been marked, set free…” Valerie
“I’ve been waiting 36 years to see and experience the awesome power of the fire of God through theLab.” Shelly

“God has brought a shift in every area of my life since starting the internship. It is a can’t miss, mind blowing God encounter that will change your life.” Joshua